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Notes: This idea came partly from a GW dj I own by the same name. This doesn't follow the story from the dj though.
Thanks to Diane for beta reading this and liking it. ^_~

Part 4

While Heero and Duo were curling up together for the day, Heero's cousin was fuming as he confronted Howard when he returned.

"Why must you help him? I am the Lord. You should be helping me to keep my place." The Lord growled at his Mage. He knew that he had little chance of claiming the Chosen One, especially if he was with his cousin and being guarded by Hunters. His chances were looking bleak unless he would be able to lure the boy away from his cousin. He would have to find a way to do that. Turning his attention back to the Mage in front of him, he sought answers. "So, Mage, what can I do that would possibly sway the Chosen One away from my cousin?"

Howard shifted slightly under the Lord's gaze. He really wanted Heero to succeed but knew that he really wasn't to interfere. "There is nothing that I can do for you, Lord. It will all be up to the boy. Just be yourself and we will see what the outcome will be. Now if you will excuse me, the dawn is near and I must retire." Before the Lord could answer, Howard was gone, leaving the Lord to his thoughts before he retired for the day. Many of which were not promising for him.

Heero carried Duo down to the cellar and looked around for a place to lay the blankets. It wasn't a hard task to accomplish as there was an adjoining room to the main wine room that was dry. He carefully lowered the fey boy so that he could stand on his own. There were a couple of wall sconces that Heero lit with a snap of his fingers. Duo watched in amazement at the show of one of his many abilities. Heero then took the blankets and placed them in a corner so that they would be facing the door in case anyone should try to disturb them. As this was going on, Duo took the time to begin to undress. Heero stopped him after he had only removed his shirt.

"No," Heero said in a soft and sultry voice. "Let me." Heero locked gazes with the violet-eyed beauty. He was already seated at the edge of their makeshift bed and had removed his boots. "Come here." His voice still soft and gentle.

Duo slowly approached, not breaking his gaze while one hand reached out for the end of his braid. He undid the tie and gently shook his head, freeing the strands until they cascaded around him. Heero felt himself harden at the sight. /Tonight. Can't until tonight,/ he admonished himself, trying to think of anything but the beautifully sensual vision before him.

Duo stood directly in front of the Lord with one hand on his hips while the other played with a few of the loose strands of hair over his chest. Heero, feeling his powers to resist failing, decided on a change of tactics. /No one said I couldn't have a taste. They just said I couldn't claim him./ Feeling secure in that logic he followed his emotions. He pulled the angelic boy into his lap and kissed him passionately, while lowering them down onto the bed. Duo broke the kiss to catch his breath. His heart was racing a mile a minute. He had never had such a feeling before meeting this Lord. He wanted more and was going to make sure he got it. Duo trailed his hands along the Lord's body as though he was trying to remember it all by touch alone. His movements were halted when he was shifted and pinned under the beautiful dark-haired boy.

"Let me," Heero said before he kissed the fey beauty again. He trailed kisses along the boy's jaw to his ear, which he nibbled and licked eliciting purrs and moans that merely urged him forward. As he approached Duo's neck he could hear and feel the blood pumping through the fey boy's veins. He felt his fangs growing longer to feed, but fought it, quickly continuing down to his chest. Duo arched and moaned loudly as Heero nipped, sucked and licked at his nipples. Duo was in heaven. He was extremely hard and it hurt having it still confined in his pants. As Heero continued to lick and kiss across his chest, Duo reached down to undo his pants.

"No. Allow me to pleasure you at my pace," Heero said as he caught the boy's wrists and pushed them over his head. "Keep them there," he firmly yet gently told him. Duo whimpered slightly as Heero reached the waistband of his pants, only to hesitate to capture the boy's lips again. As he continued to kiss the boy, Heero reached down and slowly undid the fastenings to free Duo's erection. Duo gasped as Heero's hand grasped his arousal and stroked it at a painfully slow pace.

"Please," Duo whimpered as he feebly attempted to gain a faster pace and more friction for release. Heero would do nothing of the sort. With dawn approaching, he knew that they didn't have that much time, but he would make it all worth the while.

He shifted his position and released his grasp to remove Duo's boots and his pants, leaving him in his full glory. Heero sat back and admired the sight before him. He was painfully hard, but knew that he wouldn't be able to relieve himself. This however didn't bother him too much as he knew that come that midnight, he would be fully buried inside this fey beauty.

Duo whimpered and wiggled under Heero's gaze. He needed Heero to touch him, to caress him, anything. Heero happily complied and began kissing and nipping his way up Duo's inner thighs towards his weeping arousal. Duo continued to squirm and moan from the wonderful sensations Heero was causing.

Arriving at his final destination, Heero locked gazes with Duo, whose were half lidded with lust and desire. Heero felt his own need grow at the sight but continued. Grasping it at the base he licked the drop at the tip and smiled at the response from Duo, who bucked and moaned his name. Deciding to quit with the teasing, he swallowed him whole.

"Oh gods. Heero," Duo gasped as he moved his hips in time with Heero's ministrations. The Lord sucked and licked him, his experienced mouth bringing him to the brink quickly. Duo cried out as he came in that warm cavern, grasping tightly at the sheets at his sides. Heero swallowed and continued to suck until he was certain he had gotten every last drop before pulling away. He shifted to lie next to his koi and gathered him in his arms, wrapping the blankets around them. Heero kissed him allowing him to taste himself on his lips.

"Very tasty," Heero said as they broke the kiss. "You are mine forever. I won't let him take you from me," He said tightening his hold on the fey boy.

"Yes. Yours always," Duo said as he snuggled closer and drifted off to sleep, content. Heero followed shortly thereafter, failing to notice the slight glow of Duo's mark.

"What is that?" Quatre jerked awake and looked around for any sign of trouble. The others also awoke with a start.

"I don't know? But it feels nearby?" Sally said as she got up and tried to search out the origin of this new feeling.

"It is Duo," Quatre said as he too stood and wandered over to the cellar door. "It seems that his powers are awakening," He said as he turned to face the others. "Things are going to be very interesting come dusk. If I am not mistaken, all the Hunters in the land will be here to see this." Quatre felt that they were still short much information about this boy and the mark.

"Is there anything else you can sense, Quatre?" Noin asked. She didn't mind the extra help from the other Hunters, but if they could feel the pull, she wanted to know who else could.

"Yes." Quatre's face fell as he realized what it was. "All the Blood are being summoned as well."

"Shit." Trowa, who normally was very quiet, swore, drawing looks from everyone else. They all agreed with him. If things didn't go well tonight, it would be the beginning of another great war.

In other parts of the land, Hunters and Blood alike felt a pull, a need to find the source of this call. Come dusk all the Hunters and Blood would bear witness to the new age brought about by a beautiful young man.

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