Disclaimer: The direct quotation and minor paraphrasing when Treize at last has Wufei in his clutches is from the Mel Brooks movie "Spaceballs". The narrative prose is mine, the dialogue is not. This situation is intended as a Gundam Wing parody.

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Damsel in Distress versus the Knight in Shiny Armor
Chapter 14 - Goddamned Homo Perverts
by Muffie

Heero scratched his head, concerned. His baka hadn't said a word in five minutes. He checked his internal clock again. Yes, five minutes. It was set to the mercury ion clock in Boulder, Colorado so his estimate was accurate in one part in ten to the eighteenth power. Heero peeked at his baka. Duo was glaring at him, arms crossed and tight-lipped. He might not be well versed in emotion, but even Heero could tell that the not-princess was mildly irritated. He thought of speaking, but he wasn't sure if his not-princess's mild irritation would be an obstacle if he requested a kiss. He met those intense, purple eyes for half of a heartbeat and wondered if he could duplicate the expression. It would certainly terrify any enemies he happened to meet on the battlefield. It might even deter the Princess Relena.

Closing his eyes, Heero mentally began dividing 1 by 100,0000,0000,0000,0000 to see how accurate his internal clock actually was. Ichi waru hyakkei. Duo would say one divided by one quintillion. Heero hazarded a look at his baka again. His not-princess still appeared to be slightly displeased.

Heero abruptly decided to distract himself. "Tsuitachi, futsuka, mikkawa arashi. Yokka, itsuka, muikawa amefuri." The not-princess's expression shifted from displeased to incredulity. Heero counted that as success. Anything less than anger improved his chances for successfully accomplishing his personal kissing mission. "Nanoka, yooka, kokonokawa kumotte. Tookawa minnade pikunikku!"

"What in the fuck have you been smoking, Yuy?"

Heero observed the red face, clenched fists, hair all but standing on end and decided that Duo's incredulity was a side-effect of his peevishness rather than a positive step toward kissing.

"You intentionally got me re-captured," his not-princess was howling at the top of his lungs, "to follow some stupid mission plan that you researched based on information you received from fangirls who are completely insane to begin with! And now," the not-princess took a breath around his clenched teeth, "now, you're sitting there singing the fucking calendar song! I've fucking had it with you! You are not rescuing me; I'm rescuing you and sticking your spandexed ass in Betty Ford to get you off whatever drugs you've been taking!"

"You are unhappy," Heero observed.

"Unhappy! Unhappy! I'll fucking show you fucking unhappy!"

"Perhaps we should kiss. That would remedy any feelings of unhappiness." He rather thought that was a wise proposal and he felt that his baka would have to be insane not to take him up on the offer.

The not-princess, who appeared to be dangerously close to breaking blood vessels in his cheeks, launched himself at Heero, fists swinging. "I'm flaming pissed, you perfect assed asshole!"

The door opened before Heero could tenderly render his hysterical not-princess unconscious with a gentle love-tap to the jaw.

"Isn't this interesting."

Duo shifted his wrath from Heero to the incoming guard. "Shut the fuck up, dicksnot, before I kick your fucking ass!"

"Colonel Une wants a word with you, sweetheart." Dicksnot, known to his friends as Samson the Token Straight Guy, smirked at Heero. "Don't worry, loverboy, you've got an admirer as well. Goddamned homo perverts."

Heero quietly followed along behind Samson while watching with a mixture of rage and idle curiosity as four of the big, burly Oz officers wrestled a kicking and screaming not-princess down the hallway. He made a mental note to hunt those four down and subject them to a slow death when it came time to rescue his baka. Samson ushered him into an office and chained Heero to a chair. He left as Zechs Marquise entered and made himself comfortable behind the desk.

"Heero," Zechs said warmly. "Pleasure to see you again, though I would prefer better circumstances. How have you been?"

Heero grunted.

"I hope you don't think me too intrusive, but ever since our little debriefing at Peacemillion, I've wondered if you've made any progress on your mission and if I was helpful at all." Zechs offered a smile. "I've never been a sex-ed professor before."

"Progress on Mission: Sex has stalled since the not-princess had been captured by Oz. He didn't seem interested in kissing a few minutes ago. Mission: Marry the Princess has been cancelled." Heero shook his head. "I understand you were looking forward to being the best man, but we won't be marrying."

Zechs blinked. "Why not? I thought you liked Duo."

