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Reunion with Destiny
Part 8

Arriving back at the stables, Duo and Heero dismounted and Duo escorted Shi back to his stall, making sure to feed him. Heero, soaking wet, started to remove his outer layers of clothing, only leaving on his jeans and boots.

As Duo was tending to his steed, he watched every motion Heero made out of the corner of his eye and fought to keep his senses. /I still have so many questions which need to be answered./ He tentatively brought his finger to touch his lips where Heero kissed him. /But there shouldn't be anything wrong with a little reacquaintance fun./ he thought, smirking, thinking up all the wonderful things that he could do to that body.

Duo was snapped out of his risqué thoughts as Heero wrapped his arms around his waist, pulling him back flush against his chest. This flesh against flesh contact didn't help Duo control his raging hormones in any way whatsoever.

"I missed you Duo," Heero whispered into Duo's ear, pulling Duo into a tighter embrace. "Aishiteru."

/Oh god. He did say that when we were riding./ Duo moaned as Heero nipped lightly at the fey boy's ear. "H..heero?"

"Yes." Heero answered, his voice very husky as he continued to alternately nip and kiss down Duo's neck.

"Umm..Shouldn't we finish our talk?" Duo said, trying to keep his voice stable. Receiving only more tantalizing touches and caresses to his body as an answer, he reluctantly pulled out of Heero's embrace and turned to face him. Locking gazes, Duo could feel all his strength of will crumbling away as he saw the need in the Prussian depths.

Sensing Duo's hesitation to continue, Heero pulled him to him, kissing him possessively. Duo could feel his knees were ready to give out on him and did just that as Heero's hand lowered to Duo's lower back and pulled him tight, pressing their erections together. The moans and pent up need for each other's touch dissolved all thoughts of a talk.

Heero directed them over to a pile of blankets that were thrown over a pile of hay without removing his hands and lips from Duo's body. He felt as though he would never get enough of his koi that he had so selfishly left behind all those years ago. He knew that he would never be able to make up for all those years, but he would damn well let Duo know just how much he missed him.

Heero pulled back and looked deep into the amethyst pools and saw into Duo's soul. He could tell Duo was still hesitant about giving himself completely to him, in fear of losing him again right away.

"I am not going anywhere, koi," Heero said with conviction. He would find a way to remain at Duo's side for now and forever. Seeing him again made him realize how much of a fool he was for just taking the contract and leaving without a trace. But he'd had to, or else they all would have had to fight again. Heero mentally shook that thought out of his mind. He turned all his attention back to the one thing that had kept him alive all this time: his one true love and guiding light.

Duo searched Heero's eyes for any sign that his words were yet another false hope, but only found strength and perseverance behind them. Heero would do anything to make sure that it was the truth and that was enough for him.

"Good," Duo purred as he pulled Heero down for another soul shattering kiss. They broke away, gasping slightly from the need for air. "Time for some catch up then," Duo purred and smirked as he flipped them so that he was on top.

Heero growled in response to the change of position, but didn't fight. Being on top or bottom didn't bother him as long as he would get to join with his love. Duo grinned widely as he reached down and began to remove the last obstacles between them. He quickly divested Heero of his boots then crawled up to removed Heero's wet, tight jeans.

Freeing Heero's erection, Duo locked gazes with Heero as he licked up the dew at the tip, bringing a strangled groan from his lover's lips. He traced his finger along the shaft as he licked and playfully, yet gently, nipped at it, enjoying all the sounds it produced from Heero. /Gods, how I have missed hearing those sounds,/ thought Duo as he continued to tease and work the jeans the rest of the way off, leaving Heero in his best outfit, at least by Duo's personal opinion.

Heero glared down at his long haired lover as he noticed Duo was still wearing his jeans. He reached down and began to remove the offending article, which turned out to be harder than he had thought possible due to the continuous sweet torture that Duo was inflicting upon him.

Finally about to lose it, Heero grasped Duo behind the head by his hair and pulled him up and into a searing kiss. It stopped Duo from torturing him and also gave him better access for the removal of Duo's jeans.

Heero smiled widely as he threw the wet, offending article of clothing away, allowing him full view of Duo's form.

