disclaimer: not mine

pairing: implied heero/duo
warning: lame attempt at humor, implied adult situation.

Sugar and Spice
by Merith

Wufei tried to pay attention to the statistical analysis laid out in colorful graphs and charts before them. The fact he really didn't care what the rate of capture per handgun use to injury/death was. The bottom line stated the Preventers were doing their job. Next to him, Duo sat as if completely absorbed in the presentation. But it was he whom was giving Wufei trouble.

He smelled. But not as though he hadn't showered in days, or even as though he'd had too many legumes for lunch - and had a reaction from it. Odd, but pleasant, the thought of licking his friend and fellow co-worker disturbed Wufei for even entering his head.

When he confronted the man after the meeting, Wufei knew something was up. Duo's nearly stammered explanation was given with shifting eyes and red face.

"Baking cookies," Wufei muttered on his way back to his office. He stopped in the galley for tea, and was letting it seep when Heero entered carrying a plastic storage container.

Heero nodded, stepped by him and reached up for a large serving plate stored on the top shelf. Wufei nearly knocked his tea over and whipped his head around. Heero smelled as Duo had.

"Making cookies?" His lip curled, but his eyes were drawn to the container just opened. Dozens of holiday shaped cookies, some iced, some with minimal decorations, and some loaded with sugared, candy pellets.

"Yes, I was this morning." Heero transferred several from his container to the plate and replaced the lid.

Wufei stared at the plate. "Duo... helped?"

Heero's hands stilled on the container for a moment. "He... helped."

Raising his eyes from hands to face, Wufei wasn't surprised to find the faint reddened cheeks. His tea ready, he picked up a sparely decorated star and nodded, hiding his grin until he'd left the galley.

"Making cookies." Shaking his head, he bit into the cookie, its strong vanilla taste satisfying the urge that had threatened to overtake him minutes before. "So that's what they call it these days."


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