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song ficbits
by merith

[ crash into me ]    [ all star ]    [ dancing in the dark ]    [ frankie in the rain ]    [ amen ]   

[ 3 a.m. ]    [ the boxer ]    [ river deep, mountain high ]    [ seperate ways ]    [ the one ]

crash into me - dave matthews
heero/duo - mild angst

Your call came late at night, but I didn't mind; I wasn't sleeping anyway. 'Pick me up?' You asked, and I agreed immediately, glad to hear the relief in your voice.

You looked so weary, but good. So very good. Standing outside the customs gate, with your beat-up old duffle in hand, in a wrinkled tee shirt, and hair sticking out everywhere in your braid. But you smiled for me. Gave me a hug and a hard time for driving three hours to the spaceport, only to turn around and drive another three back.

I didn't ask you think why you had come, why you'd left her in the middle of the night, and come to me. You didn't offer, but I knew there was a story. I knew you'd tell me, later. There would be a later, of that I was sure.

You slept on the drive up, and I didn't mind. It gave me the chance to look at you, to see how the past year had treated you. Good was the consensus, though there were new lines on your face, and hallows under your eyes. But, you were still you - strong, beautiful, sexy, and independent to a fault.

One day, one day I'll be more than a friend there to pick you up, a place to crash while you sort out where you belong. One day, I will be where you want to be.

all star - smash mouth

It was the derisive call from a female voice in the crowd that set him off laughing. His companion scowled in irritation, but Duo waved him off. Turning to the unknown heckler, he blew a kiss, and grinned. A yell of 'I love you!' and another suggestive proposition met him in return.

He waved again, turned, and jogged to catch up with the other four heading for the raised dais. It was a joke. A ceremony to put faces up on the political scene. Five good-looking young men, the saviors of earth and space, of life as the masses knew it were good for more than a photo-op.

They stood in line behind several long-winded dignitaries, and his barely contained laughter was getting louder. His companion gripped his wrist. The look given surreptitiously asked for his compliance, gave him assurance that allowing this experience would be rewarded.

Game face on, he settled in for his role of the moment. Freedom was only hours away. He'd waited years for that day. And given the way his hand was being stroked, it would be more than what he ever had expected.

dancing in the dark - bruce springsteen

Her hair is perfectly in place, her smile a practiced graciousness. Another session, another meeting, another political rally. She wondered as she was introduced to yet another 'up-and-coming' what the refined assemblage would think if she were to run screaming from the room, ripping the confining dress from her body and throwing the torturous shoes as far as she could throw them.

This was her life, the one she'd been leading since she could walk. Though, these days it involved more than looking pretty standing by her father's side.

A quick glance behind her confirmed he was still there. Good. Her quip about meeting in a dark room hadn't scared him off. A few minutes respite from her world was all she needed, and he - upright and proper as those whirling around them - was perfect.

An hour later, she wandered from the reception, knowing he followed. She pulled the pins binding her hair, and shook it loose. She kicked her shoes off in some empty corridor, and left them under a bench. Her dress came off next, and she wondered for an instant if there were security cameras in this wing. But it didn't matter any more.

With a flashing smile over her shoulder, she disappeared into a darkened room, one she knew would be waiting for her... and him.

frankie in the rain - jane arden
zechs/noin - mild angst

She watches from the window, sees his frame outside within the circle of lamp light bathing the street. It is raining, softly but steadily. She sighs though there is no one to hear, and knows she'll let him inside - again.

He is wet, but not soakingly so. Enough that she hands him a towel, and finds a set of dry clothes he'd left behind. Clothes he used to keep in her dresser once upon a time. He returns to the kitchen where she sits and waits with a cup of coffee and her heart on her sleeve.

Neither speaks, and she doesn't expect him to; he never has before. But, this time there's a difference. Instead of the act of an instant claiming, a token resistance, and a handful of hours of bliss, he pours himself a cup, adding the spoonful of sugar. He takes a seat by her side, and leans close to give her cheek a kiss.

She watches him in silence, and he gives her a smile. Tender, soft, and he tells her the words she's longed to hear for all the years of their lives together. Finally.

amen - jewel
duo with thoughts about someone - mild angst

I lay in the dark cradled in Deathscythe's palm, staring at the moon. He was here just hours ago; here in the flesh, and wasn't someone I'd dreamed. Not this time.

He left, taking not only his Gundam, parts of my buddy, but... something from me.

It itches just under the skin; it burns along my veins.

I had thought, these feelings, such strong emotions only came from what I needed to do. The reason I was here dirtside in the first place. But now, there is him.

Fuck, God. You don't make my life easy, do you?

