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pairing: duo, hilde (hints of duo liking heero)
warning: fluff - pure, unadulterated fluff
rating: PG for language

author notes: written because of fluff day, or something like that, and because i've always wanted to write a dialogue fic.

Rose is Pink by Any Other Name
by Merith

"Duo! I'm back."

"Hey, hey, hey! Ni~ce hair!"

"You like it?! Isn't it great? I never thought it could have such volume."

"Yeah, it looks really great. And these..."

"HEY! Stop that! You'll pull the extensions out."

"Extens... what?"

"It's a hair-piece. Not everyone can grow hair like you."

"Sor~ree, didn't mean anything by it. So... what's in the bags?"

"Oh! That's right! I bought us some things to wear tonight."

"You-did? What'd you get?"

"Yours is in that black bag there... and just wait 'til you see what I found!"

"Matthew's Bootie-tique? What kind of place is Matthew's Bootie-tique?"

"You wouldn't believe how crowded the shop was today! I had to practically beat this woman off with..."


"...my bag. But I got it, see?"

"It's pink."

"It's dusky rose. Doesn't my new skirt look fabulous? See how it flares?"

"I'm not wearing this."

"Put it on, Duo. We don't have time for this."

"But it's pink! I'm not wearing pink!"

"Ha! You can't believe it'll question your sexuality? Because I know who you-"


"Oh, then you must be afraid someone's going to doubt your masculinity."

"If someone does, I'll just - POW!"

"Right. Fists solve everything."

"Okay... maybe I won't hit nobody, but the jackasses won't say anything again."

"And anyway, Quatre wears pink all the time and no one says anything to him."

"Quatre is rich and owns a powerful corporation. No one will say anything. Everyone respects him too much."

"mmmm... you sure you're not questioning yourself?"

"No! What is this? Oprah?"

"Ha! As if... really, Duo, you have nothing to worry about. You might not be a successful multi-billionaire, but then only a small handful of men are... besides, you'll look really cute in pink."

"Gee, thanks."

"You will! Trust me."

"I thought you said this was rose..."

"So it's rose - dusky rose at that. Now go put it on and stop arguing with me!"

"But it's pink!"

"Your ass is going to be pink if you make me late."


"Duo~ ... besides, I know for a fact that Heero's going to be there..."

"Heero's going... what's that look for?"

"Like I don't know. So go get dressed already!"

"Dusky rose, huh? You sure about this?"

"Yes! Now go already! - and wear those charcoal gray pants that hug your butt."


"You'll look great in them, believe me!"

"Right. And you're a gay male."

"...damn zipper.... I don't have to be one to admire one!"

"Okay, I'm dressed and waiting. What's taking YOU so long?"

"Makeup. Hey Duo... want me to put some of this liner around your eyes? It's make 'em stand out..."


"Afraid someone will question your masculinity?"

"Pfft! No, but I'm not wearing that junk."

"How about a gold chain? I think I've got one..."

"No! Hilde, for Christsakes! I'm wearing pink. I've got these foo-foo pants that - hug my ass - and now you want to make me flaming?"

"Not really, but you just look so cute when you scowl like that."



"Let's go already."

"Someone's anxious to see somebody..."

"Keh. ....Well, maybe a little."

"Yeah, I know."

"Hey, Hil..."

"Yeah? Thanks for holding the door. This skirt is a little puffy."

"Thanks... for the shirt... for, well, everything."

"Any time Duo."

"You know, you don't look half bad yourself..."

"Ha! Bet you say that to all the straight girls."

"Yeah, but there's only one I'd want to be straight for."

"You're such a romantic."

"Don't let it get around. Someone might start questioning my masculinity and then I'd have to prove just how much of a man I was, and then you'd get mad at me... never ending loop there."

"Your logic amazes me, sometimes."

"I'm just that kind of guy."

"Don't I know it. ...Heero's a lucky man."

"...Thanks, I think. I hope he'll see it that way."

"He will. After all, you're wearing pink."


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