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Pairing: Heero/Duo
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: There's a few that could squick a highly sensitive person [ click here for mousey noise ] Contains yaoi - of course!... agreeable bondage, play with food - think 9 1/2 weeks, a bit of BSDM... in a mild sort of way, heavy petting, Rimming, Lemon, *glares at Saro* light sap, tongue bath, touching ... lots of touching, Heero quoting poetry

A/N: To meet Jo's request for title - "Punishing Hand" with the line: "here, put this on" within the story. For further information on this *cough* drabble, see [ here ]

Punishing Hands
by Merith

Heero was waiting for me when I stepped out of the bathroom, towel around my waist and hair wound tight to keep it from getting wet. He leaned with forearm braced on one of the bedposts watching me. I stopped wiggling a finger in my ear at his look, the one that makes a slow crawl from head to foot, caressing every inch.

My eyes took it in all in a glance; the way he stood in his casual sexy way, the only light the bedside lamp, sheers billowing from the opened french doors, and our bed. It'd been stripped bare except for the fitted sheet and that throw pillow we only used for...

"What do you.." I started to ask. He'd already begun walking towards me, and raised a finger to his lips when I caught his eye. I couldn't help the smile. It seemed that Heero wanted to play.

He stopped inches from me, both hands going to my hair, releasing the braid from it coiled confines. His hands slid down the contours of my head, and neck; his fingers dry and warm against the damp coolness of my skin. A quick tug, and I was pressed against him, lips meeting and parting, tongues entering a fond tango. Even as my arms rose to encircle his neck, he broke the kiss, holding me back.

"Heero.." I began only to have a finger placed over my lips, Heero shaking his head.

Stepping back, he indicated the bed with a jerk of his head and released me. I looked from our four poster to Heero and grinned, thinking this should be fun. I gave him a slight nod before starting for the bed. The hand on my waist slid down to catch the towel and pull it away. I tossed him a smile and put a deliberate sway in my walk. If he wanted a show, I was going to give one.

The bed wasn't high off the floor, but a purposely slow kneel and crawl over the mattress gained the desired results; the hint spotted when Heero sexed me with his eyes, flamed, the towel dropped to the floor forgotten. At the bed in three long strides, he knelt by my side, pulling me into another kiss. Since he was still dressed in his jeans and buttoned up shirt, my fingers went to work. I'd only undone two before he caught my hands and pushed them away. We stared at one another. I wasn't sure what he had in mind, but he didn't want to remove his clothing yet.

Heero leaned over to the night stand, and opened the drawer, pulling what looked like a colorful turban scarf. Handing me a soft black patch of cloth, he said in a low voice, "Here, put this on."

I looked at him for a moment longer before examining what I held. A sleeping mask. My eyes rose to meet his and I found he was grinning slightly. "Trust me. Put it on." Since there wasn't anyone else in the known universe I trusted more, I slid the cloth over my eyes and adjusted its band behind my head. "Move back a bit, I'm going to tie you up now. Tell me if you want to stop and I will." He kept his voice low, his tone soft, caressing.

Sleek bands encircled my wrists, one at a time, and my arms were drawn up. When I felt the mattress shift and heard Heero's steps recede, I tested my bonds. There was enough play to leave me comfortable, but not enough to touch myself anywhere. I leaned back against the headboard, straining to hear, waiting for the play to begin.

In no time, Heero returned, silent but for a slight rattle and clink. My ears perked trying to identify what it was he carried. A harsh snick, and an incendiary smell, mixed with vanilla, wafted in my direction. Heero wanted mood as well?

"I've been wanting to show you for awhile now, and didn't know how," his voice came from above and to the side. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about, what he'd wanted, but I tracked his voice as he spoke and wandered through the room. Don't get me wrong, Heero and I talked a lot, and contrary to most of our friends' belief, it wasn't only my mouth flapping. It's just that, for all he can show his emotions, Heero still had difficulty speaking of them. I'd learned to recognize what he was feeling by the way he said my name. And believe me, there were times it'd become a lifesaver - mine.

That Heero cared for me, I had no doubt. With the pranks I've pulled and the situations I've gotten us into, if he hadn't, I'd have been dead and buried for at least months if not years. Behind my thoughts on what Heero might being wanting, I could hear muted noises, as though he were lifting and moving things about. I felt the bed dip and the brush of denim over my thighs. Even as the worn fabric settled on my lap, his words skated over my cheek in a rush, "Don't do anything. Don't say anything. Just let me."

To hear him ask in such a way, in an almost throaty whisper with him straddling my legs, and not be able to see him, to watch his expression, was torture. I pulled on my bonds, wanting to touch him. His mouth covered mine before I could say anything, and I spoke through our kiss, letting him know whatever he wanted, I'd comply. His hands cupped my head, guiding me, his chest pressed to mine, Heero rolled his hips and, even through the thickness of his jeans, I could feel the bulge. I broke the kiss, head lolling back with a moan I couldn't stop.

