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Pairings: Quatre/Trowa
The following is just a little drabble thing because [ suzume_sparrow ] needs another reason to smile.

Showing Metal
by Merith

Duo's eyes widened and then narrowed. "You've got to be shitting me? A week?"

"Yes," Quatre replied without pausing his use of the spatula on the simmering meat. He turned slightly, indicating the refrigerator with the wooden implement and glared. "Just what are you looking at?"

With a start, Duo brought his eyes back up to his friend's face, his own flushing with instant heat. "Uh, nothing..." he started and ducked away as Quatre's look darkened. "Okay, yeah, I was trying to see if I could tell. I mean, it's not everyday your best friend has... well, you know."

"I know." Quatre shifted the sliced beef around for a moment before adding, "If you get the ginger sauce, I could show it to you."

Jumping to his feet, Duo nearly shouted, "Deal!" He had the jar out and pressed into Quatre's hand in seconds. "Okay, show me the money." His eyes dropped to the crotch of the loose fitting shorts the blond wore.

"Not so fast!" Quatre laughed, pouring the jar's contents over the sizzling meat. "Let me put this to a good simmer, first, start the rice and then I'll show you. Trowa will be home soon, and I want dinner ready." He laughed again as Duo gave him a mock pout and leaned against the counter.

"How does he feel about it? I mean, did he want you to..." Duo waved a hand in the air.

A small secret smile crossed his lips as he added the rice to boiling water with practiced hands and covered both pot and pan. "He mentioned it once, a while back." Thinking about it now, he wondered at what length he would go to in satisfying his lover. The comment made had been off-handed, purely speculative, but the fire that gleamed in Trowa's eyes as he stared at the magazine made Quatre more than curious.

It was a short time later that Duo sat back in the kitchen chair, unable to keep from staring. "So, no underwear, no restrictive clothing and uh... no sex, for how long?"

"Minimum of two weeks, and depending on the healing, it could be longer." Quatre looked down and touched it, glad it'd healed enough to not hurt when he moved it about.

"Man, no sex for another week. How can you stand it?" Duo's voice was imbued with sympathy.

"There are other ways of sexual pleasure, Duo." Quatre shot him a quick look and laughed softly at his sheepish expression. As he started to pull his short up, Duo's hand stopped him.

"Can I ...feel it?" The question was hesitant, but full of curiosity. Quatre nodded, quelling the tiny thrill of having his friend put his hand on him. Duo's fingers were tentative as he felt along the shaft and its end knobs. "Did it hurt?"

"Worse than Dorothy's rapier," Quatre said with feeling. "After the anesthetic wore off, that is."

Duo's eyes gleamed. "What's Trowa say about it now?"

"Trowa says to keep your mitt's off his lover."

Both Duo and Quatre spun around. Trowa continued walking forward, chuckling softly as he took in the more than friendly scene.

"It's not what it looks like..." Duo sputtered, his hand as far from Quatre as he could get it without physically moving.

Reaching them, Trowa bent his head slightly to drop a kiss on Quatre's expectant lips. He raised a brow and quirked a lip before glancing at Duo. "Oh, I'm sure it was exactly what it looked like." And then he smiled. "You planning on getting one?"

As he gave the shining piece of jewelry one last look before Quatre clothed himself once again, Duo shook his head dubiously. "It sounds interesting, but ..."

"Heero would love it," Trowa teased in a low voice.

Duo shuddered suddenly. "But we're not... we haven't..." he stopped and his gaze lost focus. Giving Trowa an intent look, he asked, "You really think so?"

Quatre hummed softly, giving the gingered beef a stir.


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