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Notes: This idea came partly from a GW dj I own by the same name. This doesn't follow the story from the dj though.
Thanks to Diane for beta reading this and liking it. ^_~

Part 3

Duo stood there uncertain of what to do. He didn't want anyone to get hurt. He locked gazes with the young man outside the door as his hand went up to his lips, remembering the kiss from the night before, and feeling that he was somehow meant to be with this mysterious man.

The True Lord saw the motions the fey boy went through and allowed a smirk to form on his face. /I have won. He will be with me./ He turned his attention back to the man in front of him. "What is your name?"

"Chang, Wufei. Hunter." Wufei said not removing his eyes from the Prussian eyed young man in front of him.

"Well, Chang, Wufei. I am here for Duo. Please do not interfere in matters that do not concern you," he said with a gleam in his eye that warned of great bloodshed if anyone tried to stop him. Duo saw this and walked towards them. He didn't want to be the cause of anyone's death. He didn't know exactly what was going on, as he never got a change to ask and no one offered any information, but he felt that he needed to intervene before things escalated. He approached and the dark haired young man at the door turned to face him.

"Duo." His voice all but purred the name. "Are you ready to go?" He asked, ignoring the others in the room.

Duo looked between him and the others, trying to decide what he should do. Finally his gaze settled back on the mystery man. "Who are you?" Seeing that Duo would not willingly come with him without some answers, he decided to tell him. Looking at Wufei who was still blocking the doorway, "May I enter?" He asked as kindly as possible, knowing he couldn't enter the House of God without an invitation.

Wufei looked at him like he was insane. "You know we can't do that. It would allow others of the Blood to freely enter."

"Not if you invite me personally," he said collecting himself. "I am Heero. Heero Yuy." The widening of their eyes in surprise from his name brought a smirk to his lips. Many had heard of his name in regards to the war. He was the General in charge during the final battle that ended the war, while his lavish cousin hung out in the background sending others into battle to save his little neck. He still could not believe how heartless the man was. He was looking forward to claiming his rightful position and throwing his cousin to the dogs.

Duo stepped in front of Wufei during this disruption and faced Heero. He took the moment to take a good look at the young man. His clothes were nice, but not as nice as one from a royal family would wear. He wore tight black pants from what appeared to be a very soft and supple material. It could almost be something similar to velvet, but new it was too warm still to wear such materials. A deep yellow dress shirt with the top few buttons open, allowing an ample amount of his beautifully naturally tanned chest to be exposed, was loosely tucked into his pants. Over the shirt he wore a deep forest green shirt jacket that was loosely laced up the front exposing the shirt underneath. He wore black leather boots that reached slightly above his knees, and finally around his neck he wore a heavy silver chain choker.

Their eyes locked and Duo felt a surge of warmth course through his body. He didn't understand the reaction, but he did know that he wanted Heero to touch him again. As though reading his thoughts, Heero reached out to him and caressed his cheek, eliciting a sound of contentment from the fey boy's lips. Not removing his hand from the boy, Heero turned back to Wufei.

"Invite me in and I will explain." Heero turned his attention back to Duo whose eyes were now closed and was holding onto Heero's hand to keep it from being removed.

Wufei looked back at Quatre, who stepped forward as he resheathed his sword. "You are free to enter, Heero Yuy." He said then stepped back as the man entered, still caressing Duo's cheek. Once Heero stepped through across the threshold, he pulled Duo into his arms. This movement caused the others to seethe. Heero didn't care. He was so content in holding the boy that he had been watching over from a distance since his birth. He also knew one thing that the others didn't know. He was unable to fully claim him until his 18th birthday that was only a day away.

Heero looked to the Hunters to see where they should go sit and chat. Quatre led the way to the kitchen and they followed. He sat with Duo next to him, still holding on to his hand that was now resting on Duo's thigh.

"So what is there to explain?" Wufei all but growled out at the vampire lord. He didn't trust him with a ten-foot pole, but knew that he didn't know the full story behind this boy, Duo. Heero glanced over the Hunters seated in front of him.

