Rating: NC-17 LEMON!!!!!!!
Pairings: 2x1/1x2
Warnings: LEMON~~~~LEMON~~~~LEMON!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more? ^__~

Notes: This is Darkflame's birthday gift from me! I hope you all enjoy reading it too! More notes will be at the end. So ENJOY!!!!!!!!! ^_______^

Birthday Surprise !

Heero couldn't believe his luck. He had just returned from a long mission to find their current safe house suffering from a power outage. Well the storm outside had to be the culprit, but it still wasn't the complete cause. No, the generator had also failed to work. Thankfully, Heero's night vision was good enough to get him through the front rooms with little hassle.

As he wandered down the hallway, he stopped at the bathroom, desperately in need of a shower. He was still in such a daze from the mission that he failed to notice how quiet the house was. He left the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist and headed towards his and Duo's room when he noticed a soft glow of light coming from under the door.

Heero opened the door and stopped dead in his tracks. There laying in the oversized bed, everything in Quatre's homes was extravagant, was his koi, completely exposed in all his glory. The room was lit by many candles of all shapes and sizes scattered about. Heero slowly scanned the area taking in every detail, then settled his gaze back to his koi. The bed was covered in what appeared to be flower petals, but as he took in the aroma of the room, he concluded that they were rose petals. Duo met his gaze and shifted to give Heero an even better view of his body.

"Welcome home, love," Duo purred. If the sight before him wasn't enough to arouse Heero, his lover's voice definitely did the trick. Heero looked at Duo questionly, not that he wasn't thrilled that his love went to all this effort to set the scene, but it seemed as though it was for more than ambiance. Duo knew the look and for a moment a flash of mischief crossed his face before settling back to its previous seductive state. Heero sadly failed to see this expression.

"Duo?" Heero started to get the feeling that he had forgotten something very important and ran possibilities through his head as he waited for Duo to respond. {I know it isn't our anniversary, we just celebrated it last month. It isn't that American holiday for lovers.} He couldn't think of what could be the reason for such a wonderful surprise, but wanted to know.

Duo slowly slipped from the bed and sauntered over to his perplexed, yet highly aroused lover. Heero's eyes watched every movement Duo made. He still was amazed how easily Duo could capture his attention and hold it, with little effort. The candlelight threw scintillating shadows across his body and his hair, flowing loosely around him, seemed to have an ethereal glow to it. He was beautiful.

Duo kept his eyes fixed on Heero's and soon noticed that he had finally changed his course of thoughts to the current situation. /Good. Now this should go smoothly. Don't want him thinking too hard, but definitely want something else hard./ Duo cracked a sultry smirk at his thoughts before wrapping his arms around his missed love.

"I missed you, koi, that is all," Duo purred into Heero's ear then gently nibbled at it eliciting a groan from his dark haired koi. "It has been too long." He captured Heero's lips in a fiercely passionate kiss. The last time they had enjoyed each other's company had been their anniversary last month, and Duo was going to make sure Heero knew how much he missed and needed him, tonight.

Heero wrapped his arms around his koi as Duo captured his lips. He could wonder later about the reasons for Duo's actions later. Right now he wanted to be buried deep in his lover's body. Heero's hands wandered down Duo's back to firmly grasp Duo's ass and pull him tighter against him.

"I missed you too, koi. So much." Heero rocked his hips against his lover's eliciting a deep moan from him. He then shifted slightly allowing the towel around his waist to fall to the ground. Feeling the final obstacle disappear, Duo grinned widely then swiftly scooped Heero up into his arms.

"Duo?" Heero asked, he still wasn't quite used to Duo being the dominant one in the relationship. Duo shushed him with a kiss as he carried his precious bundle over to the bed and gently deposited him on to it. Duo took a moment to enjoy the view of his tall, dark and handsome lover on the new satin sheets.

In the candlelight one would easily think they were admiring a classical sculpture. Heero's body was comparable if not even more beautiful that those chiseled out of the most expensive marble by the masters. Heero helped in the image as he gracefully posed for his lover to drink in his entirety.

"God. You are gorgeous." Duo breathed as he settled down next to the physical embodiment of a god. Heero wasted no time in pulling Duo into his arms and plundering his mouth. Heero wrapped one hand in the hair at the nape of Duo's neck exposing the flesh for his delicious ministrations while the other gently teased his koi's chest and nipples.

