disclaimer: not mine

pairing: none, Duo centric

warnings: odd, not happy NOT FOR EVERYONE

written for GW500 #95 - Losing Atmosphere

summary: Duo is the victim of a conspiracy.

Stuck In Place
by Merith

A noise in the hall has me stop my movement. I must not let them know. Instinctively, I close my eyes. My chest rises and falls mimicking sleep. The footsteps recede and I count softly.

One... light from the little square window shines on the ceiling overhead.

          Two... I see the listening device clearly. They're not so smart.

                    Three... I haven't found an image transmitter yet, but I'm still looking.

                              Four... food is refused. If I don't eat it, they cannot drug me.

                                        Five... time to move.

Heero won't show. Not this time. I can't expect him to. I'm well good and caught.

The questioning is relentless. Every day, different inquisitors. The group settings are the worst. Ratting on one another. These are not men, but cowards spilling their secrets.

I'd claim it to be a conspiracy, but they already think I'm crazy.

Escaping is my only option. They are not planning to let me go. Ever. A danger. A menace. HA! I've been called worse. Only...

I wish they hadn't of fooled Hilde. With her tears and pleas, I wanted to break, to give in. Yelling at her was the only way to get her to leave. She believes them. I haven't seen her since.

Quatre stopped by once. He didn't say a word, but then, he didn't have to – his expression said it all. They got to him too.

Since none of the others showed, I'm thinking they were harder to convince. It could be they might even be locked up in here too. I would laugh at the thought of Wufei behind barred doors, but they would take it as another sign.

It'll be morning soon, and I hope the hole in the wall is large enough to squeeze through by then. If not, I'll have to hide it for another day. Maybe tomorrow night. Tonight? Yeah, in the dark. When it's quiet and I can hear them coming. But for now, I'll keep digging.

The orderly peers through the observation window before he unlocks the door. His charge is sleeping, or feigning sleep as he is wont to do. The nurse behind him is preparing the feeding tube, and he wheels the cart into the room.

Without unfastening the restraints, he removes clothing, washes skin, wipes out his mouth, and readies his patient for a new day. His cloth comes away bloody when ran over the short stubble of hair. Upon inspection, he sees the man had been rocking in bed, banging his head against the wall.

"I'll let Doctor Lazlow know Mister Maxwell's been at it again," the nurse tells him, putting her implements away. She hurries from the room and he is glad.

Blue eyes open and stare at him, and the orderly wonders not for the first time, how such a strong person could come to be as he is now. He smiles as he pats the thin arm, and rises to finish readying the rest of his charges.

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