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Pairings: Heero/Duo
Warnings: Yaoi, Citrus, Angst and other things...

[ stagesoflove ] community has issued another challenge over the next five weeks, from March 8th through April something. So, like a red flag waved before me... I answered. -_- ... well, the first series is now complete. Tell me what you think:

Stages of Love
by Merith

Part One

Through the partially opened door, Duo spotted him and stopped to watch. Sheer black over shaved legs, up over the calf and knee ending high on the thigh. Heero raised his other leg and inserted his foot into the stocking.

Duo stopped breathing.

Black leather stretched taut over buttocks, riding high on the back of the thigh. Dark blue tucked into the waistband, material shimmering and supple. Hair too thick and unruly to tame, touched his collar, fell over Heero's forehead, obscuring his face.

His hand on the wall, Duo braced himself from toppling. Heero turned his head, and winked.

Part Two

The sound he heard was his own wheezing breath. A low moan forced itself out from a bitten lip.

"What are you waiting for?" his roommate asked with his low sultry voice. "Haven't you wanted this for so long?"

Duo pushed the door open wide, and stumbled forward. "Oh yeah," he breathed, his hands near trembling as they reached for their goal. "So long." Soft and smooth, the leather did nothing to disguise the firm cheeks it encased. Moaning again, Duo closed his eyes.

With a snap to the stocking's elastic band, Heero looked over his shoulder. "Then take me."

Plateau of Arousal
Part Three

Instantly hard, Duo became painfully aware of his too dressed state. His fingers fumbled with the button of his jeans; his breathing became ragged.

"Let me."

Heero was suddenly kneeling in front of him. His pants slid to the floor and Heero's hot mouth was over him. He jerked and cried out, his hands went to clutch in the thick richness of Heero's hair. Wet suction plied down his length; a short raking of teeth brought him to his toes with another cry.

"Fuck," he breathed out.

Whispered breath, hot against his wet flesh, Heero said, "that's in the plan."

Part Four

Heero stood, sliding his body up along his. Fingers pressing into the back of his neck tugged him forward, and mouth to mouth, tongues met. Panting, Heero pulled back. He offered an almost shy smile before turning.

Bent over the end of the bed, Heero looked over his shoulder. "Now, Duo. I want you."

Steady in their determination, Duo's hands lifted the skirt and he reeled - Heero was nude underneath. Condomed and lubed, he plunged. Unbelievable tightness, stars exploded before his eyes and he groaned. With an unrhythmic thrusting of hips, too wild in need, he shouted as he came.


"Duo." Heero's voice seemed to come from far away. He tried to concentrate. "Duo!" Heero called out to him louder.

A sharp knocking sounded from the door, and he shook his head, trying to clear it. "Yeah, what do you want?" His hand remained on flesh; an arm braced to keep from falling.

"If you don't hurry up, I'm leaving without you! You're going to make us late again."

Only a trace of heat was in the water cascading over his head and back. Duo caught his breath, straightened and pushed his hair back.

"At least he's willing in fantasy."


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