Heero's lips were on my neck, his hands ghosted over my cheeks and down to my shoulders, his fingertips barely skimming the surface. His mouth made its way back to mine, his tongue teasing, tempting more from me. He rolled his hips again, ending in a deep thrust. I pulled away, breathing hard. I wanted more, I wanted him now and I wanted him deep inside me.

"Shhh," Heero whispered to the side of my mouth. His hands trailed up my arms, his fingers entwined themselves with mine, our palms pressed flat together. "Just let me. There's no rush." His words echoed in my head, and, with the heat building under my skin, with his actions, I was at a loss for what he meant.

No rush.

I wanted him now and rocked my pelvis upward. Heero sat back on my thighs, withdrawing his hands, halting his kisses. I felt suddenly bereft of his closeness and let out a distressed murmur.

"Duo," his pitch low, his tone soft. This was a new one I hadn't heard before. "Let me do this my way." I tilted my head, wishing once again I could see him, and pulled on my bonds with the need to touch. "Please?" I felt a perceptible tug and responded instinctively to the near pleading quality of his voice. At my nod, Heero brushed his lips softly over mine. "Good. I promise you will not be disappointed."

His weight shifted, and a clink sounded. I waited, trying to anticipate what he had in store, my skin bumping up in expectation.

When the ice touched my neck, I jumped. Just a feather stroke barely enough to let me know it was there before it was gone. A brush against my lips, and I parted them, tongue licking at the moisture left in its wake. Heero's kiss surprised me. I'd been expecting another touch of the ice. I jumped again with its contact with the underside of my arm. Heero chuckled into my mouth. He wasn't brief this time; the flat side of the ice made a broad path from armpit to wrist and back up to my shoulder. He'd abandoned my mouth, his lips leaving hot kisses along my suddenly chilled skin. I should have expected it when he assaulted the other arm.

Not knowing where to anticipate the next attack, I jerked in surprise when both nipples were teased. One Heero's mouth closed over, teeth nipping, the other the ice circled, its cold biting. And I only thought I wanted him before. Little rivulets of melted ice traced down from my shoulders, down from my chest. He gave my nipple a hard suck before pulling away. The mattress shifted under me as he reached for something. That he'd picked up more ice was confirmed a moment later. He drew the ice along the contours of my body, outlining from ribs to hip, across the hairline of my groin and continued past to the other hip, before heading upwards. It glided from one shoulder over to the other and dropped down a clavicle. It circled pecs and ran a river from sternum to navel.

I think Heero lost the ice somewhere around there. We were both too busy kissing to worry about it. I was surprised to feel his hands supporting my back, holding me close. When he pulled away this time, I bit my lip to keep from saying anything, but did manage to press my cheek to his as he caught his breath. Two heart-thundering minutes later, he released me slowly with a sigh.

He gave me a quick kiss, and sat back again. "I almost forgot what I supposed to be doing." I grinned to show him I knew what he meant, even if I wasn't too sure on what he wanted to do. The regretfully apologetic tone did make me want to laugh, though.

"I brought some things for you to taste. Just let me know if you don't like it, okay." I nodded slowly. Heero was going to feed me? In bed? I couldn't figure it out. When he moved this time, the mattress almost rolled me over. I heard glasses clink and other things bumping into each other. A brief rush of air passed in front of me, and I heard the clank of settled dinnerware on my other side. Heero had brought whatever it was to bed with us. I couldn't help the smirk.

The slight change in air temperature warned me he was near, though I still didn't expect a kiss. Even with his mouth closed, I could still smell the acrid scent of fermented grapes. I opened mine though and he parted his lips letting the wine pass. I sucked it in, fighting the smile threatening. As careful as he'd been, trickles of the stuff dripped from our locked mouths, and down my chin. Though it'd only been little more than a sip, I don't think I've had a sweeter wine. Heero shifted his mouth to cover my chin, licking up the spillover.

"Open," he commanded next. Even as the smell of horseradish hit my nostrils, my taste buds were jumping and hopping. I closed my mouth cautiously, wondering what I'd just been given. The almost non-flavor of the shrimp surprised me, the cocktail sauce nearly masking it. Once identified, I chewed greedily, eager for more.

So, of course the next bite was a complete opposite.

Smooth, and creamy, rich chocolate taste, chilled but not cold, the mousse melted on my tongue and I wanted to purr. Wanting to savor it longer, I held it in my mouth, trying not to swallow. Some good things were not meant to last. My expression must have reflected what I felt, for Heero laughed softly. I settled for sucking the last of the flavor from where it hid.

