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Notes: This idea came partly from a GW dj I own by the same name. This doesn't follow the story from the dj though.
Thanks to Diane for beta reading this and liking it. ^_~

Part 1

Duo slowly woke the next morning, stretching his form as he sat up to take in his surroundings. He looked around trying to figure out where to go. /'Go to the church, they will take you in.'/ He was startled as the memories of the night before hit him. They surprised him, but yet they didn't frighten him. He slowly raised his fingers to his lips as he remembered the shadow of the kiss he received. /'You are mine.'/ "Who was he?" He asked out loud. He stood up and started walking. He didn't know exactly which way to go, but his feet seemed to know the way. After a half hour walk he came upon a church, just as the man told him.

It was a small stone church with a bell tower. It looked as though it had been through a lot as some parts of the outer walls were cracked and crumbling. He wandered up to the large doors and used the doors large knocker to gain the attention of anyone inside. /I hope they have something to eat./ He thought to himself as he heard his stomach growl. He didn't have to wait long until the door was opened for him. There stood a youth about his age wearing clothes of a priest. His short blond hair contrasted greatly against the black of his clothes. What captured his attention were his eyes. They were the most crystal clear blue. /He looks like an angel./ He thought to himself as the boy motioned him to enter.

"Hello. My name is Quatre." The youth said with a smile on his face as he held out his hand to him. Taking it and returning the handshake, Duo took his eyes off him for a moment to look around. In contrast to the outside of the building, the interior was immaculate. The walls were covered with murals of God and the angels, the windows were all stained glass images of the saints, and there were a couple large statues at the front of the sanctuary of Jesus and Mary. He was broken out of his thoughts when the boy spoke again. "Are you okay?" The young priest asked. Duo turned his attention back to the fair haired youth and noticed that he was still holding his hand.

"Oh sorry." Duo quickly spoke and pulled his hand back. "I'm Duo. I was told that you would take me in." He looked at the other boy questioning his info. He really didn't want to go back home right now, knowing that his stepfathers body would probably still be there. At that thought an involuntary shudder went through his body.

"Are you okay?" Quatre asked of him again as he helped the longhaired boy to a pew and had him sit. "What brings you here? We do take in people, but that is usually when they are homeless." He said looking over the nice clothes Duo was wearing. "Who told you to come here?"

"I am okay, I guess." Duo said and dropped his head thinking of what he has gone through in less than 24 hours. "I am homeless. At least now I am." He continued before he lost the strength to tell the blond youth what he had experienced. "Last night I was sitting down to dinner with my stepfather, when he started to tell me about how he had killed my father to marry my mother. He then continued to tell me that my mother had found this fact out so he killed her too." Duo's body began to shake from unshed tears as full understanding of the situation took hold of him.

Quatre sat next to him and pulled him into a hug to console him. Duo allowed the tears to fall and for a moment they sat there with only the sounds of Duo's tears mingled with softly spoken words from Quatre. "I am so sorry that this has happened to you."

Duo, feeling the strength to continue, pulled out of the embrace and wiped his eyes. "He was going to kill me as well last night until.." His voice dropped off as he thought of the man that had saved him and later found him resting under the tree. He felt himself begin to blush as the image of his savior appeared in his mind.

"Duo? Until what?" Quatre looked at the boy with concern and sympathy clearly written across his face.

"Until he showed up." Duo's thoughts drifted to the beautifully handsome young man that had saved his life. He thought back to the night before and unconsciously rubbed his and along his cheek. 'You are mine.' The words drifted through his mind. /I wonder what he meant by that?/

"Who showed up?" Quatre asked snapping Duo out of his thoughts. He was worried for the violet-eyed boy. He has gone through so much in such a small amount of time. Duo turned to meet his gaze as he spoke.

"A young man, maybe in his early 20s, short messy dark hair, and the most piercing blue eyes. He just showed up at the front door and attacked and killed my stepfather. I don't know how he knew, but he told me he knew that I was in trouble and came to save me." He noticed the priest had a look of surprise on his face, but continued. "When he attacked my stepfather I stood there stunned. He turned to face me and then I ran thinking he was going to attack me next. I ran not knowing where I was going, just running as far away as possible. I came to the edge of the forest and decided to rest under a tree." He paused to catch his breath. Repeating it all seemed to bring all the emotions he had felt to the surface, making him feel as though he was reliving it all over.

"So how did you end up here? You said something about how you were told to come here." He had an idea who had told him and wasn't too happy about it. *He* wasn't supposed to be back in the area. Quatre put his worries on the back burner as he focused his attention back to the boy next to him.

"That mysterious man found me by the tree. He told me that he has been watching me for sometime now. That is why he killed my stepfather. He wouldn't tell me his name, but... " Duo felt his face flush with embarrassment of how he felt when the older boy touched and kissed him. He had averted his gaze but turned back to see a look of slight impatience in the blonds face. "He kissed me and said that I was his."

Quatre sucked in his breath at the last words spoken. /So he has returned for this one. Why? He had agreed to leave these lands after the last internal battle amongst the Blood, which escalated into a large battle between the Blood and the hunters. He knew what was at stake when he told this boy to come to this church. Why did he trust me not to hide him? This is most disturbing./

"Um.. excuse me? But do you have something I can eat?" Duo asked as politely as possible, but his stomach growling urged it.

"Oh yes." Quatre said collecting himself. "Follow me and we'll fix you something to eat." He escorted the longhaired boy to the kitchen as he thought of how to contact the others of *His* return.

Quatre fed the youth and then led him to the sleeping quarters of the building, allowing him to bathe and change. He didn't have any extra clothes on him so the blond youth lent him one of his priestly habits, which fit him nicely and showed him where he could rest. Once the fey boy had fallen asleep, he went to contact the others. He had a feeling that things were going to get nasty, and so far his gut instincts had yet to be wrong.

A young man of Chinese descent arrived at the Maxwell residence to find the body of Professor G, as he preferred to be called, on the floor in the dinning room, completely drained of blood. "He has returned." He left in search of the others, knowing full well what would happen if the other Lord found out of *His* return. He also knew he had to find the boy, and soon. Time was running out.

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