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Category: Angst
Rating: ?
Pairings: 1x2, 3x4 implied
Warnings: angst, shounen-ai

Author's Notes: I would like to thank Diane for betaing this part for me. She has been of great help with this story as has been BJ. Thanks. I would also like to thank everyone who sent their condolences and their appreciation of my story. I really appreciate it! ^_^

The Price of Perfection
Part 3b

(Sally's POV)

I had actually started to think that for once I would be able to get through a full day of work without any major problems, and little stress, Wufei's call ended that train of thought. I was only able to get a few details before he hung up, but it was enough to get me worried. I ran out of my office, down the hall and took the elevator to the access tunnels. I had to spend most of the day doing paperwork but thankfully my office was located only two buildings away from the ER and were connected by numerous underground access tunnels. They came in handy during attacks.

I got to the ER, found a computer terminal and began entering the info Wufei had given me. Emaciated body form, ribs very noticeable, fainting spells, mood changes, possible depression? I understand the mood changes, definitely with all the stress and the horrible things that they, at such a young age, have been exposed to. I just hope that the change in body weight and form isn't due to something from OZ. The computer gave me not positives, but that was expected without any blood workup.

"Dr. Po?" A young nurse stood in the doorway looking very harried, seeing that she had my attention she continued. "There is a boy here with two others that seem to be out cold. He said that you were expecting them."

"Yes thank you. I will be right there." Two? I thought that only Duo was out. I wonder what happened? I had better hurry. Quickly I closed out of his file and locked it from other's wandering eyes. Best not let them figure out they are more than they appear to be. And jogged out to the waiting room.

Arriving at the front entrance of the ER I noticed Wufei leaning over what appeared to be Duo on a gurney, but saw no trace of the 'other boy out cold' that the nurse spoke of. Wufei looked up and I could see the pain and worry in his eyes. I could see him almost pleading with me. He was the first to break the silence between us.

"Duo was found passed out in the bathroom." He said looking down at the chestnut-haired boy with worry showing openly across his face.

"The nurse said that there were *two* boys out cold." I searched the waiting room but didn't see any of the other boys. I would have figured that Heero would have come along. Maybe he is still out on a mission. My thoughts were interrupted by a groan from the fey youth. I looked down at him and noticed his eyes were opening.

"There is an examination room now open for you." The same nurse that had got me said as she and an orderly grabbed onto the gurney and led it away further into the ER. I started to follow when I noticed that Wufei wasn't and turned to see him walk over to the chairs in the waiting room. I saw as he approached a few with their backs to us a figure begin to sit up and realized that was the other boy the nurse was talking about. I jogged over to see that it was Heero.

"Is he okay?" I asked not waiting for a response. "I have to go check out Duo and see if they have started the blood workup." I glanced from each of them who merely nodded and I headed back to see what had happened to the young pilot.

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