"I want to have sex."

"That's why I thought you liked Duo enough to marry him."

It was Heero's turn to blink with confusion. "I like him enough to have sex with him. That is why I can't marry him."

"I don't understand."

"Married personnel do not have sex."

"Married people have sex all the time. I keep telling Treize to give newlyweds matrimonial leave because they're too busy screwing like weasels to get any work done, but Une thinks it's nonsense. Of course, she's frigid." Zechs shook his head. "Where did you get the idea that you don't have sex after marriage?"

Heero frowned in consternation. Zechs was incredibly knowledgeable about sexual matters. He did, after all, engage in it. Duo appeared to be equally knowledgeable, but he hadn't had sex, by his own admission. It stood to reason that Zechs would know more about the issue than Duo by dint of simple experience. "Not-princess Duo stated that he did not want to marry me because then he could not have sex with me."

Zechs leaned back in his chair. "I see. I think that's Helen's fault."

"Helen?" Heero would have cocked his head to the side and looked confused if he'd been anyone else.

"Duo's mother. Adopted mother, that is. When King Howard was young, he got really drunk and convinced Helen that she would be a Bride of Christ if she married him. Once they got back from Vegas and she sobered up, she refused to have sex with him ever again. Relena and Duo are adopted children. Duo grew up listening to King Howard whining about the lack of sex in marriage. He really didn't have any other examples to work with, so he probably took his parents' example as fact. Considering that everyone at Peacemillion thinks he's a girl, he really never had any proper sex education. He was told to keep his night gown on, lie there, and think of England."

Heero blinked in shock again. "You can have sex after marriage? You're positive about this?"

"Absolutely. Think about it logically. Would Duo be any less attractive to you if you married him? Would you still want to kiss him?"

Heero thought about what those movies indicated marriage meant, then nodded curtly. This romantic love business did not apply to him, but he couldn't see how walking in circles in front of a member of the clergy would make Duo any less attractive. It might, in fact, make him more attractive since part of those vows Haircut Boy and the onna had exchanged included the words "forsaking all others". Heero would consider himself pleased if he could get his baka to promise that. No more Treize-baby and no more pool boy.

"Sex isn't much different. It's all hormones and erections. If you get hard thinking about him now, it's not going to change once you're married."

Heero nodded curtly and began to reconsider wooing strategies.

Back in Treize's suite....

Treize broke the torrid kiss to whisper his ardent desire. "Chang Wufei. At last I have you in my clutches. To have my way with you. The way I want to."

Wufei twisted his head to the side and squeezed his eyes shut. "No, no, please, leave me alone!"

"No, you are mine!" Treize's lips followed, brushing a kiss on his cheek. "Chang Wufei. At last we are alone."

Wufei writhed in Treize's arms. "Oh, no! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! Leave me alone! Yet, I find you strangely attractive."

"Of course you do. Gundam pilots are often attracted to money and power, and I have both, and you know it."

Wufei whimpered beneath the warm breath washing over his cheek. "Oh! Leave me alone!"

"No, kiss me," Treize demanded, pressing the length of his body firmly against the tempting boy beneath him.

"No, no! Yes! No!" Wufei's head lashed from side to side even as his hips rose to meet the thrust of the man above him.

"No!" Treize denied huskily, capturing Wufei's throat with his mouth.

"Yes! No! Yes!" Wufei moaned, arching his body. "Ah! Oh! Oh! Uh! Oh!" Wufei moaned again, cuddling against Treize. "Ohhh, your epaulets are so big!"

The door exploded open and Colonel Une marched in. "Lord Khushrenada!"

Treize scrunched around Wufei, hiding him from Colonel Une's piercing gaze. "What?!"

Colonel Une's eyes widened, then she snapped her attention to a point above and to the left of Treize's head. "You're needed on the bridge, sir."

Treize glared. "Knock on my door! Knock next time!"

Colonel Une bowed. "Yes sir."

"Did you see anything?" Treize snapped. Wufei held his breath.

Colonel Une's left cheek twitched, but she did not break eye contact with the middle distance. "No sir. I didn't see you playing with your dragon again."

"Good!" Treize nodded sharply, relieved. "Now go away!"

Wufei pressed his face to Treize's chest in humiliation. "Kisama."

Down in the dungeon....

Duo glared. "You know, this tying me to a steel table thing is getting fucking old. Don't you goons have any imagination?"