"Ohhh... Heero." Duo moaned as Heero nipped at his neck. He was on cloud nine. Nothing could ever be better than being in his love's hands.

Heero shifted them so that he was laying over Duo. Releasing his hold on Duo's hair he lapped and sucked at one nipple while the other was teased with his hand. He trailed his free hand down along Duo's side resting slightly along his hip where he gently massaged the muscles there.

Duo wiggled slightly under Heero, wishing that Heero would continue to move his hand towards where he wanted to be touched to most. He attempted to buck his hips, hoping to gain some friction against Heero's chest, but was stilled by the hand still resting so close, yet so far away.

"Heero," Duo pleaded breathlessly, "please." He again attempted to shift yet couldn't budge an inch. Heero had him held with a gentle yet steel grip. Heero looked up and caught the amethyst gaze of his lover and smirked when he saw the pouty look on Duo's face.

"Patience, koi," Heero purred. Duo not wanting to wait one minute, grasped Heero's hips and flipped them so that he was now on top.

"Patience has no place here, lover," Duo cooed before capturing his lover's lips. "I have missed you too much for that kind of play tonight."

Heero watched a glimmer appear in his koi's violet pools and knew he would need all of his strength to keep up with him.

Duo straddled Heero's thighs as he attacked the Japanese boy's chest. He swirled his tongue around one pert nipple then nipped and sucked on it as he followed the same pattern with his had on the other. Heero arched his back pressing his chest further into Duo's ministrations, while purring Duo's name. Duo smirked slightly as he shifted his mouth to the other nipple as his hand fondled the one it just left.

"Duo," Heero breathed, wrapping his hands into the hair behind Duo's head, trying to get him to shift his attentions further down. In response, Duo pulled back entirely, settling back onto Heero's thighs and stared down at his lover.

"Unh, unh, unh," Duo chastised his dark-haired lover. "This is going to be done my way." Duo's smile turned mischievous, then returned to his caressing of Heero's well-muscled chest and abs. He kissed and licked a trail down Heero's abs towards the one place Heero ached to be touched and caressed.

Duo stopped and glanced up, meeting the half-lidded saphire orbs of his lover, watching Heero's response as he grasped his lover's erection at the base. Heero's eyes closed completely as he moaned Duo's name. Duo quickly lapped up the dew at the tip, eliciting another strangled groan and bucking of hips from his Japanese lover.

Keeping his grasp on the base of Heero's erection, Duo used his free hand to hold Heero's hips down. He leaned in and ran his tongue slowly around the tip before blowing gently on it. He watched and listened as Heero fought to have Duo take him completely in his warm moist mouth.

"Please... Duo," Heero's husky voice begged his koi. He was now painfully hard and desperately wanted release, but the grasp Duo had on him would restrain any chance to come until Duo allowed it.

Duo continued to grasp Heero as he shifted to capture his lover's lips, using his free hand to reach for the lube he had placed near the bed. With an audible pop, Duo quickly squeezed some of the lube into Heero's awaiting hand as he spread some on his fingers. They continued to kiss as Heero grasped Duo's neglected arousal with his lube coated hand as Duo swirled one of his coated fingers at Heero's entrance.

Heero impatiently shifted under Duo, urging him to hurry. Duo ignored Heero's pleads and continued at his own leisurely pace, as much of one as he could with Heero expertly teasing him.

Duo quickly pressed one then two fingers into the tight heat of his lover. He swirled them around, stretching and searching for the one spot that he knew would wipe the slightly pained look from his lovers face. He soon hit that sweet spot as he heard Heero gasp out in ecstasy. Duo pressed in a third finger and continued to stretch his lover, hitting his prostrate with each thrust.

Heero whimpered as Duo withdrew his fingers and swiftly settled between Heero's legs. His amethyst met sapphire and held as he waited for Heero to speak. He wanted to hear him beg before burying himself deep into the tight cavity.

Heero bucked and shifted, trying anything to get his dominating lover to enter him. He knew what Duo was waiting for, but he would still try to find another way to get him to fuck him.

"Heero," Duo purred, slowly gliding his hand up Heero's shaft, still grasped tightly in his hand. "What do you want?" Heero felt all his resistance fade into oblivion at the tone his lover used.

"Please..." Heero breathed so quietly Duo could barely hear him.

"What was that, lover?" Duo slid his hand back down Heero's shaft and chuckled lightly as he watched his lover's control dissolve.

