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Writ of Fate
by Merith

He stared at the writ for several minutes, his brows uncharacteristically puckered. His finger tapped its tip to the desktop; options were weighed. This challenge, as he'd begun to think of it as, could not go unanswered. Giving a sharp nod, he reached for the phone.

"Gentlemen and ladies, please be seated," Quatre gestured to the empty seats around the long table. "It is good of you to come on such short notice. And I do hope your flights were pleasant?" He held each person's gaze for a moment as he spoke. Without sitting, Quatre lifted his hand, and staff members placed thick packets before every guest.

"You see before you a set of plans, a copy of your contract, and two different letters of intent." Quatre turned from the table and went to stand before the long row of windows. The colony high rise had little enough of a view, but scenery wasn't what he was after. "Every one of you will read and sign one or the other of the letters before you leave this room."

A sputtering protest started, and hushed murmurs sounded behind him. Quatre continued to gaze unseeing. "I wouldn't advise leaving before reading your contract, Mister Baker." Quatre turned to pin one middle-aged businessman with a smile. "It clearly states that if a special session is called, it is your duty to be represented. If you walk from this room, it is an automatic termination." The man scowled as Quatre indicated his seat. "I do suggest you read through your contract once again, and decide how you want this to play out."

"Excuse me, Mister Winner," a woman he recognized from one of the minor holdings. "But I'm not exactly sure what is happening here."

His smile was genuine as he handed her a copy of the writ delivered not more than two days previous. "I was notified my interests were about to be bought out from under me." He nodded to three of the more vocal protesters. "What you have before you are the plans for Winner EIC for the next ten years, and your current contract. If you believe in the plan, sign your letter of intent to stay de facto. If you so chose to deviate from the plan before you, then you forfeit all rights and privileges as part of the Winner corporation." He gave a slight shrug. "If this does not meet with your satisfaction, then sign the severance letter."

"But sir..." The protests built up again, and Quatre nodded politely, held up a hand for silence.

"Call it what you will, but not too long ago, what you see before you would have been called karma."


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