"Shut up, gundam scum!" Single Brain Cell shouted in the same tone one might use to sieg heil the furor.

"Get a new catch phrase!" Duo bellowed back. "What the hell is that?!"

A lab technician in a white lab coat had sauntered up behind Single Brain Cell and was industriously tapping air bubbles out of a yellow liquid in a hypodermic needle. "Just a little sedative mixed with estrogen."

"What?!" Duo yanked at his restraints, arching his body away from the guy with the needle.

A guy in a white lab coat with a stethoscope hanging around his neck came up to his other side. "Easy there, Mr. Maxwell. It will be much more pleasant for you if you stay calm."

"Fuck calm!" Duo roared, jerking his biceps away from the guy with the needle.

The doctor guy sighed. "I see we'll have to do this hard way. No matter, the uterus will go in whether you like it or not."

"Uterus!" Duo shrieked.

"Of course. We plan on impregnating you. Naturally, we have the father of your child all picked out, but we're secretly hoping that young man of yours will break you out of here and impregnate you instead. That way, when we kidnap you again, we'll have the Perfect Soldier's baby to turn into the first of in our army of trained, genetically modified, super soldiers!"

"And you couldn't just give him some porn and a little cup to jack off into?"

"Now, now, Mr. Maxwell. There's no need to get excited."

Duo squealed when the needle slid into his arm.

"While it's undoubtedly more efficient and tactically a smarter move to use actual females to produce a line of trained, genetically modified, super soldiers, we find it much more entertaining to plant wombs in gundam pilots and make them bear children. It's a lot of fun, don't you think?"

"Heeero!" Duo roared. "You better come and fucking rescue me right goddamned now if you know what the fuck is good for your perfect goddamned ass!"

The doctor smiled and patted his hand. "Besides, Colonel Une is against General Khushrenada having sex with a male and you will need to produce an heir or two. Cheer up, Princess, soon you'll actually be a princess."

"Heeeeeeeeeero!" Duo fought against the tide of darkness. "Heero...."

Down the hall....

Heero cocked his head toward the door, frowning, then exploded to his feet. "Duo!"

Zechs paused in the midst of his opinion on wooing battle tactics and frowned as well. "What?"

Heero ignored him in favor of demolishing the chains that held him to the chair. Almost as an afterthought, he yanked his wrists apart and snapped the links of his handcuffs. He leaped for the door, sending it crashing to splinter against the dank wall across the hall. He bounded through the opening and charged, roaring.

Several big, burly Oz officers opened fire, their shots pinging off the gray stone. The perfect soldier plowed into their midst, swinging his right fist and killing all of them in a single punch. Bellowing in rage as Duo's last cry echoed through the corridors, Heero pounded down the hallways until he came to the room where the now unconscious Duo lay.

His eyes widened as he took in his baka strapped, naked, to a steel table. Two persons in lab coats looked up, startled. One of them held a scalpel to the silken skin of Duo's creamy belly, preparing to make an incision. "No!" the one with the scalpel wailed. "You're not supposed to rescue him until after I implant the womb!"

Heero paused for a moment, recalling that several of the simulated rescue missions agreed with the doctor's analysis of his mission. Duo with a womb? Heero broke the doctor's neck and plunged the scalpel into the other lab coat's eye. Though mission parameters required that he cry and kiss his baka at this point, Heero decided to ignore that in favor of unbuckling the leather restraints and tossing Duo over his shoulder. He had no experience in the area, but he imagined that it would be rather inconvenient to rescue his not-princess if he were sporting the erection kissing Duo would invariably create. Particularly since his not-princess was unconscious and in no position to evaluate his hung status.

Pausing in the warden's office to collect his sidearms and Wufei's katana, Heero killed two more big, burly Oz officers with a flick of his pinky. He fought with a pair of the warden's sweatpants and Duo's legs before he got them on his sleeping baka. He considered adding the sweatshirt so no one else would see Duo's chest, but the sounds of guards pouring into the dungeon area had him scooping up his not-princess and racing through the hallways to find Wufei.

Back in Treize's suite

Treize placed the glowering Wufei in the center if his decadently large bed covered with silken sheets. "You're beautiful, my dragon."

"Your plan is to kill me slowly with stupid compliments. I had no idea you were so sadistic, tyrant."

Treize chuckled and leaned over his prize, pressing kisses along that stubbornly set jaw. "Of course not, lovely dragon. I merely state fact."

