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Pairings: 1x2, 3+4, 5+Sally, 6+9
Warnings: angst, shounen-ai/Yaoi, Citrus later

Notes: This idea came partly from a GW dj I own by the same name. This doesn't follow the story from the dj though.
Thanks to Diane for beta reading this and liking it. ^_~

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Part 5

The Hunters were awakened to the sound of someone pounding on the main door to the church. Wufei was the first to his feet, or at least to his knees. It seemed that at some point in the night all of them had managed to end up sleeping at the door to the cellar. They were all laying under and over each other to be closer to the boy. He could still feel the call, which had felt as though it had gotten stronger over time. He had a hard time crawling out of the pile of limbs to go to the door, but made it just as the pounding ensued.

Drawing his sword, he barely noted that the sun had recently set, and slowly opened the door. The sight before him was more than a little shocking. Hunters and Blood alike were congregated on the grounds. There had to be thousands of them. What was the most shocking about the scene was that they weren't fighting. No one was making any type of aggression against the other group. Wufei was so caught up in the scene before him that he failed to sense Heero and Duo appear behind him with the other Hunters flanking them in a protective manner.

"What is this all about?" Duo asked, breaking the silence. That was another thing that had been odd, not one sound could be heard from the masses before them. It seemed as though they didn't even breathe. Wufei spun around to face Duo and noted his new attire. Wufei couldn't tell how long it had been since he had opened the door, but it must have been quite a while. Duo was now dressed similarly to the Hunters. Where he got the clothes was unknown, but he guessed they were from Quatre.

"Who are all these people and what are they doing here?" Duo asked again. He seemed to have a new air about him. He didn't seem so passive anymore. /I guess Quatre was correct in saying that this boy's powers were awakening. He is definitely acting stronger./ Wufei's thoughts were interrupted when Quatre spoke to answer the boy's question.

"They came because you called them," he said matter of factly. Duo looked at Quatre, then to the masses, then back to him with a slightly confused look on his face.

"I don't understand. How could I have done this?" he asked looking out the door at the people. He couldn't fathom how this could be happening. He finally looked at Heero to see if he understood what was happening. Heero merely smirked at him.

"What happened when you two went downstairs?" Quatre gently asked. He already had a good idea due to his uuchu no kokoro, but he wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth. Seeing Duo blush at the question slightly helped in confirming his suspicions, but he needed to hear it from his lips. "Please tell me so I can help understand and explain what is going on," he all but pleaded with Duo.

"Do not worry. He is still a virgin if that is your concern," Heero answered as he wrapped his arm around Duo's waist and pulled him close.

"That is not what he wants to know." They all turned to see Howard approach through the crowd. He stopped in front of Duo. "Please turn around so that I may see your mark," he kindly asked and Heero nodded at Duo, telling him it was okay. Duo turned around, undid his shirt, dropping it to the ground and moved his hair, still loose, out of the way. There was a slight gasp at the sight. The mark was no longer all blue. It was now colorful. The rose was red with a green stem, the chain and sword both looked like metal and the hilt was now black.

"What does this mean, Howard?" Heero asked as he ran his hand over the mark. He hadn't heard anything about this.

"It means that what ever you two did together was enough to start the process. I figured that you would still mess around with him, so I never said anything about it before. This is the beginning. Your cousin, however, still has a chance, however small it may now appear to be, at taking him from you. You must also feel the pull of him. It is very strong, but will get stronger as it gets closer to midnight," Howard said as he reached out and touched the mark. He could feel the boy's power as he did. His translations were off a bit, but felt that they were good enough to know that Heero had better win. He didn't want to deal with endless wars. He wanted the peace that was promised.

"So I still have a chance. Good." Everyone turned to face the newly arrived Blood Lord and his personal slave.

"Treize," Heero growled, bearing his fangs at his cousin, and pulled Duo closer to him.

"Let him go, dear cousin. It is up to him to chose whom he wishes to be with," Treize said with an air of confidence. Heero picked up on it and immediately looked at the slave. He had a bad feeling that they were going to pull something. He was snapped out of his thoughts as one of the Hunters strode forwards towards his cousin's slave.