"Here. Stick out your tongue, this will neutralize the tastes." I did as he asked, and a small, flat piece of cracker was placed on it. It more dissolved than I ate it. But it did clear the varying tastes that lingered.

What followed was a myriad of flavors, tastes and textures, liquids, solids, and those in-between. Some were sweet, or sour, some he repeated, and some I spit out. But every one of them different. It got messy, he got messy, and I was kissed, licked and sucked more than I could ever count. As he put the tray away, he asked if I'd enjoyed it. I flashed him a smile and nodded, feeling more than a little excited to find out what he had in store next.

"I'm going to loosen the scarves," he announced, lifting himself off my lap. He retied my hands just above my head, low on the headboard and he helped me to lay down. Not able to see him, no longer able to feel him, I wasn't sure what to expect any longer.

Fingers, feather light in their touch, tickled the almost invisible hairs covering my cheeks, and ghosted their way down my neck. I trembled in their wake; the stimulation rushed straight to my cock. Its harden state had eased while being fed, but now throbbed with this new sensation. Over my arms, across my chest, never staying longer than a moment, his fingers were relentless in their erotic massage. I bucked, writhed, and moaned. The aching need of wanting him flared. Somehow, Heero knew I was near my limit for he stopped the tease. Instead, he ran his tongue over my skin, only to blow on it gently. He made his way steadily downward, ignoring my cock, ignoring what I considered where sex was. Skin in places I never thought of before his tongue touched, his breath caressed.

When he sat back at my feet, I thought I could come at any moment. And then he started to speak. His hands picked up one foot, his knee slid under mine, and keeping his pitch low, the words thrilled almost as much as the path of kisses he laid.

"I like my body when it is with your body."

His hands smoothed over my skin, his lips placed a kiss on the sole of my foot. "It is so quite new a thing. Muscles better and nerves more."

His tongue laved my big toe, his mouth sucked on it. "I like your body. I like what it does, I like its hows."

He was taking my breath away, with his words, with his actions. My heart thudded in my chest so loud, I almost didn't hear the next line. "I like to feel the spine of your body and its bones."

Heero moved up to my knee. "and the trembling firm smoothness and which I will again," calf over his shoulder, he kissed the back of my leg. "and again," kissed the side of my knee. "and again kiss."

His lips were on the lower inside part of my thigh. "I like kissing this and that of you," his tongue drew a slow lazy line upward, his nose nuzzled the crease of my thigh.

"I like slowly stroking the shocking fuzz," his fingers curled in my pubic hair, lightly petting it. "of your electric fur, and what-is-it comes."

His tongue broadside licked my balls, his mouth sucking first one and then the other. "Over parting flesh.... and eyes big love-crumbs," blunted nails raked down both sides of my thighs, shocking and exciting. "and possibly I like the thrill of under me you so quite new." and his tongue circled my anus, teasing, probing hard, flicking soft.

I laid in a panting state, my head buzzing with an overload of sensations, wanting more, dreading more. Heero had slipped a hand under my butt, lifting me up. I felt our pillow slide underneath my back and thought at last he was going to fuck me. But instead, his hands drew my legs up, bending the knees. There was a pause, and I heard material on skin. The mattress bounced slightly, and then his hands were on me again. He established a gentle rhythm, up and down the tops of my thighs, his face buried into my electric fur. His tongue stroked balls and anus, crevasse and crack; his quick puffs of air wrecked havoc on my nerves.

Though Heero must have touched, kissed or licked every part, every last inch of me, my cock had yet to feel him. It made its presence known each time his tongue teased, entered or bathed. His hands continued stroking my legs, the tops, sides and underneath, its rhythm steadily increasing. Unable to stop, I began thrusting my hips towards him, needing to feel more than what he was giving. Heero increased his pace, adjusted his rhythm to my thrusts, his caresses became harder and faster.

In the end, it only took a single touch.

I wasn't even aware he'd risen from the bed. Nothing had invaded my consciousness for several heartbeats. Blood still rushing and pounding in my ears, it was somewhat of a surprise to find that Heero had released me from my bonds. My arms were as limp as the rest of me, hanging like useless sticks from my shoulders. I focused on Heero's fingers as they rubbed small circles down to my wrists and back upward.

The feel of his skin behind me, his legs to either side put me into a comfortable spot; it lulled me. I felt the lethargy seep into my cells and muddy my brain. I laid my head back to rest on his shoulder, rolling it to look at him. His expression was so close to the one he wore our first time, I felt the emotional lurch physically. Something had happened, something had changed and at the moment, I thought I was lucky to remember my name.

Raising an unsteady hand, I pulled him down for a kiss. He slid into it, welcomed it, welcomed me. While one arm circled my shoulder, holding me, his other hand started that teasing caress he'd used earlier. Light tickling strokes chased each other down one side and over my abdomen. Lassitude forgotten, my cock roused.