"May I have something to drink?" Heero received unfriendly glares at that and chuckled lightly before explaining. "I am able to consume more than just blood as you all think. It will take a while to explain everything, so a drink would help."

"We have little to offer here." Quatre said as he stood. "Would anyone else care for something to drink?" There were nods in agreement amongst them all. Quatre reached into a cupboard and pulled out two bottles of mead. It was all they had other than water and even though they were in the company of a vampire lord, he felt that there wouldn't be any threatening moves from him unless they provoked him. He placed them on the table then grabbed mugs for all. Returning to the table he filled each mug then handed them to the others. Realizing that they should also have something to snack on, he quickly stood up and grabbed the remaining loaves of bread off the counter. "Is there anything else?" He asked to all seated, who merely shook their heads.

"Thank you." Heero said to Quatre as he took a sip from his mug. "Now what exactly would you like to know first, about the boy, or about me?" Duo looked at the others who all seemed to look to him for the answer to that question.

"I would like to know why you came for me? Why do I feel so comfortable around you? I am very confused to why I seem to be the center of this." He looked pleadingly into Heero's eyes. Heero placed his other hand on top of Duo's and gave it a slight squeeze of reassurance before turning back to the others and speaking.

"I left these lands almost eighteen years ago after the end of the last war. Duo was the first child conceived and carried to full term after that war. This is significant in that for some unknown reason, all other pregnancies ended in miscarriages or stillborns for the first 5 years after the war. We the Blood never understood this at first, that was until we uncovered some documents in regards to our history and so-called future. It was foretold of a great war that would lead to the True Blood Lord taking his rightful seat. As you all know that never happened, as I am here in your presence and not at the palace." Heero paused to sip his mead and take in all the other's expressions. As he figured, none were surprised at the announcement of him being the True Lord.

"So why did you leave if you were to assume leadership?" Trowa asked as he tore a chunk off the loaf of bread in front of him. "If you are as powerful as we have heard, why didn't you just take it by force?" Heero turned and answered to Duo, making sure to meet his gaze.

"You are the reason I left and waited all these years in hiding before returning." He stood up and started to slowly pace the room. /I really don't want to go into this without talking to Duo alone first, but that won't happen. Damnit./ Heero audibly sighed then turned to face them. "I left and didn't fight after I received a letter from one of our wise men, if you want to call him that. His name is, or for all I know, was Howard. He went against the current Blood Lord's orders and told me of this prophecy in which Duo is the 'Chosen One'. I decided to leave and let it take its course. I hadn't figured on one of yours," Heero glared at the Hunters, "to intrude and try to alter the outcome. If your professor had managed to kill Duo as he had planned, there would have been a much greater and more devastating war. As it stands, there will still indeed be bloodshed, but not much if we work together."

"What?!? You want us Hunters to work with the Blood? Are you crazy?" Wufei yelled as he shot out of his seat, overturning it in the process. Heero's eyes flashed over in red for a moment before settling back to their original deep blue as he settled his emotions. He knew that he had to keep his cool if they were to understand the full implications of his plan. Not to mention the fact that he needed their help as it was shown in the prophecy.

"It seems crazy to me too, but it is the only way to stabilize things. I have sat back and watched as my cousin," Heero paused as he took in the looks of the others, "yes, my cousin, has threatened, tortured, and killed to keep people following his orders. Many of them were behind me to take the throne after the death of the lord in the last war. I knew that I was not ready to do that. Oh don't get me wrong. I knew I had the strength and powers to hold the position, but knowing of this prophecy," Heero placed a hand on Duo's shoulder, "I couldn't claim it. I am certain that Duo would have ended up dead by my cousin's hand in retaliation. I couldn't allow that. Duo's life is an integral part of the future of all of us; humans, Hunters, and Blood. If you haven't already figured out why, then I will tell you. I was hoping to tell him personally before telling all of you, but that doesn't seem to be a possibility."

