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This is Part Five of the Dangerous Missions Arc
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4
Warnings: none

Summary: The first four pilots decide it’s Wu Fei’s turn to face his fear...

Mission: Nail Salon
by Persephone

"No. Absolutely not." Wu Fei’s emphatic shake of the head caused cajoling smiles to disappear and be replaced by set determination.

Quatre leaned across the table in the restaurant, "It’s only fair, Wu Fei. We’ve all had to face our fears. Now, it’s your turn." He sat back and grabbed his water glass, taking a sip.

Heero sipped at his soup, trying to ignore the small wound that still throbbed in his mouth. He refrained from saying anything in order to keep his dignity. Mumbling and slurred words would only make the situation worse. Wu Fei would get even more nervous. But, sheesh, who’d have thought the brave warrior would be afraid of getting his nails done.

Duo energetically raised his knife and pointed it at Wu Fei from across the table, "As I recall, Mister, this was all your idea! Who came to Heero and told him I was squinting during mission briefing? Aha!YOU!" He adjusted his glasses and stared pointedly over them at the cowering soldier.

Trowa nodded in agreement, "And who came to Quatre and mentioned that I kept getting my hair in my mouth?" He reached up and pointed at his hair, "You."

Heero merely notched his chin and glared. Wu Fei blenched and Heero nodded. Good, point taken.

Quatre took a moment to run a hand appreciatively down his tailored pants that tucked in his nice, solid shirt. He didn’t feel the need to remind Wu Fei about his part in the clothes shopping experiment. And the dinner that followed. His cheeks burned in remembrance. Tabloids, letters, pictures, he’d seen them all. Then his expression turned smug. Trowa had seen it all, too. After the dinner.

Wu Fei narrowed his eyes at his friends, "I cannot believe you people! You come to me for help and when I give it, you go and turn on me!"

Duo merely smiled, "Your appointment’s tomorrow morning at ten. Be there or be square, Wu-man!"

"Kisama! I refuse." Wu Fei sat back with a huff and crossed his arms. He’d used his scary voice so he was confident he wouldn’t be forced.

Quatre nodded sympathetically and Wu Fei knew he’d won, "I’m sorry you feel that way, Wu Fei. I completely understand," Wu Fei refrained from throwing a fist up in victory, but just barely. "Which is why we’ll be coming with you." Wu Fei smirked. Like they could make him go! Ha! He’d beat them all back!

Trowa wrapped an arm around Quatre’s waist as they stood to go, "Ah, yes. Did we mention Rashid and Abdul will be coming? They need a touch up from their last session so we just asked them to join us. You know, car-pooling? Saves the environment and all. See you tomorrow morning!"

Wu Fei’s jaw dropped and he stared after them, unable to comprehend that he had just lost the most important battle of his life. His eyes screwed tight and he dimly heard Duo and Heero leaving.

Damn. He was going to become an onna. Hell had just frozen over. He was so screwed.

The next morning came to quickly for Wu Fei and from his position crouched in the tree in his backyard, the light was too bright, the sun too warm, and the air to heavy with humidity...or was it fear? He scoffed under his breath. Yeah, right. Like those four could scare him. Ha!

A rustle above him made him look up. An acorn falling from the branches above hit him directly on the forehead, "K’so! Damn squirrels! Get out of my tree, dammit!"

A body swung down from a branch to hang upside down directly in front of him. A braid landed on his own branch with a thump and his eyes widened.

"Now, Wu, I’ve been called many animals, but never a squirrel. Well, actually, does a rat count? ‘Cause I’ve heard tons of people compare squirrels to rats..." A flash of white teeth and a pair of violet eyes had him swearing and jumping down to the ground below.

He hit the ground running... only to run into a very large, very solid chest. His frantic gaze traveled upward to pass over a large, corded neck, a strong face, to end at a very odd hairstyle. Shit. It was Rashid.

He sent his eyes heavenward even as he made his move. A swift kick to the shin and a quick move to the left had him bypassing the larger man and heading for his car. He whipped his keys out of his pocket and bypassed the three pilots watching the skeptical. He never even noticed Heero holding something secreted behind his back.

With a cry of success, he locked the car doors and slid the key into the ignition. He turned the key as he grabbed for his seatbelt (always buckle up!) and waited for the usual revving of his engine...and waited...and then waited some more.

He slammed his hands against his steering wheel and rested his forehead on it. Taking a deep breath, he eased out of the car and turned to face the three innocent-looking men.

"Who broke my car?" Quatre cleared his throat nervously and Trowa took a cautious step back. Everyone knew Wu Fei loved his car. Really loved his car.

Heero, jaw still sore, merely held up what looked to be his transmission. Wu Fei stepped closer to take a better look. Fuck! It was his transmission.

With a growl, he launched himself at Heero. Only to be caught by the collar and dangled from the air. He snarled and whipped a leg back at his "attacker". It brushed Rashid’s arm harmlessly and he was thrown into the backseat of a van.

Strapped down by three seatbelts and two of Duo’s favorite belts, Wu Fei was secured and they were off.

The next day at work had Wu Fei wearing gloves in the morning and creeping silently into his office. With a sigh of relief, he locked the door and eased into his chair. A glance around the room had him freezing.

Sally, Noin, and Une were perched on his partner’s desk and all smiling expectantly at him. He flushed and shoved his hands hurriedly under the desk and into his lap.

Sally hopped down from her perch and walked over to his desk. She plopped down in front of him and held out her hand.

He shook his head no.

"Oh, come on, Wu Fei! I’ve been trying to make it to that salon and get my nails done but I just haven’t had the time! Won’t you please show me so I can see if I want to go spend my hard-earned cash there?" She fluttered her eyelashes and leaned towards him.

He heaved a sigh. She was good. She was so good. He raised one hand and she slid the glove off. He waited for her response and was not disappointed.

"Oh my gosh! Wu Fei! These are marvelous! What color is this? Oh, it’s fabulous! Noin, Une! You have to see this. What craftsmanship! You are so lucky!"

Noin shared her sentiments profusely and Une merely smiled.

"So, Preventer Earth, what color is this?" Une’s eyes twinkled but she managed to not laugh.

Wu Fei took a moment to glance down at his nails. They were right. It was good work.

He cleared his throat.

"Chianti Red."

The color of his car. Quatre had color coordinated him with his beloved car. He couldn’t be too angry, now could he?

Well, that’s the end of the Dangerous Missions Arc! Hope you guys enjoyed it!


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