disclaimer: About the same as always, I'm out of my head, and know not what I do.

pairing: heero, duo
warnings: innuendo, wacky humor

notes: based on an office urban legend, i cannot vouch for its truthfulness. ;)

Supply Run
by Merith

Adding another column to the incident tracking board, Duo stopped for a moment to shake out the marking pen he was using. Its color smeared on the board, faded and weak, and, without looking, Duo pitched it one-handed toward the trashcan.

"Heero?" He turned to his partner, reentering their ops room. Seeing his hands empty, Duo frowned. "I thought you were picking up more markers, sticky notes, paper, and crap like that. We really have to get this time line written up before the commander comes back for an update."

Heero's steps stuttered, and he ducked his head. "I'll see if Jackie has extra supplies," he said quietly, already turning.

"Wait. Jackie's out for the rest of the day." Duo reached for Heero's arm, his frown forgotten. "There weren't any in the supply closet?"

"I..." Heero was flushing, and pulling his arm away. He opened the supplies case once again, even knowing it was futile. "It was occupied." He picked up a marker, and tested it against a corner of the board; it was set aside and the next one tested.

"I already check them all. And what do you mean by ‘occupied'?"

The color deepened on Heero's face. He carefully closed the marker box and threw it in the garbage can. "There is someone... using the room."

"Who would..." Duo's eyes widened, his mouth nearly splitting his face. "Johnson and Calder are going at it again?" He was two steps to the door when Heero spoke.

"It wasn't them." Heero picked up the loose sheets of paper at the bottom of the supply case. "Why didn't they stock this after the Brelim case was finished?"

"Who were they then?" Duo came to stand next to Heero. Snapping his fingers, he added, "I'll bet it was that chick from up on the Research floor with what's his face-Byers? She keeps coming down to his cube all the damn time." He took the sheaf of papers from Heero's hand and shoved the lot in the recycle bin.

"No, it wasn't either of them." Heero clutched the case between his hands, refusing to meet Duo's stare. "I-I'll go back in a few minutes. I'm sure he'll be done by then."

"He?" Duo's eyes narrowed and his head canted sideways as though he could see through the walls to the supply room. "I think I'll go this time."

"You don't... you shouldn't..." Heero was standing frozen, with his eyes closed.

"Heero?" Duo touched fingers to Heero's wrist above the hand still clutching the case. "You okay, man? He didn't... proposition you or nothing, did he?"

Heero shook his head violently. "I don't think," he drew in a breath and leased it, opening his eyes. "I don't think he even knew I was there."

"Okay." Duo leaned back against the table, turning his head slightly to watch Heero. "Just what was this man doing?"

His mouth opened and closed twice before Heero shook his head. He moved away, taking the supply case with him, and put it back in the credenza against the wall. Straightening, he said softly, "He should probably be...finished by now."

"I'll get the supplies." Duo was already in motion, his expression delayed triumph.

With the short smile and eyes still reflecting a mild repugnance, Heero said, "Just don't - do not bring back the label maker."


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