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Notes: Yaoi. Lemon. Meaning: graphic sex between two males. Don't like, then don't read.

All is Right in the World
by Ponderosa

How did I get here? Sprawled on the carpet with dried cum flaking like snakeskin on my chest? I stretch my arms up and luxuriate in the feeling of being naked in the warm embrace of a summer night.

I hear you breathing then, you're standing at the window. I turn on my side and prop my head up to watch as you take a slow swallow from a bottle of water. Memory comes rushing back and I shiver as my body relives the feeling of you inside me.

"Heero," I say. I put everything into your name. Love. Desire. Gratitude. Fear.

You set the bottle down on the sill and I watch as a bead of condensation drips down the plastic. You come back to me and lower yourself to sit crosslegged beside me. You're smiling, one of your rare smiles that curves just the edges of your mouth, but manages to light your eyes.

"Heero," I say again, only now the fear is gone, replaced by certainty that reflects what your proximity makes me feel; that all is right in the world.

"Duo," your voice is heavy and my name drops off your tongue like you're saying it for the first time.

You pick up my hand from where it rested on my hip and bring it to your lips. I shiver and my cock twitches from such a simple sensation as your breath on my fingertips. Another smile, only this one is wicked with lust and you brush your lips against my wrist.

I start to roll onto my back, but you stop me, holding my wrist captive and urging me to my knees. We're face to face now, I'm kneeling and trembling as the muscles of my legs strain to keep me hovering and leaning close enough to kiss you.

Our midnight kisses were fevered and fierce. Now the hours have passed and the world enjoys its silence, our kiss reflects its character and our tongues are slow and searching.

You taste like sex and sweat. I'm sure my mouth is much the same, the tang of your cum still burns in my throat. Our tongues twist around one another and what had been slow even breathing is now ragged gasping. I moan when you suck my tongue into your mouth and your hands abandon playing with my braid.

I arch my back and fall against you. Your palms slide their way down my back until your fingers are digging into my ass. I crawl into your lap and the intesity of our initial love making returns. I rock my hips and our erections grind together. The lack of wetness threatens to become painful and you stop me.


"In the top drawer," I pant and nod my head in the direction of my bedside table.

"Up," you say and nudge with your legs.

I don't want to move, to break contact. I want to say to forget the lube, because I can still feel the result of our first coupling inside me, but you're already shifting and getting ready to stand. I give in and rise to my feet. The carpet is soft beneath my feet as I pad over to the nightstand and dig through the assorted junk until I find the familiar bottle.

I flip it open with my thumb and then you're behind me, wrapping your arms around my waist and biting at my shoulder. You take the bottle from my unresisting fingers and a moment later, slick bliss surrounds my erection. Your grip is firm and a distant part of me wonders if you're jerking me off the same way you jerk yourself off.

Your hand slows and you finish with a twist around the head of my cock that sends a jolt of pure pleasure shooting down my thighs.

"On the bed," you say and I fall into the downy coverlet.

I spread my arms and legs to you, but you hold up your hand asking for me to wait. Your fingers glisten in the pale blue cast of the room and I watch as you apply fresh lube. When the viscous liquid slides down to your knuckles, you flip your hand down and I'm confused that you make no move towards me.

Understanding and wonder floods me and then you're placing the lube on the dresser and climbing onto the bed. You straddle me and a look of concentration settles on your face as you reach down to grasp my cock and place it at the entrance to your body.

I push up firmly and with a pop and gasp, startling heat envelopes me. You drop down onto your hands and slide forward and back. Despite that I'm the one inside you, you're still in control and I surrender myself to your rhythm. It isn't long before I'm in you to the point where your ass slaps against my thighs and you're crying out with every thrust. The feeling is swift becoming too much to bear and I cry out and clutch at your back.

You stop and sit up. I try and thrust but you shake your head and I hiss with violent need. You grab my hand and twist it to spit in my palm, then guide it down onto your own burning need. As soon as I start pumping my fist, you start to move again, lifting yourself up and driving down with a low rumbling growl building in your throat.

I can't help but thrust again and this time you let me. My heels dig into the bed as I buck my hips upwards. I stiffen and scream your name as I pump you full of my seed. Your orgasm follows only seconds later, shooting out in long streams to land in thick globs across my stomach.

You slide off and collapse next to me. I nestle against you and you drape an arm across my chest. Your cum is cooling in the air and I know my skin will feel tight and itchy in the morning, but I don't care.

I shift onto my side and you tighten your grasp possessively. I smile, a languid thing that barely curves my lips. Lethargy seeps into my limbs and with your breath warm on my back, I'm reassured that all is right in the world.


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