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doorknob sex

Giving it an extra wipe with the wet washcloth in his hand, Duo stared at the brass colored metal and ran his tongue out over his bottom lip. He could do this, he knew he could. Heero wasnít expected for maybe an hour, house clean, and he was showered, shaved and ready for their third date. This was important. This could be expected and he couldnít screw it up.

He threw the cloth towards the opened bathroom door before picking up the looped cord. Winding his wrists in and about the cord, Duo continued to stare at the knob. "Practice, he said. Iíll bet he didnít have to practice before he practiced!" Duo made a snorting noise and checked the rope binding his wrists. He gave it a tug; it wouldnít hold him in a true emergency, but it at least gave the illusion he was tied.

"Well," he said aloud stepping through the circle his arms now made. "Now is as good a time as any." Easing to the floor, the carpet was thick under his knees and the burl not too rough on his bare feet.

The knob was at eye level now, and shaking back his hair, Duo opened his mouth wide and let his lips slide over the cool metal. The skin all along the edge stretched thin; flesh tore and Duo felt the blood beading. Teeth hit the unyielding metal, and lips closed over the knobís edge. But... now what? He couldnít move his mouth, his teeth at the end of their give just over the tip of the knob.

This wasnít working. He would have to try something else. A doorknob did not replace the real thing in any way - other than being at eye level while kneeling.

Duo pulled back, but his mouth stayed. He worked his jaw with the all but non-existent slack. And it didnít help. Saliva collected at the edge of his teeth, leaked out from too thinly stretched lips, and drooled down his chin. He jerked his hands apart, but the cord held. His fingers were going numb and he couldnít make them unfasten the knots heíd made.

Relax.... damnit!

Fighting this wasnít helping. Losing the tension in his mouth and jaws might give him enough slack to pull the plug, so to speak. From the corner of his eye, Duo tried to see the time. Heero was due to arrive soon. He had to be off this thing before then.

Duo drew a deep breath through his nose and let it out slowly. He thought of Heeroís hands on his shoulders, giving them a hardy rub after obstacle course race the week before. How later that night, Heeroís lips were just as giving though calling it a night to race home and jack-off in the shower wasnít the best.

Hence the practice. How the fuck did you get to be twenty and still such a virgin? Duo sagged against the door; his knees were beginning to hurt.

Another ten minutes of pulling, working his jaw and lips, pushing with his tongue and gagging on the metallic tang in his saliva, Duo was ready to break his own jaw. And the doorbell buzzed.


He tried to shout around the knob but the words were indistinguishable and muffled. The bell sounded again. Duo shifted slightly and forced his leg to work, kicking against the wall, nearly weeping when it gave a reverberating boom. Heero would hear that.

And he had. Heero was inside shouting his name, racing down the hall. Duo could barely see him from the corner of his eye, but after the initial puzzled expression, Heero went off to find a screwdriver without saying a word.

It wasnít until later, when Duo felt his mouth was near enough to normal to actually move it that he half-heartedly explained what heíd been doing. Heero gave him a long look and slid closer on the couch until they were face to face.

"Next time you want to practice, Iíll be your partner."

Duo was nodding his head, his grin aborted and his hand rising to massage his jaw. "Give me a couple of days, first."

pool sex

It is turning out to be one, long, hot summer.

Nearly flunking out of sophomore year, getting picked up for curfew violation and to top it off, the asshole manager fires me for attitude. Like heís one to talk, the punk-ass bastard. Only reason he has a job is because of his dad. Or he blows the division manager. Probably does just because. That fat fuck.

So, my uncle hooks me up with a job watching his buddyís kid. Just something temporary until I can find something else. Itís a pretty easy gig, more hours but about the same pay as the Mic-Ds I was flipping burgers for. Have to get to the guyís apartment by seven-thirty, hang out with the kid watching cartoons Ďtil lunch. Put her down for a nap, and then spend a couple of hours at the pool.

But thatís where my troubles began...

I donít know his name but da~am, he has one hellava fine ass. The first time I saw him, he was leaving as we were coming in. He stands back from the gate, holding his towel loose in his hand and water still dripping from his hair. The kid runs ahead, bee-lining it straight for the wading pool and her My-Little-Pony friend, and I stop to watch as this guy checks me out, jerks his chin and leaves.

The second siting comes a couple of days later. The kidís playing in the adjacent playground (my-little-pony kidís mom is watching them) and Iím stretched out on one of the few unbroken lounge chairs, shades and lotion on, working on a tan. Someone stops by my chair and drops off a towel, and I hear the splash of water. Iím thinking I probably need to flip over before I burn or maybe head back to the apartment and get ready to leave, but open my eyes instead.

Heís there. Swimming laps close to my edge of the pool. He doesnít look up, he doesnít stop, he just swims. Stroke after stroke. Kick after kick. He drives on like a piston in an engine. Muscles sleek and strong. His head turns and his mouth opens for breath. Stroke. His legs lift up and out of the water, and back down. Stroke.

I could get to like watching him stroke... and could like watching him do more stroking than swimming. To see him sitting on the lip of the pool, his suit down around his knees, and his cock in his hand, stroking that piece of meat - because a guy like that, he has to have one impressive dick. His eyes will be mostly closed and his lips cracked open with maybe a little bit of tongue poking out.

And he will be thinking of me. Me, as I have him bent over the shallow side of the pool, with his fine cock-sucking ass between my hands and my cock thrusting in and out of him. Iím giving him it all, and heís calling out my name as his cum flows the chlorine as Iím flooding him.

Bet he kisses as well as he fucks too.

"Are you visiting here for the summer?"

What is it that takes the best fantasy I ever had going, and turns it into a mockery?

He, of the fine, tight ass and very kissable mouth, is standing next to my chair, his towel is making swiping motions over his chest and arms and his oh-so-brief swimsuit at mouth level. I tilt my head upward and try to move my hand away from my crotch. At least I am wearing the boxer trunks.

"No," I tell him, forcing my throat to work and wishing I didnít sound like a frog with a cold. "Babysitting." I jerk my chin toward the playground where I can hear Julia singing some Barney song. "At least for now." The guy nods and lets his towel drop to his side. "How Ďbout you?"

And now he smiles. He turns away, snags a chair with a missing back slat and drags it closer. "I live here and donít babysit."

I donít have any idea what to say to that, and so I sit there nodding like an idiot, trying to hide the biggest boner of my life and wish everyone but him would find somewhere else to be.

"Duo!" the kid is yelling at me and I start up. "I haveta go pee!" Sheís doing that little kid dance from foot to foot and trying to not grab her crotch.

Iím standing, and mumbling something about "potty emergency" and wishing my job is something less uncool. A hand on my arm stops me from going far.

"Duo," he says and I turn to look at him, hoping Julia can wait another second. "Iím Heero," his eyes drift from my face down, "I live in apartment 347," heís licking his lips, "and I have a key to the pool gate," and heís looking up at me again. "For after hours swimming."

"Duo! I gotta go!"

I could only nod, and grin and I donít care that he sees what Iíve been hiding. "Iíll stop by," I tell him taking a couple of backward steps. "After work."

And it turns out I am right - it is a long, hot summer and Heero does kiss as good as he fucks.


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