Wufei snorted in a most unlovely manner. "Enough of this injustice. Get on with it. I have things to do other than wait around on an old man who can't get it up."

Treize nibbled on the pouting lower lip. "I'm not the limp one, my dragon." He thrust himself against Wufei's hip, putting a delicious pressure on the tip of his erection. He gently sucked on the swollen lip. "My virility is not in doubt."

"And you claim that mine is!" Wufei snarled and attacked, opening his lips and sheathing his tongue inside of Treize's mouth.

Treize moaned, deep in his chest, and licked at that squirming, wet tongue. He sucked at it, swallowing the accompanying groan, and eased himself onto his lover, chest to chest, hip to hip, thigh to thigh. Wufei bucked up, rocking insistently and proving that Treize wasn't the only one feeling particularly virile. He moaned again, pumping his hips against Wufei's.

Wufei ripped his mouth away, teeth bared. "I am more than up to the challenge, tyrant. Never forget that."

Lapping at the strong curve of exposed throat, he suppressed a chuckle. "I have no doubt that you have risen to the occasion, dragon."

"This duel," Wufei hissed, "I will win." His legs wrapped themselves around Treize's hips and squeezed. Before he knew what had happened, Treize found himself flat on his back with a tongue dominating the interior of his mouth. He arched, shoving himself between the thighs straddling him and against the body above him. Wufei shifted, pushing his knee down until Treize spread his legs to accommodate it. Wufei smiled ferally and nipped at the jaw, then the ear.

"I defeated you, dragon." He tugged at Wufei's tank top, yanking it completely off.

"And you'll get fucked for it, tyrant." Wufei was less subtle, he simply ripped Treize's shirt from his body.

Treize twisted his head, letting those teeth nibble where they would. "You have a pretty ass, my dragon, and I intend to take it."

Wufei smirked and ripped at the fastenings to Treize's pants, sending buttons flying and a zipper screeching in protest. He yanked the pants down, pulling the underlying tightie whities with them. Before he could close his legs, Wufei was between them again, spreading them wide. He leaned over, arms braced on either side of Treize's head, and bit at the general's lips and chin. "If it pleases you to believe so," he growled between nips, "then by all means, tyrant. Think such things all you like, even when you are begging me to take you."

Treize managed to summon a husky laugh. "Any begging will be done by you, my precious dragon, with your head in the pillows and your backside in the air."

"You will be beneath me, tyrant." The smirk returned and a hand slid between them, brushing past a lengthy erection, below a tightened scrotum, to trail a gundam-calloused finger into the cleft. The finger paused at the small hole, pushing inward gently, at the sound of a gasp. "And I will be here."

Treize couldn't help the instinctive thrust of his hips. After watching a triumphant smile spread slowly on Wufei's face, he wasn't sure he wanted to stop. "You are entitled to fantasy, dragon."

Wufei laughed at that, crooking his finger and slowly tickling. "Rosebud."


Wufei took a long, deliberate lap at Treize's throat. "You named your sheath Rosebud. If that is not the mark of a true bottom, then nothing else is."

The finger pressed a bit deeper and Treize hissed.

"You're hot inside. And moist." Wufei sucked on the bit flesh just beneath his earlobe. "You have a choice, tyrant, you may either fetch lubrication or you may suck me." Wufei bit his adam's apple. "I recommend the lubrication."

"Bedside table," Treize managed around a groan. Wufei leaned and rummaged, pulling that teasing finger away. Treize took advantage of his off-balance stretch to wrestle him to his back, tube clutched in his fist.

He expected an adorable death glare from his grumpy dragon, but ended up with a sly smile. "So you prefer to ride, Rosebud?"

"I'm going to thoroughly enjoy being inside of you, dragon." He smirked and tugged the white pants down. "Dear God."

It was Wufei's turn to smirk. "See something you like?"

"Dear God," he breathed again.

"I'm bishounen. That means that not only am I a pervert, I come well equipped." Wufei sat up to delicately run the flat of his tongue over a hardened nipple. He pushed the tube into Treize's hand. "Prepare yourself for me, tyrant."


Wufei bit the pectoral nuzzling at his nose. Treize gasped and fumbled audibly with the tube. Wufei soothed the indentations left by his teeth with long, slow strokes of his tongue. His hand slipped between them to wrap around the hot flesh stabbing into his stomach. Treize's head lolled back and he groaned, shoving into the curl of Wufei's palm. Moments later, he swallowed a low keen and dropped his forehead to Wufei's shoulder. His hips twitched in a jerky parody of sex.

