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Pairings: Heero/Duo, Hilde/Dorothy
Warnings: none... a bit silly

Note: Following a conversation about Duo's friendship with Hilde, a little bunny nibbled.

True Sign
by Merith

Duo didn’t bother to raise his head when the electric gate opened. Current construction on the right frontal lobe and the chemical experiment gone awry in his stomach prevented him from caring what went on around him. The deputy sheriff repeated his name and someone jostled his shoulder.

“Hey man, I think he means you,” the cigarette rough-hewn voice rasped.

The jolt of lightening running through his head matched the shudder, but he stood. The sooner he was out of this place, the sooner he could rid himself of the pain. “Yeah, yeah, I’m coming,” he shuffled towards the cell’s door, a hand firmly planted in his hair.

The lights were brighter in the hallway, and Duo followed his escort with his eyes half-shut. At the lock-up door, he nearly ran into the back of the man, but ignored the partial laugh. Through the glass, he saw Heero waiting on the other side. His groan had nothing to do with his head. There’d been only two people locally he could have called, and one wasn’t available.

Offering a sheepish grin, Duo pulled the hand from his hair, aborted the half-hearted attempt to touch, and shoved his hand in a pocket. “uh… thanks Heero,” he murmured signing for his belongings. “Didn’t mean to pull you out of bed and all.”

Heero snorted softly, nodded to the desk sergeant and turned away. “The car’s waiting up the block.”

In the main reception area dividing the men’s cellblock from the women’s, two female forms halted. The petite blonde straightened, her eyes narrowed to dangerous slits.

“I suggest you keep him on a leash, Yuy.”

Duo opened his mouth to snipe back. “Keep her away from him and I won’t have to,” Heero fired back. Duo looked from one to the other, neither willing to back down. He caught the eye of the brunette and winked. Her lips trembled with suppressed amusement, and she ducked her head. “Let’s go.” Heero’s command floated over his shoulder as he continued towards the door.

On the precinct’s steps, Duo brushed shoulders with the dark-haired girl. “You okay, Hil?”

She nodded and sucked in a breath. “Just my head’s frickin’ killing me!” Shooting him a sideways glance, and jerking her chin to the blonde marching in front, she added, “Dorothy’s never going to let me out of her sight again.”

Duo nodded in agreement, his eyes on the stiffened back of his own lover. Upon reaching the bottom step, Heero heading one direction, Dorothy the other, Duo faced Hilde and asked, “So, same time, same place next week?”

Before she could reply, simultaneous responses came in stereo, “NO!”

Hilde’s grin matched his, and as she turned away, she winked and nodded.

Despite the music and light show in his head, Duo laughed and caught up to Heero. He’d have to do some fancy finagling, but he’d be meeting Hilde. After all, what were best friends for.


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