disclaimer: not mine

pairing: heero/duo
warning: BL, semi-public sex, duo POV

notes: written for [ sharona1x2 ]'s request for pervy potluck to have a clueless duo finding out about a kinky heero. (oh lord, i feel like i haven't written anything in far too long!)

Up on the Roof
by Merith

It was on my desk when I returned from a ten o'clock meeting with Commander Une. Simple note, five words, not even signed. But I knew whom it was from.


I read the note again, and it still didn't make sense.

Meet me on the roof.

Why would he want to meet up there? Unless it had something to do with a case and he had suspicions... but that made even less sense. It could have been personal, but we had plans for dinner later and after, he was going home with me. I crumpled the note, and left the office at once. Anything for your lover, right?

The elevator car going up was crowded, but I was the only one getting off on the twenty-third floor. The door to the roof stairwell pretended to be locked... it was far too simple to pick. I took the steps two at a time and walked out on the rooftop.

At first, I didn't see him, but a second scan showed he was kneeling at roof's edge. His back was to me, straight as though he were enjoying the view. I took a couple of steps forward, admiring how the wind ruffled through his hair, the way his shirt stretched across his shoulder, the way his pants drooped... wait. Drooped?


He jerked and his head turned. He was flushed, but when he saw me, he smiled. And that made me stop. Heero doesn't really do the smiling thing.

"Heero?" I asked again, cause this was getting just a little too weird. Heero wanting to meet on the roof, kneeling there as if he was at worship, and smiling? But then, it got even weirder. Heero stood up and turned around.

"Duo," he said. And oh God. Just the way he said my name sent my cock into the happy dance. That his fly was undone and pulled apart, that his hand was currently busy stroking his cock made me want to do the happy dance.

"Heero." I was moving forward, watching him stroke himself, and thinking about losing my own pants to join him.

"I want you to fuck me," he said.

That put a stutter in my step. "Right here?" I shot a look around the roof, back over my shoulder to the door.

Heero was nodding. "Yes, here." He stopped pumping his cock with his fist and reached inside a pocket. "You'll need this," he said, and threw something at me. I caught it, but nearly dropped it, watching him push his slacks and briefs off his hips, letting them fall to his ankles. "Will you do it?" His hand drifted south again, and I nodded, licking my lips.

I was in front of him now, not sure if I wanted to kiss him first, or bend him over the safety wall. I touched him instead, my palm flat to the middle of his chest. "Like this?"

"Down," Heero said, already turning around. My hand slid over the material of his shirt, and I let it slip down to his butt. He gave a little shudder. "That's it." Heero pushed his ass harder into my hand. "Touch me."

"Like this?" I whispered into his ear, chest pressing against his back and fingers squeezing flesh between them.

"Yesss..." Heero hissed, his head fell back on my shoulder.

Shifting the small tube in my hand, I unzipped my pants and reached through the access hole to pull my cock out. "On your knees," I commanded, following him down and uncapping the lube. Heero was open mouthed, his breathing rough, his eyes closed. I could hear the sound of his hand on his cock, and the little cry he made when I pushed fingers inside his body.

It was quick work, more rushed than we'd ever had outside the first urgent time. But he was ready enough. I moved an arm around Heero's waist and my hand circled his, slowing his pace even as I guided cock to hole and gave a push. And I was inside him, light disappeared and expanded at once, and my ears were filled with Heero gasping my name.

"You want it like this?" I gritted out. But I knew the answer; Heero liked to bend over for me, liked subjecting himself to my way.

"Yes." Heero threaded fingers into the folds of my pants, and pulled.

Looking over Heero's shoulder, I had hold on one of his hips, guiding his thrusts to match my own. It was then I saw how close we were to the edge, how opened we were... how exposed. I started to chuckle, and nuzzled the crook of his neck.

"Is it the height?" I asked into his skin with a kiss. "Or being fucked in such a public place?"

Heero was bucking out of my hands now, close to coming. He turned his head to look at me, and he lifted his arm up to circle my neck. His mouth opened, groaning, and his fingers bit into the flesh at my neck. The word "both" was more moaned than said.

Might have been from just kneeling on the rooftop, might have been the wind blowing about my head and between our bodies, or it might have been the force and cry of Heero's coming, whatever it was, I came. I came hard... harder than I ever had.

The edges of vision returned; Heero still had my neck in his grip, and my cock was still in his ass. I was breathing hard against his neck, but damn, I felt good. I started laughing and gave him a fleeting kiss to the side of his mouth.

"A guy can get to liking a fuck like this."


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