"What is it about me then? Do you know what the mark on my back means?" Duo was tired of being talked about as an object of sorts. His mind was screaming to know where he fit into all this, and what he had been told so far was just managing to confuse him more than he already was. "I just want to know where I fit in. I don't know anything about Hunter or Blood politics. My parents always blew off any questions I had in regards to it and when my father died, my mother would just walk away. Why can't you just say something that makes sense or at least tell us the full explanation where I can understand what you are talking about." Heero gently squeezed Duo's shoulder.

"I am sorry, koi. I didn't mean to do that." He said gently and his eyes softened, looking at the younger boy.

"What do you mean koi?" Quatre asked not understanding the term.

"It is a term one calls their lover or mate." Wufei said glaring at the lord, still angry at the idea that he would ask their assistance. "Where do you get off calling him that?"

"That is what I was getting to. Duo was destined to marry a Blood Lord. None of us expected the 'Chosen One' to be male, but then again gender has never been considered a deciding factor in choosing a mate for many, and that applies to me as well." He smiled at Duo, causing the fey boy to blush slightly. "But getting back to the questions previous," He looked down at Duo, "May I see this mark?" Duo shifted slightly. He really didn't mind showing it to Heero, but had an overwhelming urge to do so in private away from the others' watchful gaze.

"Sure." Duo said as he stood and began to remove his shirt.

Heero hungrily watched the boy remove his shirt and scanned over the rest of his clothes. He wore a nicely tailored pair of black pants that showed off his legs beautifully. The shirt was of a very high quality silk in a deep purple that accented his eyes and a pair of black low cut boots finished the outfit. How he wished he could take him right then. /Only one more day,/ he silently reminded himself. The following night he would finally claim him. Duo finished removing the shirt and shifted his hair over his shoulder so that Heero could get a better look at the mark.

"So what does the mark mean?" Quatre asked still seated at the table.

Heero silently studied it for a moment, purposefully delaying the answer to continue admiring the fey youths body. Wufei noticed the lust in the Lord's eyes and slowly stood, ready to draw his sword if necessary. He still didn't believe that the Lord should have him, even if it would supposedly being about a peace between them.

"So what does it mean, Heero?" Wufei all but growled out snapping Heero back to the here and now.

"It is a composition of symbols representing the Hunters," Heero pointed at the sword, "the Humans," he said pointing at the rose, "and the Blood." He finally pointed at the chain. He didn't touch the longhaired boy in fear that if he did he would not be able to quit. He could feel his pants becoming a bit too tight from the close proximity to Duo.

"How will things settle just because he becomes bonded to a Blood Lord? How does that change anything?" Trowa said as he too began to stand and walk closer.

Heero was about to answer when there was a pounding at the front door. Everyone turned towards the sound.

"Stay here." Quatre said as he and the other two Hunters went to see who it was. Heero took the moment to slide up behind Duo as he was putting his shirt back on and wrap his arms around him.

"Are you okay with this?" Heero asked nuzzling the boy's neck, yet keeping an eye on the Hunters. "I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want to do." Heero couldn't believe what he was saying, but somehow felt that Duo should agree to this and not have it forced upon him. He wasn't used to the feeling that he was experiencing. He once had a lover, a woman, but she had never made him feel the way he was when he was around this young man. It was intoxicating.

Duo felt the arms wrap around him and felt at peace. He instantly relaxed into the embrace and purred slightly in contentment. He didn't care about what the other three boys thought. He felt that it was right to be with this Lord. When Heero asked if he was okay he placed his arms over the other boy's and held them tightly. "Yes. I am completely fine with this." He said then turned around in the embrace to face the dark haired boy. "I feel totally content and comfortable around you. Almost as though I have known you all my life." He leaned in and clumsily kissed him.

Heero took the invitation and returned it passionately, pulling the boy into a tighter embrace, forcing their bodies to touch completely. Heero could feel that Duo too was more than happy to be in his arms and when they rubbed against each other Duo moaned. The sound was music to his ears. It took all his willpower not to take him right then. Feeling his control about to break, he broke the kiss and pulled back slightly. Duo wanted none of that and pulled Heero closer, but Heero stopped him with his words.

