disclaimer: not mine

pairing: heero/duo
warning: commercialism, BL, sap

notes: because i can't help thinking of the boys when [ watching this damn commercial ]... and written for the [ 15minuteficlets ] comm word of the week - electric.

Walk the Line
by Merith

It was game day, and the guys were all spread out on couch and chairs and floor. Not that I was much interested in which team won or went to the championships; I was in it for the beer. And the company helped, too. But, there was an undercurrent to this day. Funny how a few simple words could change a person's life and the way he looked at a relationship.

I was lost the moment the commercial came on. There was no stopping it. Instead of watching the screen, I was looking for Heero. Our eyes met, and his cut over in a flickering glance to the TV and back. I felt the smile and hastily looked away.

"That's such bull," Wufei was saying waving a hand toward the big screen. "No one does that kind of crap."

"Hey!" Trowa wiped the splash of beer from his cheek, rolling over from his place on the floor to glare at Wufei.

"I don't know," Quatre mused leaning over to hand Trowa a napkin. "For the right person, you would."

"You don't even wear blue jeans." Wufei was grumbling, but it was his fourth beer, and we all knew about the argument with Relena.

"I would."

All eyes turned to Heero, but he continued to watch the commercial, watched as the girl stepped over the guy on the park bench, the boy slow his pace to follow behind the old couple. I was grinning, but couldn't stop the blush. Damn the man, anyway.

"You would what?" Wufei asked.

"Walk the line," Heero was saying, but I was standing by then. He looked up and jumped to his feet after I'd taken the first step.

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine...

My foot was on the ottoman and then the other.

I keep my eyes wide open all the time...

Heero stepped over the bowl of popcorn on the floor.

I keep the ends out for the ties that bind...

I hopped off the ottoman, and ran forward two or three steps.

Because you're mine, I walk the line.

Heero placed a careful foot between Quatre's bent legs and over him. Trowa was already moving out of Heero's way, and Heero waited without looking away from me.

In the middle of the living room, we met and I couldn't help the laugh. But Heero's hand was on my neck and I was leaning in close to him. We were kissing in front of our friends for the first time, and hadn't even told them of our mutual interest yet.

Yes, I'll admit that I'm a fool for you.

Somehow, I think they knew.


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