"Please, Duo..." Heero begged louder, but was still to quiet for Duo's taste. Duo placed his hand at the base of Heero's erection and held it there as he shifted his hips, rubbing the tip of his erection at Heero's entrance.

"I still can't hear you, lover. What do you want me to do?" Duo leaned over and purred in Heero's ear.

"Duo..." Heero groaned as he again tried to impale himself on Duo's erection, so perfectly positioned at his entrance. He needed Duo to slam into him now. Duo chuckled as he sat back and ran his free hand down Heero's chest to join the other on Heero's erection.

"Come now, lover. Just tell me what you want and you shall receive it," Duo purred as he again rubbed his erection at Heero's entrance, watching Heero squirm from the sensation.

Heero's control finally broke as he cried out.

"Fuck me damnit! That is what I want you to do." Heero accentuated his words with thrusts of his hips, urging Duo on.

Duo buried himself fully with one thrust. Both cried out the other's name at the glorious feeling of their joining.

Duo held still for a moment to reign in his control as Heero began to move under him.

"Damnit, Duo, I told you to fuck me," Heero growled as he wrapped his legs around Duo's waist, creating a better angle that he knew would allow Duo to hit his prostrate with each thrust.

Duo, finally able to pull back from the edge, slowly pulled out of the warm cavern then thrust back in, harder.

Heero shifted to meet each thrust and urging Duo to go faster and harder, which he happily complied.

"Yesss," Duo hissed as he felt Heero tighten around him and began to stroke Heero's neglected arousal with his thrusts as his other hand braced himself on Heero's hip.

Soon Heero cried out, spilling his seed over Duo's hand and their chests. Duo felt Heero's muscles tighten and spasm around his erection, pushing him over the edge.

"Gods, Heero," Duo breathed as he collapsed onto his lover, trying to catch his breath. Heero wrapped his strong, loving arms around his fey lover, and just held him as their breathing evened out.

He barely caught the next words that slipped from Duo's lips.

"She better be happy with this," Duo unconsciously spoke as he withdrew from Heero's warmth and shifted to curl up tighter into Heero's embrace.

Heero reached down and tilted Duo's head up to meet the half-lidded violet gaze.

"Who is 'she'?" Heero kept his gaze locked on Duo's.

Duo, realizing he had spoken those words out loud, tried to ignore the question, but Heero wouldn't let it go.

"Who is this 'she' you spoke of, koi?" Heero asked more forcefully this time. Knowing that Heero would find out sooner or later, Duo decided to answer.

"Well... ya see... ummm..." Duo really din't know how to tell him so instead he decided to show him. He slowly crawled out of the bed and walked over to the wall across from the bed. Flicking his hand across a section of the wall, a small panel opened, revealing a control pad of some sort.

Duo quickly punched in a code and stood back as the wall began to flicker and disappear, revealing a room.

Heero gasped then growled as he saw what was in the room. There sat a crowd of girls and a few guys all situated facing the bed that he still was on. In a corner of the room was a large cake. He could barely make out what was written on it, but didn't need to as Duo turned his attention back to him.

"What is going on Duo," Heero growled and Duo knew he was gonna get it for this stunt, but it was still worth it.

"This was a gift to Darkflame. She wanted a lemon, so with the help of our friend, Syn," at the mention of that fic writer, Heero growled even louder, knowing how torturous she was to him, and vowed death if he got his hands on her.

Duo gulped, but continued with the explanation. "Ya see, they wouldn't just go for the video tape alone..."

"You taped us as well?" Heero slowly began to crawl off the bed, ready to throttle his koi for pulling such a stunt. Duo seeing as there was little time to flee, hurried to finish his explanation.

"So I allowed them to watch. EEEP!" Duo took off as Heero finally jumped out of the bed and lunged for him.

"Well it seems that there is going to be more to the show after all." One of the girls chomping on popcorn stated as they watched the two boys chase around the room.

"Happy Birthday Darkflame!" Duo yelled as he ran past them one more time before leaping out the door with Heero close behind him.

The crowd slowly collected their things and began to leave. Suddenly there appeared a VHS tape by the door, with a small note attached.

To Darkflame~

May this be the most memorable birthday ever!

Duo and reluctantly Heero

Well I hope that you liked your little b-day LEMON!! I was trying hard not to have a self-insertion, but I hope you like it anyway. ^___^ Sorry this is so late. RL is killing me. Well I am off and running.


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