Heero's hand glided down my left leg, pulling it up and over his. His fingers traced invisible patterns over my inner thigh, stopped at the knee, reversed direction at the hip. I found myself smiling into his kiss, and he opened his eyes to look at me.

"Do you like this?" He deliberately ran his nails over flesh making me gasp. "Good." He moved his arm from my shoulders, and dropped it to my other leg. As he'd done with my left leg, he did with my right; lifted it up and over his while his fingers caressed the skin of my inner thigh.

The shift in position left me with no doubts on how Heero was doing. His cock jutted up my back, teasing my ass with how close it was, and I could swear I felt it pulsing. His face pressed into my back, his breath warm puffs on my skin. My hands slid down his arms, letting them ride along with their movement. I started to get lost in the gentle eroticism of his touch, the feel of his hands teasing and his teeth lightly grazing my shoulder blade.

The pattern his hands ran over my thighs grew to include my abdomen, and then my chest. I slid down lower on his lap, making Heero my personal lounge chair. Try as I did, he still wouldn't touch me; my cock waved at each pass of his hands. I released my grip and brought my own hands up to circle his neck, the need to feel him buried inside me thrummed.

I used him as leverage to add my own friction to the mix. Rubbing his cock so close to where I wanted it, I gave him a bit of a tease. "Duo," again with the low pitched, soft toned voice. He stopped his massage and captured my hands with his. I dropped my head back with a growl. He only grinned at me. "My way."

He let go of one hand, his arm curled around my waist, his hand lightly brushing a nipple. Heero began to draw his legs upwards, carrying mine with them. He extended the hand still holding mine as he spoke, "My arms were enhanced to be strong, stronger than a normal person's could be." I could feel his mouth on the back of my neck, his lips wet, hot, sexy. "These hands of mine, they were trained to destroy, how to use weapons, and how to kill." Another wet kiss, and the arm around my waist tightened. "But with you, I don't feel that's all they're good for."

Heero lowered our clasped hands, and slid the one splayed across my chest down to one hip. "I need you to let me show what else they can do." His hands, so strong and capable of great destruction, coaxed me upward in their grip. While one hand supported, the other moved between our bodies, touching me, touching him. His now slicked cock nudged apart my ass cheeks and I braced myself against Heero's chest.

Inserting like a neutranium rod into a beam rifle, he took it slow with deliberate precision. In death, I will remember the agonizing pleasure he gave. His hands, steady and strong, guided me down. I reached back over his head and grasped the spindles on the headboard. Holding myself just enough off him, Heero began a rhythmic thrust, his hands pulling and pushing on my hips to match his.

Senses already at heightened awareness, this new pleasure raced in an electric circuit, clouding my mind, spotting my vision. Unable to stifle the cry, I called out his name, wanting it to be over, wanting it to never stop. His voice a breathless whisper in my ear, he murmured nonsense words I couldn't hear, and didn't understand.

The need to explode drew another cry. "Heero," I managed, lolling my head to the side. I attempted to kiss him, to give him an indication of what I wanted. His arm shifted, and his head lowered. Our lips locked for one brief fiery moment, and his hands left my hips, shifting my position. One hand glided up my abdomen, fingers brushing, pinching at my nipple. The other hand pumped my cock, thumb applying pressure the way I liked, finger crooked to wrap the head with each stroke. And all the while, his thrusts never stopped.

No longer silent, I bucked into his hand, rocked and rolled my hips over his cock. His breath ragged in my ear, my name called in a whispered shout; Heero came. His hand clutched my dick tight, and I thrust in the tight channel of his making. Over in moments, I collapsed back against his chest, even as he slowly lowered his legs.

We laid in stupor, hearts thundered in sequence, lungs gulping for air. I shifted slightly, nuzzled his neck and kissed behind his ear. My hands released their grip on the spindle and slid down to cover his arms, meet with his hands. Wiping a thick swatch of cum from my cock, I raised it first to my mouth and licked. His breath quickened, and I offered it to him. He sucked my thumb, rasping his tongue over its pad before releasing it.

"I like your way." Heero only nodded, his lips smiling.

Sometimes I can be dense, not often, but it happens. Over the past year of being his lover, our sex had always been more of a hurried kind. Not that there was anything wrong with a rough quick press against the wall, or blow jobs and penetration. I enjoyed it, he enjoyed it, in both the giving and receiving. But before, it'd always been about the release, arriving at the destination. I cared little about the journey to get there.

Heero's little game gave me the idea there's more than one way of getting to where you want to be. I immediately thought of variant ways of doing to him what he'd done to me. Without the poetry though. Poetry. Who would have thought Heero... but still...

"Sneaky bastard," I chuckled, hugging his arms embracing me. He nodded, making an agreeable noise. Loath to move, I felt the need for another shower, and maybe... "Is there any more of that shrimp?"


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