"Let me see you," Heero lustfully growled. He watched intently as Duo stood up, placing his feet on both sides of Heero's hips and looking down at his dark haired lover with a smirk on his face.

"Like what you see?" Duo purred as he glanced at Heero's throbbing arousal, then back up at the half lidded Prussian blue eyes that had always taken his breath away.

"Oh, yes," Heero breathed as he reached up and pulled Duo down on top of him so that he was straddling his thighs. "Very much," Heero said as he bucked his hips up, rubbing their erections together, eliciting groans from both of them.

Duo looked down at Heero pleadingly as Heero grasped his arousal and began to stroke it. Heero grinned and with his free hand reached over to his jeans that were, thankfully, nearby. Duo looked at him questioningly as he pulled a small tube out of the pocket.

"Wishful thinking," Heero whispered as he shrugged his shoulders slightly, looking a bit embarrassed. Duo chuckled at his response. He leaned down and kissed Heero.

"I am glad you thought about that, but now why don't you put it to good use," Duo purred as he shifted his hips, enjoying the growl that it produced from Heero. Heero quickly opened the tube and coated his fingers. He reached down and around Duo rubbing one digit against the tight ring of muscle found there.

Duo squirmed at the sensation. He hadn't taken another lover since Heero had disappeared, even though others had tried to get him to do so. He was now very happy to have stuck by his choice and couldn't wait to feel once again complete with the only man that he had ever loved or wanted to love.

"Yesss," Duo hissed as the first digit slipped past the tight ring and slowly began to stretch him. Duo pushed back on the intrusion, urging Heero on. As Heero slipped another digit into the tight heat, Duo grabbed the tube from Heero, put some of its contents into his palm and began to prepare Heero.

"Heero," Duo gasped as Heero's fingers found the spot they were searching for. Duo sped up his strokes on Heero as the fingers continued to torture him as they stretched him.

After having added a third finger to the ministrations, Heero felt Duo was ready for him. Heero grasped Duo's hips and flipped them so that he was on top. He lifted one of Duo's legs up and over his shoulder.

Heero leaned over and began to kiss Duo as he slowly sheathed himself, melding them together as they had once done so often in the past. But this time he would make sure that Duo knew that he did love him and always would.

"Heero," Duo breathed when Heero was fully seated inside him. Duo wrapped his arms around the Asian boy and met his gaze. "I love you." Duo pulled him into another searing kiss as tears trickled down his cheeks. Heero pulled back, feeling that he had hurt his koi once again. Duo saw the look of self-recrimination and grasped his chin, directing Heero's gaze back to meet his.

"I am very happy, koi. That is why I am crying." Heero nuzzled at Duo's neck, slightly hiding his face from his lover's scrutiny. He felt that he didn't deserve such a caring and understanding lover. He just hoped that his understanding would be able to hold out through his explanation as to where he has been all these years, but he would worry about that later. Heero looked back up into his koi's eyes.

"Aishiteru Duo, zutto." Heero's voice was caressing as he spoke the words that his heart backed up with all its capability and more. He kissed his violet eyed beauty once more as he slowly pulled out of the very tight channel and thrust back in.

They soon were both completely lost in one another. Every sound the other made became music to their ears. They wanted nothing more than for it to never end. They were in no rush to return to the real world. Having to do anything besides be with each other was of no importance to them.

Heero thrust harder and deeper into his long-missed lover. Every sound and expression their lovemaking stirred in Duo was emblazoned in his mind. He let his control slip completely, succumbing to primal instincts as he stoked the flames higher and higher.

Duo cried out as Heero's thrusts continuously hit his prostate, sending earth-shattering shocks through his entire being. Duo finally succumbed to the fall as Heero grasped and pumped his neglected erection with his thrusts.

Heero watched as Duo finally gave in and came, covering his hand and their chests with his essence. Duo's facial expression was one of pure, unadulterated bliss and contentment. That was the last coherent thought and vision that passed through Heero's mind before he, too, succumbed to his ecstasy and claimed Duo as his once more. Heero collapsed onto Duo and they laid there in each other's arms, basking in the afterglow.