"Zechs!" the dark haired woman cried out. Heero took a closer look at the slave and realized that he was a Hunter as well. /What the hell is he doing with Treize?/ His question was answered by the woman who appeared to have been involved with him at some point.

"Let him go you bastard!" Noin yelled at Treize. "Release his mind! He is not yours to have! We were happy until you came along." She looked as though she would cry, but was keeping it together very well. "You always wanted what you couldn't have!" She started to lunge at the Lord but was halted by Sally.

"Now it not the time for this, Noin. We need Duo to choose, then we can settle this," Sally said, placing her hand on Noin's shoulder to calm her and pull her back away from the Blood Lord.

"So how does this go? Are there any particular things that have to happen before he chooses or does he just go to one of them?" Wufei asked, sword drawn just in case. He didn't like the odds at the moment. There were still a lot more Blood than Hunters in the mob.

"No. Not that I know of. There was nothing in the writings to imply any necessary preparation. He just must choose," Howard said keeping an eye on the Chosen One as the boy eyed Treize. He watched as Duo slowly left Heero's embrace and walked up to the Lord who stood just outside the threshold. He hadn't been invited in.

"So you are the Chosen One," Treize said as he extended his hand to run through the long tresses only to have his wrist grasped by Duo.

"You may look, but you can't touch," Duo said with a smirk. "Turn around. I want to see what you can offer me." Howard chuckled slightly at the obvious change in the boy. He was definitely entertained at the antics and the expressions on both Lords' faces. Heero had an amused smirk on his face while Treize looked slightly shocked at the treatment he was receiving from the boy.

"Now," Duo demanded when Treize made no motion to do as he asked. Howard chuckled again, louder this time, drawing Treize's attention.

"What is so funny, Mage?" He growled. He didn't find any of this amusing in the least. He was a Lord. He was the one to give the orders, not take them, but he complied and turned around slowly allowing Duo to see every inch of him. Duo kept his face impassive even though he felt somewhat drawn to this man. When Treize quit his little spin, Duo turned back to look at Heero. As soon as his back was turned, Treize's slave, Zechs, grabbed him and took off with Treize close on his heels.

"SHIT!" Howard yelled. Heero growled and instantly was off after his koi. The mass of Hunters and Blood took off to follow the boy. He was the reason they were there in the first place and they would continue to follow him until the claiming ritual was completed by one of the Lords.

Sally turned to Howard. "Where are they headed?" She could feel the pull, but would rather head there directly rather than try to figure it out as they went.

"They are headed back to the palace. We should go." Howard quickly took off followed closely by the remaining Hunters.

Zechs and Treize arrived with Duo at the palace and ran towards Treize's bedroom. He would have this beauty as his no matter what, even if he had to force him. Too bad he didn't realize that Duo had more strength and power than him.

Entering the bedroom, Treize took Duo over to the bed while Zechs closed and bolted the door. It wouldn't hold them long, but would hopefully be enough time for him. Midnight was a little under an hour away yet, but he would find a way to entertain himself until then. As soon as Treize released Duo, the youth bounded away from him.

"I didn't choose you," Duo growled as he took a fighting stance. He seemed to instinctively know how to defend himself. His escapades with Heero the night before had caused his true self to come to the forefront. He felt energy build inside him as he prepared for the Lord's attack.

"I don't care if you did or not. You will be mine," Treize stated confidently. He motioned to Zechs to help in restraining the fey boy.

Zechs cautiously approached the boy. They danced around trying to keep out of the other's grasp and range of motion. Finally after what seemed like forever, Zechs lurched forward, grasping the boy's arm. Duo tried to struggle free, his anger growing with every moment. When he felt that he would have to quit his struggle, Zechs was jolted with a surge of his energy and collapsed to the floor.

Duo was so surprised at this that Treize was able to grab him. Before he could fight him off, the Lord sank his teeth in his neck.

