Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing, its characters or its storyline. But I do enjoy writing about them!

Author's Note: Ah well, I guess procrastination has its uses. I used to write these little 100 word ficlets for the IY community, and thought I'd try something for GW. Like a nice after dinner mint, the flavor is usually sweet and lingers in a delicate way. Enjoy!

The Good in Little Things
by Merith

Life can change with just the little things, and these were such little things, becoming much more in time. It started as a lark; we were walking through the marketplace, and I tossed him a flower - some sort of daisy, I think. We shared our first kiss that day, and I knew without his saying, he walked a narrow path; one side a sharp precipice, the other darkness unfathomable.

Mostly, it was a touch, a word, or even a look that widened his thoroughfare; but none topped my boots in his closet at the end of the day.


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