"No. Not tonight." Heero said as he held the boy. "Tomorrow night we will be together. Right now we can't go any further." Duo whimpered slightly at this news. He had become so aroused it almost hurt. Heero ran his hand through Duo's bangs, pushing them out of his eyes in a soothing manner while his other hand rested on the boy's lower back. They were so consumed with the other that they failed to notice the return of the Hunters.

Wufei, Quatre, and Trowa walked to the front door with swords drawn. They hoped that this time the Hunters that they had sent for would finally have arrived. Quatre slowly opened the door keeping hidden behind it as Trowa and Wufei stood ready to fight if necessary. Thankfully it was their reinforcements.

"Sally! What are you doing here?" Wufei asked. Sally was the head of the Hunters and also his wife. She rarely left headquarters unless it was an important case. She entered followed closely by her second in command, Noin.

"I am here because of him." Sally said pointing towards a figure that they had failed to notice right away. She turned to Quatre and spoke. "You will have to personally invite him in as he is a half breed. His name is Howard. No last name given." She added the last after getting a negative response from Howard. Quatre quickly invited him in then turned back his attention to his superior.

"So what is so important that would send you here?" The blond haired youth asked then realized that he had heard the man's name before. Turning to Howard he continued. "Are you the same Howard that is a Mage for the Blood?" Sally looked at him in surprise. Wufei caught this expression and explained.

"The True Blood Lord, Heero Yuy, is here." Wufei stated as if it was nothing worth noting. "He came for the boy. We have invited him in and have managed to get some of this situation explained, but not all." Howard began to chuckle slightly at them all. They all were so oblivious to the nature of this situation. He just hoped that he was in time to sufficiently warn Heero of the impending battle over the 'Chosen One'.

"Why would you invite him in? You shouldn't have done that!" Sally yelled at her husband. "Where is he now?" she demanded.

"We left him in the kitchen with the boy." Quatre said. As soon as he spoke, he realized that what they had done probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. Howard quickly interjected before they could go run off and create a larger mishap.

"Don't worry. He still can't claim him fully until tomorrow at midnight. That is when the boy will turn 18." Howard said with a slight smirk on his face before continuing to explain. "The 'Chosen One' cannot be claimed until his birthday. It is one of the requirements of the prophecy. He must be considered a true man in the eyes of the people before being turned. Also that is the day that his powers will be revealed."

"Powers? Yuy-sama never said anything about that in his explanations." Wufei said looking at the older man questionly.

"Heero never was told everything, because when I last spoke to him, I was still working on the translation and didn't have this bit done. I would rather speak of this with him present so he truly understands what will happen when he finally claims the boy." Howard said.

"Fine." Trowa spoke. "Let us go back to the kitchen and find out the rest of this story." Trowa resheathed his sword and headed towards the kitchen with the others close on his heels. Wufei and Quatre put up their swords as they followed. The scene that they stumbled upon angered the Hunters, while Howard merely chuckled. It was his laughter that brought their presence to Heero's attention.

"So this is the 'Chosen One'." Howard said as he approached the boys still in one another's embrace. "He is very attractive. I can see why it is taking all of your strength and will to restrain yourself." Heero glared and bared his fangs at the man for his remarks. He always had hated how the old man knew exactly what was going through his mind. No one else had ever been able to do that.

"Who are you?" Duo asked seeing the reaction of this new man's presence has caused in Heero. Duo continued to hold onto the Lord, but pulled back enough to get a good look at the visitors. He noted that the two women were dressed like the other Hunters, but this other man was dressed very odd. He wore a very vibrant and colorful shirt with an interesting pattern, he would have to ask about it later. The rest of the outfit was completed with a loose but fitted pair of pants and sandals. The woman with the blondish braids stepped forward.

"I am Sally Po, the leader of the Hunters. This woman here," she pointed to the dark haired woman who stood slightly behind her, "is Lucrezia Noin, second in command. The man standing near you is Howard, the Blood Mage. We brought him here. It seems that we need to come to an agreement before things progress. Shall we all sit and talk?" She gestured towards the table and chairs and they all moved to sit. There weren't enough chairs for all of them, so Heero sat with Duo on his lap.

