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Pairing: Heero/Duo

Warnings: Yaoi, citrus

by Merith

Right on schedule, the Witchata-Topeka train rounded the bend. Duo lay low until after the locomotive had passed before leaping on the third car back. His quarry lay another four cars down, and crouching low, he ran softly over the length of each roof.

At the last car before the caboose, he shimmied down the ladder and stood a moment only on the platform. A firm twist to the knob door, a hard shove and door opened almost noiselessly. He ducked low, and entered on silent feet, shutting the door quickly behind him. Holding his breath, he listened, the quiet of the car confirming his suspicions the barer bonds remained unguarded.

Settling his hat firmly to his head, he rose and stepped towards the safe bolted to the floor. Without a doubt, he knew it'd be five minutes tops, and he'd be nearly fifty thousand richer. The wicked smile climbed and he lowered himself in front of the black iron box.

"I was expecting someone more ...professional," a low voice said from the corner. Duo spun on his heels, reaching for the gun at his side, only to have his hand grasped in a band of steel. "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

"But," Duo's lips flatten over his teeth. "You're not me." His other hand had already moved, the blow delivered and with a twist, he'd pulled from his confine.

His freedom was short lived, as a hand shoved him up against the hard slats lining the wall. His eyes narrowed, the muscles in his legs bunched, he was ready to launch himself forward...

"Stop." The simple command held him as the arm braced over his chest hadn't. The swinging lantern overhead steadied, and he noticed the man in black had blue eyes. A hand touched his hair. "You some kind of breed?" The question was asked softly, with no hint of derision he normally received.

He shook his head and his hat tilted forward. "No. You some kind of law-man or something?" Duo demanded, shoving his hat back with a gloved hand. He was finding it hard to breath though the man's weigh didn't rest on his arm.

Instead of answering, the stranger released his hair and drew a hand up his arm, from his fingers to his shoulder and flattened the palm to his chest. "I work for Mister Winner." Duo blinked and looked up from the man's lips. "He doesn't like it that you've made off with some of his property and he's sent me to find out what's happened to it."

"I don't know what you're talking about," the protest weak as fingers plucked at the buttons on his shirt. An unfamiliar fluttering ranged up and out, low in his abdomen.

The hand pulled his shirt from his jeans. "I think you do," the man said factually, his eyes pinning Duo to the wall. "I will recover Mister Winner's property, and take care of the problem." Warm fingers slipped between skin and denim as buttons were undone.

"And what do you plan to do with the... problem?" Duo's eyes slid shut; flesh encompassed hardening flesh, and he swallowed.

Words blew over the skin of his chest, stomach and groin as the man lowered himself to his knees. "I plan to search every inch of you until I uncover what I will claim." Dungarees slid over hips and slipped down thighs. Duo spread his legs. Dry lips pressed to the inside of his thigh, hands clutched the backs of his legs. "Assist, and I might release you. Resist and I'm afraid restraints will be necessary."

His fingers threading into thick hair, Duo shook his head, his hat slipped downward once again. He licked his lips. "No resisting." To show his compliance, he tugged the head closer. "Uncover more if you need to."

The vibrating chuckle was muffled; Duo's head crashed back against the wall, crushing his hat. The groan he didn't try to stifle. Tongue and air swirled over wetted flesh, fingers curled tightly. Immersion, suction and vacuum. In seconds only, Duo clamped hands to each side of the man's head.

"Stop," the murmured word almost lost in the next moment's inarticulate cry. With a quick shuddering snap of his hips, he came, spilling fluid into the willing mouth, lacing parted lips, and spotting his chin. A soft sigh, and Duo released his hold, arms falling limp to his sides.

The stranger, the man in black rose deftly, hands sliding up either side of Duo's body and looping around his waist. Duo smiled lazily, raising a hand to wipe of himself from the man's chin. And then the man kissed him, pressing him to the wooden slats again. His lips parted easily, his tongue tracing the once dry lips. They opened with a rush, and Duo tasted it, the full flavor of himself flooding his mouth. The man's tongue invaded, pulling semen back and Duo swallowed. A hunger gnawed and his tongue followed, hunting for traces of himself in the man's mouth.

The train whistle blew three short blasts and one long. The man in black jerked away. His hands were remained tucked under Duo's shirt and he stared hard for a moment. "Culver City is coming up." Duo nodded, his eyes narrowed. "You're not carrying the bonds." His lips quirked and he nodded again. "If you were to leave now, I'll have to find you." The man's hands hesitated at Duo's hips. "And apply a more thorough search."

"I'd like that." Duo pushed his hat back. "Up Sandy Creek, 'bout a quarter mile, there's a small spread. Might find something of interest there." He tilted his head to the side hands already fastening his jeans. "One of these days."

"Heero," the man stated simply. Duo gave a short nod and Heero jerked his head, stepping back. "You'd better go."

Duo nodded again, and took a step. With a quick pivot, he pulled Heero to him, gave him a hasty kiss and tossed out even as he ran for the door, "Maybe I'll be the one doing the searching next time."


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