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Pairing: 1+2
Rating: PG
Challenge: Magic
Count: 418
Warning: Shounen-ai

A/N: Written for the GW500, this little ditty is a short ficlet only telling a brief tale.

The Dreamcatcher
by Merith

"And this is the bedroom." Duo opened the door to let his friend pass. His eyes swept the room quickly, but seeing that he had picked up before leaving for work, he only smiled when Heero looked at him.

"It's a nice place, Duo."

The other continued to wander around the room, picking up the book off the night stand, only to replace it. The model was next, and Duo grinned as his friend's lips twitched. A scale model replica of Deathscythe Hell he'd custom crafted and painted, something to do to kill time. Heero did as he had in the other rooms, a look, a touch, gentle handling. Duo watched, letting the man do what he needed.

It'd been a long time, the wait, but he'd finally shown. When he'd moved in the apartment, Duo'd sent the notice to all the email addresses he'd known, hoping one would reach him. He'd said he understood when Heero had to leave all those months ago, but he didn't have to like it. He'd prayed, he'd hoped, he'd dreamed. The answer to what he'd wished stood before him now.

"What's this?" A hand reached up over the bed, and a finger traced the delicate strands of loosely woven thread.

Coming to stand close, Duo replied quietly, "A dreamcatcher." At Heero's raised brow, he shrugged. "Old Native American folklore, if you believe, it'll catch your bad dreams." His finger joined Heero's as he outlined the threads. "The dreams have to travel the lines, and if good, will fall through. But if they're bad, they get trapped in the crystals." His finger touched a small bead lightly. "Like this one. When the sun comes out, it dries them up, makes them go away." Duo let his hand drop back to his side, his eyes remaining on the Indian artwork.

A hand touched his shoulder, giving it a brief squeeze. "Do you have nightmares too?"

Not looking around, Duo answered in just as soft a voice, "Not any more."

A sigh that almost wasn't. "Do you dream?"

Duo nodded, his heart thumped.

A step, and the hand slid down his arm to catch at his wrist. "Do they come true?"

Closing his fingers over the hand in his, he finally turned to look. "Sometimes."

The smile fluttered, the blue eyes spoke words unformed.

"Do you dream?"

Heero nodded slowly. "Nightmares, mostly." He looked up at the hanging again, a finger prodded a bead. "Would one of these work for two people, you think?"


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