"So what brings you here, Howard? How did you get away from my cousin?" Heero asked, lazily running his hands over Duo's braid and back causing him to purr.

"It was little trouble getting away. Your cousin is far too busy preparing to take the Chosen One by force. He doesn't want to lose, but he fails to realize that in the end," Howard paused and looked directly into Duo's eyes, "the choice will be entirely up to him." He pointed at Duo.

"What do you mean it is entirely up to him?" Sally asked. She was uncomfortable with this whole situation, but from what she had learned so far from Howard, it would be very beneficial for all three species if Heero did claim this young man as his mate. "I was under the impression that there was to be a battle and that is why our presence was needed."

"The ultimate choice is up to ." Howard looked towards the boy.

"Duo. My name is Duo Maxwell." He said still snuggled in Heero's lap.

"Okay, Duo. Well although it is up to Duo, the current Lord will have an army still ready to battle if he is not the one decided on. You know how stubborn and manipulative he can be." Howard continued to say. "No, we will need the Hunters there for backup in case he tries anything, and by the looks of them," he pointed at Heero and Duo, "I think he has already lost and we will need you."

"So why is it so important that Heero claim this boy? What is the benefit for all the species?" Quatre asked.

"That is still unclear in the prophecy, but, we will know once Heero claims Duo as his. There will be some sort of release of power that will allow the Blood to survive by other means than blood alone. Many can already survive with a minimum consumption of Blood. Heero is one of them. He is able to go weeks with out feeding." Howard said taking in all the interested looks from the others. "As for how it will help the Hunters and Humans, the Hunters will not be as busy and the Humans will not have to fear for their lives. When the Blood have to feed, there will be those that volunteer their blood for them to feed. We will have to set up something to allow this to happen."

"The Blood should just be wiped out!" Wufei shouted and stood. "They are parasites. This agreement doesn't settle things at all."

"Sit down!" Sally shouted at her husband. "This is not for you to decide." Wufei glared at her but sat as told. Sally then turned her attention back to Howard. "I will agree to these terms. We will stand as back up in case the Lord tries to battle. So when will this occur?"

"When is Duo's 18th birthday?" Howard looked at Heero.

"It is tomorrow. Tomorrow night at midnight I will take him as mine." He firmly stated and kissed Duo who openly accepted showing the others that Duo was happy with him as well. Breaking the kiss he continued, "It is getting close to dawn. I need a place to rest."

"You may stay in the wine cellar." Quatre offered. "It is completely closed off from light. You will be safe there. Will Howard need to stay there as well?" He asked looking at the man in question.

"Oh, no, I won't. I must return to the palace. I will return tomorrow at sundown." Howard said as he rose and headed towards the door. "Be well until then." And then he was gone.

"May I rest with you?" Duo asked Heero, not wanting to leave his side.

"I don't see why not," Sally spoke before her husband could once again make an outburst. "We will remain here in case they send any who can travel by day. You go sleep and we will rouse you when the sun goes down." She said with a small smile. She wasn't totally happy that the Blood would continue to exist, but it sounded like there would finally be a sense of peace that had yet to be experienced.

"Thank you." Heero said and got up, lifting Duo easily in his arms and followed Quatre as he led them towards the entrance of the cellar. Before heading down, Trowa appeared with blankets and pillows for them. Heero nodded his thanks as Duo took them and headed down to rest.

"So what do you think about this?" Sally asked Noin.

"I think this is better than what we have had to deal with in the past. This Lord seems like he would be a much better one to deal with as well." Noin said with a wistful look in her eyes. A look Sally had seen many times before.

"Maybe things will work out for you now." Sally said and nodded in understanding with her second in command.

"Yeah, maybe." Noin said quietly as they headed back into the kitchen to work out a watch schedule. They should all sleep and get rested for the coming night's confrontation.

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