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Forbidden Control
Part 6
by Mistress Syn

Wufei had followed his new ‘Mistress’ for what seemed like eons before arriving at a private suite at the other end of the resort. The room was lavish, but not as much as he had expected it to be. He had figured that the room he was being led to was her personal suite, but it was merely one of the many guest rooms of the resort.

“We will start your new ‘training’ now. Quickly go shower and then return here to this room,” Dorothy commanded as she gestured towards the door to the bathroom. She watched as Wufei hesitantly entered the room and shut the door behind him. She giggled slightly, to herself, as she heard him attempt to lock the door. “It won’t work, slave. The doors don’t lock for safety reasons.”

Wufei growled to himself and resigned to getting the shower over and done with, hoping that whatever this ‘training’ involved, it wouldn’t be too bad. “As if,” he mumbled to himself as he thought about how his ‘Mistress’ had already treated him earlier.

Grabbing a towel that was lain out for him, he dried off and wrapped it around his waist before facing the forked-eyebrow girl. He still couldn’t figure out how anyone could get them to look that way.

Dorothy sat in a high-back chair that was facing the bed and the door to the bathroom as she waited for the Asian man to return. She had listened as he showered and knew that he was done. A smirk crossed her lips as the door was unceremoniously thrown open and a scowling man appeared. Dorothy immediately transitioned herself into the role of trainer.

Wufei strode into the room with a scowl on his face. He didn’t like the idea of being moved into a new position at the resort, but would deal with it until he could reach Maxwell. He really hoped that his partner had gotten the information that they needed so that they could high-tail it out of there. He really wasn’t too keen on the theme of the place.

Dorothy stood and approached the Asian agent with a slight smirk on her face. She was more than aware of what the expressions on his face meant and she was ready for a new challenge.

“Why exactly am I here?” Wufei growled out at the blond.

“You are here for training. I will show you what you are going to be doing now in your new position here at the resort,” Dorothy said, her smirk looking more feral than innocent.


The door banged open loudly as one of Heero’s servants entered the room.


Heero quickly sat up, blocking the servant’s view of Duo. At first glance Heero didn’t register the voice or the appearance of the man before him, as his head was still hazy with lust and need for the longhaired agent, still spread wantonly on the bed behind him. He growled at the interruption, but then began to back down as he finally realized that the uninvited visitor was Quatre.

“Master, you have a very important call. He said that you would want to be informed of it immediately no matter what you were currently engaged in.” Quatre made sure to keep his gaze fixed on the ground before him as he had already managed to get a glimpse of the situation at hand when he first bounded into the room. He really hadn’t wanted to interrupt Heero, but he recognized the voice and knew that he should get Heero to answer the call.

Heero watched Quatre closely and determined that this was definitely an urgent matter: he would have to reign in his hormones until a later time.

“Fine. Tell whoever it is that I will be right with them.” Quatre curtly nodded, still not meeting Heero’s gaze before leaving. Heero then turned his attention back to the naked agent on the bed.

“Stay here. I will be back.” At that, Heero quickly stood and gathered himself before heading out the door. He wasn’t at all happy at being interrupted, but had a damn good idea as to who was calling and knew that it was unwise to ignore the crazy old bastard.

Heero headed for his own suite trying to come up with another good reason to stall the old man for a little while longer. His mind, however, kept wandering back to the agent he left naked and willing back in the other suite.


Duo watched as Heero left the room and once the door closed, Duo turned around and punched the pillows on the bed.

“Talk about damn good timing!” Duo growled, burying his face in the now beaten pillows. He was extremely aroused and even the interruption hadn’t lessened the need he felt coursing through his veins. He needed to do something to calm himself down, but didn’t want to give himself release. He would much rather gain completion at the hands of Heero. At that conclusion, he decided to focus back onto the case at hand to get his mind off his currently raging libido.

Duo sat up and decided that he should at least throw on some clothes then maybe he could figure out what to do. Part of his brain was also wondering as to who was calling that was so important to Heero to have to leave at such an inopportune moment.

Duo decided to take the initiative and take a chance to check out the estate and maybe find out what Heero was dragged away to do.


Quatre stood statuesque in the antechamber of Heero’s suite. He knew it was unwise at this time to do anything that would provoke Heero. Quatre believed that he was starting to recognize the voice on the phone, and if his thoughts were correct, Heero was dealing with a very dangerous man. Quatre was shaken from his thoughts as Heero stormed into the room.

“Leave, now.” That was all that was needed to get the blond man to all but run out of the room, quietly closing the door behind him.

Heero fiercely strode into his office, one of three rooms attached to the antechamber, and dropped into his favorite worn leather chair, seated behind an enormous mahogany desk. He paused before grabbing the phone in an attempt to calm himself, although he internally knew that there was only one person who could help him do that and he currently was naked, lying in bed waiting for him. Heero mentally shook himself and began running scenarios through his mind as to how he could keep the crazy old bastard off his back for a little while longer.

Finally he picked up the phone to hear the familiar, annoying voice of his late father’s colleague, Professor G.

He was starting to believe that there was another damn mole on the grounds.


Wufei was lying on his stomach on one of the few beds in the infirmary when Heero and Duo entered the room. He was completely naked allowing the resident physician to cleanse and bandage the welts, minor cuts and abrasions on his upper back, buttocks and thighs.

“Chang!” Duo gasped as he took in the condition of his partner. How could Wufei have gotten all those injuries if he was merely a janitor of sorts at the resort? Duo could tell that the injuries were from some sort of whip and as he continued to survey the scene, he noticed that the Asian man’s wrists and ankles had signs of being in restraints.

“Yeah?” Wufei said, turning to face his longhaired partner.

“What the hell happened to ya?” Duo asked as he stepped closer so that the Chinese agent didn’t have to strain his neck to see him.

Wufei cringed, not from pain, but from sheer embarrassment at Duo seeing him in this situation. He didn’t want to have to tell about this in his report. ‘Great,’ he thought to himself. ‘All this time I thought I was so straight laced, I end up here and find out that I actually enjoy something I had abhorred for so long.’

Heero cringed as he took in the sight before him. ‘That girl will finally be taught a lesson. She can’t go around harming others for her own enjoyment, especially ones that happen to be government agents,’ Heero thought to himself. He turned to go find the one responsible for this, only to stop dead in his tracks as he heard the safety of a gun flicked off behind him.

“Where do you think you’re going, Heero?” Duo called out to him callously. He had taken the painful expression on Wufei’s face the wrong way and after hearing part of Heero’s conversation earlier, he was at his wits end. “I think that playtime is over and you had better start talking.”

Heero slowly turned around to face Duo. He felt every crack and hole in his barriers solidify as he saw that there was no chance of redemption in the violet-blue eyes that pierced him with their animosity. Duo was never going to want to stay with him.

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to be continued

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