"I love you, Heero," Duo said as he snuggled further into his lover's arms. He wished that the others weren't here so that they could have more time to catch up, before facing the masses.

"Aishiteru Duo," Heero whispered into his koi's ear before kissing him. He pulled back and met the violet orbs. "So, I guess that we should have that talk, eh?" Heero sheepishly asked. He would rather just lie in his lover's embrace for the rest of his life, but knew that was only a pitiful dream, far too out of reach.

"Um, yeah, I guess we should," Duo said as he sat up and reached for his clothes. He had a feeling that it would be best if they were both dressed for the occasion. Heero watched as Duo slipped into his still wet jeans as he reached for his. After putting on his jeans, Heero reached for Duo and pulled him into his arms.

"Just remember that I have, and always will, love you with all my heart," Heero said before passionately kissing Duo. Breaking from the kiss, Duo snuggled up to Heero.

"Well, let's go inside," Duo said as he began to shiver slightly. The wet jeans weren't the warmest things to wear and the rain had managed to lower the outside temp enough to notice. "I think we both could use a change in clothes." Duo winked at his lover, pulling Heero along behind him as he led them out of the stable and across the grounds to a back entrance, hoping that no one was currently watching.

Quickly entering the house, they took off for his room. Luckily they had no run-ins along the way and swiftly shut the door behind them. Heero watched as Duo walked over to the nightstand by his bed and hit a switch revealing a small keypad. Duo quickly punched in his code then turned to face Heero, who still stood by the door with a slightly questioning look on his face.

"I just disabled the live video feed from this room. They won't be able to see or hear us while we are here," Duo said as he headed into his changing room.

"Aren't they going to know that something is wrong when they check the cameras and get no sound or picture?" Heero called out to the retreating figure of his lover.

"Nah. They are being fed images showing the room still empty. It will take them a while to figure it out. Why don't you go grab a shower while I find some clothes for ya?" Heero could hear Duo digging through the large walk-in closet and a few thuds from falling boxes or shoes, he figured.

"Okay," Heero said as he headed off into the bathroom. He removed his jeans and stepped into the shower, turning it on as he did. He stood there letting his thoughts drift as he enjoyed the warm mist thawing him to the core.

Duo gathered outfits for both himself and Heero and laid them on the bed. He wandered over to the bathroom as he realized that he too could use a bath. He quickly undressed and stealthily slipped in behind Heero.

He stood there for a moment taking in the breathtaking vision before him. He had missed seeing his one true love in such a scene. He watched the water run down every inch of the well toned muscle of Heero's back and followed it down to his nicely exposed rear end.

Duo held his breath as Heero turned around to wash out the shampoo that he had just put in his hair. Thankfully Heero's eyes were still closed, allowing Duo another even more amazing view of Heero's body. Duo trailed his eyes over the broad chest, traveling down to notice that Heero was definitely still a bit ready and willing. That sight made him harden. He almost jumped when he heard Heero's voice.

"Like the view?" Duo quickly met Heero's gaze. Seeing Heero's lips quirk into a smile caused his heart to skip a beat. He had always thought that Heero's smile was radiant and needed to be seen more often.

Heero stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Duo. Heero shifted his hips, rubbing their arousals together before continuing to speak. "So did you like the show?" Heero smirked at his koi.

"Most definitely," Duo purred as he wrapped his hands into Heero's hair at the nape of his neck and pulled him into a kiss. Heero moaned into Duo's mouth as their erections rubbed against each other in the tight space between them.

Heero pulled Duo even tighter into his arms. His thoughts earlier had been filled of scenes with Duo turning and walking away from him after he had explained where and what he had been doing the past few years. He never wanted to be apart from him again and was now unconsciously trying to do anything possible to delay their talk.

Duo pulled back, breathless, to gaze into the blue eyes that had been the center of so many dreams. "Don't leave ever again," Duo whispered as he pulled Heero in for a soul searing kiss. At this point Duo was feeling that he didn't give a damn where his wayward koi has been. All he cared was that he was here, now, in his arms and still loved him. That was enough for him, but knew that the others would want more than that to placate them.

