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Reunion with Destiny
Part 6

Heero didn't even flinch away when Duo's hand impacted his cheek. He knew that there would be one hell of a hand shaped mark left there for a long time. He also knew that he deserved any and all lashes that his.no Duo hadn't been his for quite some time now.that Duo sent his way whether they be verbal or in the current case, physical. He would take them all if there was a chance they could start anew and be once again a couple.

Duo scowled at the lack of response the slap had on his ex. He had expected at least a glimmer of emotion in the dark haired boy's eyes, but there was none. Only his old 'perfect soldier' fašade set firmly in place. That made him only angrier. He stood up and began to pace the clearing slowly trying to think of what he really wanted now that he knew that Heero was truly sitting there with him, alive, but uncertainly well.

Heero sat quietly watching the braided beauty wander the clearing, his hair flowing in the breezes that had started causing it to billow slightly, giving it a live of its own. Feeling the winds pick up in urgency, he turned his face to the sky and watched as a dark wall of clouds inched their way towards them. /Kind of like the storm brewing in Duo./ He thought as he turned his attention back to his hopefully soon to be reestablished koi.

Duo stopped his pacing and looked at the boy who had turned him into this sniveling depressive creature by his disappearance and decided to just jump in and find out the whole story. /What could he possibly say that would cause me to not consider giving him another chance after all these years?/ He continued to look over the man of his dreams and nightmares as Heero stood and approached him.

"Why?" Duo met the asian boy's eyes and finally saw a glimmer of emotion, and noticed that his were also slightly red as if he had recently shed a tear.

Stopping short of him, Heero turned to face the statue of his likeness and sighed. /This is going to be harder than I thought. How can I tell him everything and then have to tell him that I may not be able to stick around in one place for very long. There is a reason as to why I have been MIA for all these years./ His thoughts were interrupted by a hand placed on his upper arm. He turned around and noticed that he now stood a good four to five inches taller than his angel.

"Why?" Duo asked again looking up into his love's eyes. Heero had definitely filled out nicely over the past few years. He noted. He had grown nicely into his frame, and Duo was guessing that from what he could see, that there was little to no fat on any part of his body. /Very sexy still, eh Heero? Never was one for letting the body go to waste./

Placing his hand on Duo's he gave it a slight squeeze and gave him a wry smile as that was the best he could do. He still wasn't used to such expressions, and they definitely had been of little use in the past few years. He pulled Duo's hand to his lips and softly kissed his palm. This brought about a soft gasp from his lover's lips. /God I have missed you, Duo./ He lowered his hand not releasing his grasp on the fey beauty in front of him and began to tell him everything he could.

"Duo... this is going to be hard to explain, but please hear me out." He motioned for them to sit, but then noticed how wet the ground was and felt it better if they talked somewhere dry. "Maybe we should go back to the house and talk." He said looking up at the sky which had grown very dark and threatened of impending rain. Duo noticed the clouds too and nodded.

"Let me grab my boots and shirt." He said as he looked Heero up and down. "I think that it shouldn't be a problem for Shinigami to carry us both back. Can you ride bareback?" Duo liked how the last question caused Heero to shift slightly and new he understood the hidden meaning. Heero, unsure of his voice at that moment as other thoughts ran through his mind, nodded and let Duo lead him over to the stallion waiting patiently at the edge of the clearing.

He quickly scooped up his belongings, putting on his boots, but deciding to leave the shirt off, he tied it around his waist and leaped up onto the black beast, extending a hand to help Heero up. It wasn't as hard as Heero had thought though it had been so long since the last time. Duo pulled Heero's arms around his waist then looked back at him over his shoulder. "Hold on tight. I don't want to loose you." He said and winked as he urged the steed on through the woods back to the house. Heero had no problem with that.

Kari led Wufei and Sally to Duo's room and quietly entered, still thinking that the young boy was still sleeping, only to find the room empty.

"Where could he have gone?" Sally asked, her concern for the ex-pilot clearly expressed in her voice. She looked to Kari for help but she too seemed slightly surprised.

"Let's go check with security and see if they saw anything." Kari said and quickly headed out with the two Preventers on her tail.

Andrew greeted his old Master Quatre, Trowa, and Howard at the door and had their belongings delivered to their rooms.

"How is Duo?" Quatre asked. "May we see him?"

"He is in his room resting at the moment, but I will see if Kari has been able to stir him. You may wait in the library if you wish. I will have them bring a snack and tea for you." Andrew said and escorted them to said room. Howard, however, had other ideas of what to do with his time.

"Andrew?" He caught the Gentleman's attention and pulled him to the side. "Is there anyway that I may take out one of the horses for a quick ride?" Andrew knew how much Howard had come to love horseback riding, thanks to the young Master's prodding.

"Sure. Will you be needing a stable hand to saddle the steed?"

"No, that won't be necessary Andrew." Howard said and placed his hand on the man'd shoulder. "I think I can figure it out. And if I can't, there is always the option of riding sans-saddle." He chuckled remembering the first time he had tried that, ending up knee deep in mud and grime after his horse had tried to keep up with that damn Shinigami. He was glad that even at his expense, he got to see Duo's face light up with laughter.

"Just remember to wipe your feet before entering the house again afterwards." Andrew stifled a chuckle. He too remembered the incident and the ensuing argument between Howard and Mira the head maid when he tried to waltz in tracking the grime all over the place.

Howard turned back to the two boys. "I will meet up with you guys later. See ya!" He yelled as he jogged out of the room.

"Is there anything else I can get you at the moment Sirs?" Andrew asked.

"Yes Andrew. I would like to contact Rashid to let him know we have arrived." Quatre asked as he stood.

"Sure. There is a com link over on the desk. It is a secure line." Andrew stated. "Well if there isn't anything else, I must check up on some things before dinner." He bowed slightly and left.

Quatre quickly contacted Rashid, reassuring the man that he would keep him updated of the situation. He then wondered briefly if he should contact Relena as she was the last one to see Heero before his disappearance, and still hasn't told what had been sponken between them. He shook his head and realized that it would probably be best not to have her drug into this until it was proven necessary, and he silently hoped it wouldn't be.

"Is everything okay, Little One?" Trowa asked as he approached his koi.

"Yes. Just thinking. Nothing to worry about." He said looking up into the eyes of his love. Their reverie was interrupted by a young servant carrying in a tray of tea and biscuits. They accepted them graciously and sat to enjoy them, for the time being in silence, as they were both lost in their own thoughts of the approaching reunion.

Howard made his way to the stables and immediately noticed that Shinigami's stall was empty. /Only Duo rides him. I wonder if he is out visiting the sculpture again. Maybe I should go check up on him. He did tell me I was welcome to find him there./ His mind made up, he quickly saddled another of the great steeds in the barn. One of the two white steeds that he kept around, that Duo had aptly named Peacemillion and had more or less given to him to use when he came to visit. The other, which had only been ridden a couple times by Duo, was named Wing. Looking over at the steed he hoped that someday, hopefully soon, the destined rider would take it as his own. Hoping onto Peacemillion's back, he egged it on into the forest, heading for the clearing.

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