Disclaimer: About the same as always, I'm out of my head, and know not what I do.

Pairings: Zechs/Trowa
Warnings: Yaoi, Citrus, Angst and other things...

Stages of Love
by Merith

In the asking

From his seat, he felt it, that irresistible pull that had drawn him.

It was the way his lips moved when he spoke. The shine on his hair from the sun as he looked out the window. The relaxed line of his back, the snug fit of his pants and the steady cadence of his voice.

"I understand, Trowa," Milliardo responded calmly.

The tall young man turned his back to the window. His face in shadow now, no longer showing the intricacies Milliardo had come to rely on.

"No, I don't think you do." Trowa leaned forward. "I want to go."


"Let me." Relena batted his hands away and deftly tied the knot, smoothing his shirt. "Another date?" At his nod, she asked in an amused voice, "Aren't you a little overdressed?"

A last look in the mirror over his sister's head, Milliardo replied, "This is how I dress. I don't have to change who I am to be with him."

She smiled softly, and straightened his collar. "Trowa's waiting for you downstairs."

Entering the sitting room, Milliardo discovered the source of Relena's amusement. "Should I change?"

In his black turtleneck and jeans, Trowa took his hand and smiled. "No. You're perfect."


It happened on the midway, next to the toss-a-ring booth. He was laughing at Trowa's antics upon winning a large stuffed lion when he was suddenly pressed up against a support post; Trowa pressed against him, and his lips were attacked with a savage hunger. Though not their first, and thoroughly unexpected, the public kiss was not unwanted.

Arms aloft, each hand holding fried powered sugar covered confection, Milliardo gave into the kiss. Savagery softened though the hunger remained. And despite the smells, crowds, noise, bad food and too bright lights, he decided he liked the carnival after all.

Letting Go

He brushed debris from the stone, and laid a single rose upon the marker's lip. Milliardo paused a moment longer in his knelt position; his head bowed slightly. Though completely unexpected, the hand that landed on and gripped his shoulder, comforted more than startled.

"I never knew him," Trowa's voice was quiet, in a reverence he'd never heard before.

"He was a good man." He rose and leaned into Trowa's lax embrace. "He was my first lover. And you will be my last."

"It's a yes, then?" excitement replaced the reverent tones. Milliardo nodded, and let go of the past.

A Good Man

"Did'ja ever think it'd happen?" Duo said amused, his gaze moved from the newlyweds to her.

Relena's smile wavered and she accepted the comfort in his sudden embrace. "I never thought he'd be happy again."

His nod lost in her hair, she heard his murmured words. "Trowa, though. With Zechs no less."

"He's a good man. And good for him." She sought out her brother again and couldn't stop the tears.

"Ah, Rel. Cut it out, you're getting my jacket wet," Duo protested, drawing her closer. "They're going to be fine."

Images in rainbow; her smile returned. "Yes, I know."


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