Heero shifted them so that he was able to sit down on the little bench along the rear of the shower. He pulled Duo down onto his lap. Continuing to kiss him, Heero reached over to a wall-mounted dispenser and flicked some lotion into his palm. Breaking the kiss he met the love and passion filled amethyst orbs.

"I won't leave you," He said, "Aishiteru." Heero gently kissed his long haired lover as he rubbed one lotion coated finger across the lithe boy's entrance. Heero was a bit thankful that they had recently made love, making it quicker to prepare his koi.

"Gods, Heero," Duo moaned as Heero's fingers hit the sweet spot. "Please," he moaned, "I want you in me now." Duo shifted his position so that he was facing away from Heero as he sat down, impaling himself on Heero's straining arousal.

Heero gripped Duo's hips tighter as he was slowly engulfed in the tight heat of his lover. He leaned his head on Duo's shoulder and nipped at the skin at the nape of the neck.

"You feel so good," Heero purred into Duo's ear. He still couldn't believe that his koi would allow him to make love to him after all that they had gone through. But, he reminded himself, they had yet to talk and that would definitely determine whether or not their relationship would continue. All his worries were thrown to the back burner as Duo began to move.

"So do you, lover," Duo moaned as he lifted himself almost completely off of Heero's arousal then quickly impaled himself again.

"I love you, Heero," Duo moaned as he sped up his movements that Heero quickly began to meet. All their pent up need and want soon helped to bring them to the brink of pure ecstasy. Heero held onto Duo's hip with one hand while the other reached out and began to stroke his lover's neglected erection in time with their thrusts.

Duo soon cried out his koi's name, spilling his seed over Heero's hand as he came. Heero thrust once more into the constricting channel before filling his long-missed lover with his essence. Duo collapsed back into Heero's protective embrace.

They sat there for a while just enjoying each other's closeness in their post-orgasmic bliss before Heero decided that they couldn't keep fucking to avoid the inevitable. Heero gently lifted Duo off his member that, to his dismay and somewhat surprise, was already beginning to become hard again. Duo noticed this as he stood up and gave Heero a wicked smile.

"Just can't get enough, hmm?" Duo purred as he pulled Heero up from the seat and into his arms. He rested his head on Heero's chest and just listened to his lover's heartbeat, something he had missed all these years. "I guess we should have that talk, eh?" Duo whispered, not looking up to see the pain flash through the Prussian depths.

Heero held Duo tightly to him, running his hand absently through the long wet tresses that surrounded both of them. "Hai, that we should," he said, his voice filled with uncertainty. He loved the crazy baka in his arms and, for the first time he could remember, was frightened.

Duo reluctantly pulled out of Heero's embrace and stood under the still warm spray of the shower as he quickly cleaned himself. Duo then turned to Heero and cleansed him as well, stopping briefly to gently squeeze Heero's semi-hard erection, before finishing. He knew that he shouldn't be teasing Heero, but he just couldn't help himself.

It took all of Heero's willpower to restrain himself from once again taking his lover. Duo sensed this, and although he wouldn't mind another go, he quickly jumped out of the shower and reached for some towels that were hanging nearby on a heated towel stand. He handed one to Heero as he stepped out of the shower, before wrapping one around his hips and another around his hair.

Not knowing how to begin the much-needed talk, Heero resigned himself to focus on drying off and wrapping himself in an extra bathrobe. Duo followed suit and soon both were sitting quietly, yet awkwardly, in the bedroom. Heero broke the silence as he watched Duo seat himself and begin to brush out his hair.

"May I?" Heero cautiously asked. Duo's hair was a very precious thing and it was also one of Heero's downfalls when he was in the company of the violet-eyed youth. Duo barely hesitated before getting up and handing the brush over to Heero, whom spread his legs to allow Duo to sit between them. Duo took his seat and relaxed as the brush slowly made its way through his still damp hair.

They sat there in contented silence for a while as Heero continued to smooth out all the snarls and snags until Duo began to shift slightly. Heero could tell he was getting antsy for him to explain, but wanted him to go at his own pace. Sighing as he pulled the brush one last time through the long golden-brown tresses, Heero set the brush down and wrapped his arms around his newly reunited lover.

"So, I guess I should start explaining," Heero said, his voice barely above a whisper.

to be continued

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