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Pairing: Heero/Duo
Written as a request for a scene from this universe between Heero and Duo that takes place two years later

Requited Opportunity: Two Years Later
by Merith

It was hot up in the loft, even if he was dressed down to skin and jeans. He could feel the sweat bead under his braid, under his bangs and roll down the back of his neck, the side of face. He paused in forking hay only long enough to wipe a grimy forearm in a sweep over his face.

"Duo!" Trowa shouted from the yard beyond the barn door below. "Company!"

The last forkful tossed, Duo set the pitchfork off to the side, and bent to pick up his shirt. Though he could use the break, the job was nearly finished. Scowling, he made a passing swipe at the sweat and dirt covering his chest crossing the loft to the ladder. It wasn't interested in leaving without the assistance of water and soap. He shrugged into his shirt, and headed for the open door.

"Heero?" His steps faltered, and then sped as he broke into a run. "Heero!"

The athletic young man was turning when Duo reached him, wrapping arms about his body, and pulling him close. He had tensed, but relaxed almost immediately, bringing his own arms up to circle Duo.

"I missed you," he whispered into Duo's neck.

Duo nodded, but the deliberate cough had him pulling away from Heero, taking a step back. Though, his hand maintained contact, and didn't want to let go. He threw a glance at Trowa, grinned, and turned back to Heero.

"Not that I'm complaining, but what're you doing here?"

Heero ducked his head, hiding behind too long bangs. "I quit."

"What?" Both Duo and Trowa asked in near unison.

"I quit." Heero's voice was stronger and he looked up then, staring straight at Duo.

"But the money- your job-" Duo's hand tightened over Heero's bicep. "Why?"

Shooting a glance at Trowa, Heero grabbed Duo's hand and pulled him away. He leaned forward, his lips a breath away from Duo's ear. "I realized it wasn't worth it." And lips touched skin.

Duo shivered as he always did when Heero kissed him just there. "Come to make an honest man out of me?" his tone was light, and his hands found their way to Heero's waist. He shivered again at Heero's touch, at his light caress of mouth and the vibration of his soft laugh.

"You already are."


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