3 a.m. - matchbox 20
heero/duo, hilde - angst

It's the short hours of the morning and raining, and he's gone to her again.

We were asleep when the call came, and from my position at his back, I could hear her crying through the receiver. His voice was calm, soothing, and what I'd come to expect from him - the tone he reserves just for her. He gave his word, hung up the phone, and turned to me with an apologetic look. I don't like it, but I smile and nod my acquiescence anyway. It's the least I could do, for her.

See, before there was a he and I, there had been a he and she. It was long over before it was over, he assures me, but the guilt is still there. So when she calls, he is compelled to answer. I know it is only comforting words, a hug, and a hand to tuck her back into bed that he gives.

But, it's three AM, and it gets lonely.

the boxer - simon and garfunkel
duo, heero - angst

In a city far away, the boy finds shelter in a room full of others seeking a place for the night, a refuge from the cold and snow. His coat is ragged and has seen better days, finer times. His clothing is ragged, dirty from being worn too long without reprieve.

He watches the night, hears the quiet shuffles and shifting of the twenty or so others sharing the room with him. There is a cough in the dark, and he closes his eyes. In the morning, he thinks, he will find a job. Something to feed him for another day. Scut wages for a scut job.

It is what he is used to. He had grown up on the streets, after all.

In another city far from the first, a boy stands tall, gauging his opponent. This one is the latest of many - all who've come to try their hand against the soldier, the strongest of them all. His body bears the scars from battles past, and he knows there will be more to add as time goes on.

This is his job, his place. His knuckles are wrapped in tape, his brow and neck are wiped free of sweat, and a water bottle is squirting liquid in his mouth. Another fight, another victory. How many more he'd have to win, he didn't know. One day, he wouldn't win.

One day, he would lay his gloves down for good.

river deep, mountain high - celine dion
wufei/relena - kind of sappy

Relena sat at her desk, the end of her pen between her lips. Work momentarily forgotten, appointments scheduled not even a blip on her radar. Relena was nineteen, soon to be twenty, and for the first time in her young life, she was in love. Truly in love.

When she was a child, there had been an assortment of toys, her favorite the little white stuffed terrier with the black button eyes. She remembered losing him, and crying inconsolably for days. Nothing could take its place. No other toy brought her such joy.

A few years before, there had been... The Crush. Her cheeks heated just recalling her behavior of that time. Luckily, it had only lasted a few months, and though he held a special place in her heart, he was not the one she loved. Was not the one she pictured having a family with, growing old with.

It was a growing thing, this emotion that so over whelmed her at the moment. A small glimmer of something more, it surged to a flame, and when he showed signs that maybe he might hold the same feelings, it raged to an inferno. Their first kiss was enough to burn the building down.

Her eyes closed, and her sigh was full of longing, a desire she knew would cause the heavens to combust when it was fulfilled. And she only waited for the match to ignite.

separate ways (worlds apart) - journey
heero/duo - heavy angst

We sleep in the same bed, but he might as well be a thousand miles away. The argument still rings in my ears, and my fists clench in frustration. Never had he been so unwilling to see it from my side; fuck if I am I going to see it from his.

It's not the first time we've spent days angry and short with each other. Though, these days are becoming more frequent, and the silence between is lengthening.

What happened to us? What happened to the promises whispered in the dark, curled into one another? What happened to our tomorrow?

Is there another? Is there someone else who's caught your eye? Will he make you happy? Touch you like I thought I had? Break those locks guarding your heart? I... I love you. And if there is someone waiting for you, I wish you the best. Though what I want more is to beat his face in, wipe the floor with his ass. And I will, if I hear he's hurt you.

I can't help but look his way and am surprised to see he's watching me. His hand slides forward, and he touches my face, wipes the tear that managed to escape, and he shudders.

"I'm sorry," he whispers, and I draw him in my arms. I don't want to let him go. Ever.

the one - elton john
heero/duo - mild angst

Watching you cross the sand, I lie to myself again and believe I don't understand what happened. Maybe I do, maybe I don't want to remember. But the years have passed now, and I see you have changed - see you haven't changed.

You're still all I ever needed.

We were so young then. Believing we were nigh on invincible, feeling the rush of battle and the fight, carrying it to the nearest dark semi-private corner to take it out on each other. I can still hear your bit back cries and muffled grunts; still smell your skin and sweat and come on me. You loved me then, as I did you.

And when the fighting was over, we couldn't hold it together any more. The meeting of bodies became just sex, and neither of us could live with that.

But today, today is my chance - our chance. Nothing will block our way again. Because, you're all I ever needed.

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