"How many fingers do you have inside of yourself, Rosebud?"

That husky voice caressed his spine, turning his muscles to jelly. "One."

"Your cock is in my hand, tyrant," Wufei whispered against his breast bone.

Treize reflexively thrust himself into Wufei's belly, leaving a trail of precum. "You have such a way with the obvious, dragon."

Wufei laughed, the deep rumble in his chest and ripple of his abdominals sending gentle vibrations tumbling down into Treize's erection. His thumb swirled through the wetness dripping along the head. "You like it when I state the obvious," Wufei said between nibbles along the curve of Treize's chest. "You like it when I say words like cock, don't you?"

He could only answer with the introduction of a second finger and a long, low groan.

"Did you just stick in another finger, tyrant? Are you stretching yourself for my cock?"

How could the word cock sound so deliciously naughty when Wufei said it? It made his insides clench, his stomach muscles tighten, his heart beat a bit faster, and the tight ring around his fingers bear down almost painfully. He was a soldier who lived among soldiers. The word cock was as commonplace as the word boots. By all rights, it shouldn't do anything to him. Wufei's dirty little dialogue was considerably tame compared to most of what went on around the castle. And it turned him on to no end. His uptight, prudish little dragon was hot in bed.

Wufei grabbed his wrist to tug his free hand down, between them. The tips of his fingers brushed something hot, hard, and thick. He turned his hand over, sliding the backs of his fingers down the sloping underside before twisting them to wrap firmly around the base. It was Wufei's turn to groan and thrust up into the tightness fisting him. Treize pulled his hand up, twirling his fingers along the full length and then squeezing all the way back down again. He slipped another finger inside of himself while Wufei's two hands tugged gently on his shaft and his palm cupped the dripping head of Wufei's cock. He rocked back onto his own impaling digits, arching his back and thrusting his hips.

"Have you managed three fingers yet, tyrant?"

"Yes," he hissed, unable to resist taking Wufei's mouth and dueling with that clever tongue.

"Prepare my cock, tyrant," Wufei said, his lips working over Treize's. "Be certain to use enough lube. With your delusions of dominance, I imagine you are tight with disuse."

Treize growled, thrusting his tongue into his arrogant dragon to shut him up. Wufei growled back and caught the offender between his teeth with a gentle roughness that sent shivers down his spine. Without breaking contact with Wufei's lips, Treize moved upward and forward, until the hot length of Wufei's erection pushed past his balls and along the cleft of his ass. It nudged against the sensitive ring of muscle accommodating the spread of his fingers, leaving a smear of wet. He shifted his hips farther, tilting them forward, and let his fingers slide out to clasp the hot erection. He guided it, letting it nudge again, pressing toward his open hole.

There, dripping slit met throbbing entrance, one thrusting up and one thrusting down. Treize gritted his teeth and pushed, swallowing the gasp of pain as his body swallowed Wufei. Yes, oh yes. He pushed down harder, ignoring the sting of stretching, his hips jerking with each inch gained.

Wufei ripped his mouth away from the kiss. "That's it, tyrant, take my cock. Ride me." He teethed at the joining of neck and shoulder, nipping hard when Treize stopped his descent, licking and purring when he moved.

Treize leaned back, supporting his weight on hands braced beneath him and thighs locked on Wufei. He moved, undulating sinuously with random twists and jerks of his hips. Inside, Wufei's erection rubbed, scraping the sensitive clench of his opening and prodding against his prostate. With Wufei's hands on his cock, all he needed was to speed up in his riding a little bit to orgasm. He considered it, already buoyed on the gathering of sensation in the pit of his belly and running along the length of his spine. He slowed instead, until he was doing nothing more than rocking the head of Wufei's cock against his prostate.

"Do you have any idea how sexy you look, tyrant?"

"No." He shut his eyes and concentrated on the thrust of cock deep inside his body.

"I want to mount you. I want to push you down onto your hands and knees and shove my cock into you. I want to watch you squirm on it and listen to you beg for more, tyrant."

Treize slid off almost immediately, rolling to his hands and knees. He glared over his shoulder when his dragon didn't move fast enough. Wufei laughed, smacking an upturned buttock hard enough to leave a red print. He knelt behind Treize and slid home with one, long thrust.