Heero and the others arrived at the palace to find the gates open and unguarded. He could feel his koi's energy level rise and sensed that his cousin had made a foolish move. He took off following the flow of energy to its source. As he got closer he could hear high pitched screeching and wailing. /What the Hell?/ He pounded on the door which broke quickly. He was stronger with his need to get to Duo. His jaw dropped at the sight before him.

Duo was sitting comfortably in a high backed chair with an evil grin on his face as he watched Treize writhe in pain on the ground. Treize was screaming with all his breath and it didn't seem to faze the fey boy in the least. /What the hell is going on?/ he thought as he noticed his cousin's slave crumpled on the floor in the far corner of the room. The scene was so surreal.

"What is going on?" Heero had to yell over the screaming as he approached Duo, whose gaze never faltered from the man on the floor. Heero reached out to get Duo's attention when Howard's voice stopped him.

"DON'T! If you touch him the same may happen to you." Howard slowly entered the room, his gaze taking in everything around him. It settled on Duo's neck. Treize had been stupid enough to try and take him before the boy's 18th birthday and by force. Very stupid of him. "Heero. You must wait until this runs its course. Once Treize dies."

"Dies!" Heero yelled as he spun around to face the Mage. "What the hell is happening to him?" He couldn't look at his cousin. His screaming wasn't the only effects of whatever Duo had done to him. Treize was being literally eaten away by some unknown force. His skin was gone in many areas, creating a horrendous sight.

"Duo is consuming him and his powers. Treize tried to take him by force," Howard said as he pointed at the marks on the youth's neck. Heero growled at the sight and wished he had gotten a chance at his cousin. He wanted him to experience more pain than he was currently feeling. Nothing would be enough for what he had done. Heero and Howard stared at the Lord as his flesh was consumed. All too soon it was over. Only the bones remained, then they shattered and turned to dust. They continued to stare at the area for a moment longer before their attention was diverted.

Duo sat there utterly transfixed on the writhing body of the man. His anger was so great that when Treize had decided to force Duo, that anger caused a chemical imbalance of sorts in his bodily fluids. The Lord was contaminated by the blood that he drank, which caused him his death. Once the Lord was fully consumed, Duo's awareness slowly shifted back to his current surroundings. He knew what had happened, but it didn't seem to faze him, for in his mind Treize deserved to die. Many would agree with him on that point, especially Heero.

Duo noticed Heero and the Mage still focused on the ashes of the old Lord, and took advantage of the distraction to stealthily stride up behind Heero. From behind, he wrapped his arms around the Lord and nuzzled his neck.

"Glad to see you made it, koi," Duo purred and felt Heero shiver at the sound. He remembered that although he was pleasured the night before, Heero had gone without. At midnight Heero would finally claim him, and he could hardly wait.

Heero wrapped his arms over Duo's and held them tight. He still was having a hard time understanding what exactly Duo was, but in reality, he didn't care. He had come to love this boy and would do anything in his powers to see that he was happy and loved for all his life. He shivered as Duo spoke. His want and need to claim him as his was almost overwhelming. He was about to ask Howard how long until midnight when he heard the chiming of the grandfather clock in the room as it began to strike midnight.

"Well I should leave you two alone now," Howard said as he started to leave.

"What about Zechs?" Duo asked, snuggled up against Heero's back. "Someone needs to take him out of here."

"Zechs!" Noin cried as she ran to her lover's side. Wufei walked over and saw he was still out cold.

"Is he okay?" Wufei asked as he hoisted Zechs over his shoulder to carry him out.

"He will be fine. He just needs to rest," Duo said as his hands began to wander across his lover's body. "Now leave. If you have any more questions they can wait until later." With that everyone left and quickly righted the broken door to give them some privacy.

"So what now?" Sally asked the Mage as they headed down the hall.

"We will see once Heero has claimed the boy. Until then we all must wait," Howard said as he led them to the sitting room. They settled in for the time, listening to Howard fill them in on what had occurred to Treize.

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