"Now fuck yourself on my cock."

Treize paused, shivering at the mental image that presented. He was rewarded with another stinging slap to his rump. At any other time he would have been indignant enough to jail the offender. At that moment, it did nothing but turn him on all the more.

"Fuck my cock, tyrant," Wufei demanded.

He groaned and did just that. He rocked back onto Wufei, thrusting with his entire body. He leaned forward slowly, savoring the intensity of his ass sucking on the full length of that erection. Once nothing but the tip was embedded, he shoved back, again with his entire body. The power and the roughness of the penetration was almost too much. He cried out, probably his dragon's name, maybe incoherent pleading for more of the same. Wufei smacked him again and he increased the pace of his fucking.

"You're fucking my cock," Wufei growled.

"You, ah, are so, ah, observant. Oh God!" That cock had speared him directly in the prostate.

That was apparently enough to push his dragon over the edge of his control. Wufei grabbed his hips with bruising force and pounded into him. Wufei's breath panted hot and heavy along the ridges of his spine. Treize tossed his head back and found himself helplessly shoving against the mattress just to remain upright against the onslaught of Wufei's thrusting.

The pulsing and tingling that had been centered around his entrance spread. It traveled along his spine and swallowed his erection whole. He saw explosions of white every time he blinked. He could hear nothing but the harsh gasps of his own breathing, the roaring blood in his ears, and loud grunts Wufei made with every powerful downstroke. The final straw was the strong fingers wrapping around his throbbing cock and jerking.

Treize could see only darkness and white spots. His entire existence was narrowed down to his spurting cock and the frantic thrusting in his ass. He thought he screamed, but he couldn't hear himself over the white noise of his orgasm. Wufei shouted something in Mandarin, nails digging into the hips he held, and he lunged forward, seating himself as fully as physically possible to begin his reflexive ejaculation. His hips twitched uncontrollably as he emptied himself.

Moments later, Wufei all but collapsed on top of him. A sweaty chest stuck to his equally sweaty back. Inside, Wufei began to slowly lose his hardness and slip from the clasp of Treize's body.

Treize's eyes drifted shut and the after-orgasm lethargy set in. All was right with the world. At least it was until the door crashed open.

He cracked an eye at the sound of a gasp. He flinched. Zechs.

Somewhere in the castle....

Heero stomped down a corridor, rapidly losing whatever was left of his temper. He had been all over the first few levels in his search for Wufei. He muttered curses in Japanese, threatening all manner of fates worse than death on that sleek, black-haired head. Duo remained slack over his shoulder and seemed to be getting heavier by the step. The baka had almost been light as a feather in the beginning, but now Heero's back was aching and he could feel each vertebrae as it slowly compressed into peanut butter.

When he found Wufei, he was going to make that Chinese bastard carry his baka.

Back in Treize's suite....

"Treize...." Zechs whispered, all color draining from his face.

Treize winced. "Zechs, love. It's not what it looks like."

Zechs didn't seem amused. Wufei shifted to glare at the intruder.

Treize shut his eyes as the last bit of Wufei slipped out of his rear. "It is what it looks like."

"It rather looks like you've just gotten fucked." Zechs crossed his arms over his chest and glared at his lover.

What could he say to that? Treize sat up, dislodging Wufei from the comfortable sprawl on his back. "Love...."

Zechs wasn't buying it. "You're in bed with another man and you're calling me love?"

Wufei doubled up his fist and took a swing at Treize. "Lecher! Is it not enough that you must demand such, such injustice from me, but you must dishonor your lover, as well!?"

Treize ducked the blow. Zechs lifted an eyebrow and appeared to be trying very hard to hide his amusement. Treize grinned. "Can you blame me, love?"

"Not in the least, lover." Zechs locked the door behind him and slowly crossed the room, unbuttoning his uniform jacket as he went.

Wufei gaped in astonishment.

Somewhere in the castle....

Heero snarled in frustration and punched a hole in a wall just to make himself feel better. Wufei was still missing and the baka now weighed three tons. He decided to head back down to the dungeon just so he could kill someone. He curtly about-faced and marched toward the cell block. There were a few of those big, burly Oz officers that he'd promised a slow and painful death for bothering his Duo. Not to mention the two who required a quick butt de-cutizing. He wasn't taking any chances until he'd gotten the forsaking all others vow out of his baka.

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