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Pairings: Heero/Duo
Warning: You might want to take with salt and lots of alcohol. *cough* yeah..

O-wim-o-weh, o-wim-o-weh
by Merith

Deep in the heart of Africa, the jungle closed in around them. In the darkness, the fire burned brightly like a flame on wood, licking upward to the night's sky like natives in dance. The crackle and pop the only noise heard between the two sprawled around the fiery warmth.

"Damn it, Duo," the messy-haired one exclaimed. "Put the Rice Krispies away and go to sleep! You're going to wake the wild things."

Stopping mid-bite, his braided companion looked at his bowl guiltily and swallowed in a rush. "Uh, sorry Heero. But I like cereal before bed." He tilted the bowl to his lips and drank greedily at the sweetened milk, letting some of the crispy rice slide passed his lips.

Heero watched in fascination, suddenly finding it hard to swallow himself. "I... I wouldn't mind it so much, but," he swallowed quickly and tried again as the gamin lowered the bowl and blinked at him in the firelight. "..it's your third bowl." his voice petered off.

"Are you hungry?" Duo asked, reaching for the over-stuffed pouch behind him. "I've got something here that'll satisfy you in no time."

"You do," Heero whispered and looked away blushing. Something oddly light colored darted out of the corner of his vision. He sat upon his knees and peered intently into the dense foliage. "Did you see that?" he asked tensely in a low voice.

"Huh?" Duo looked up from his rummaging, a piece of a candy bar stuck between his teeth. "See what?"

"Shh!" Heero demanded, crawling closer to his partner. "I think it's coming closer."

Duo looked around, scooting back from the firelight. "You think what is?"

"It!" Wing's pilot hissed violently, making a slashing motion with his hand. He threw a look at Duo, and realizing what probably drew the creature so close to the fire, he commanded, "Put your pack away before you bring more animals out."

"Sure, whatever you say," Duo muttered under his breath. Always the same, no matter where they go, he gets ordered around. He shoved the boxed milk and cereal back into his bag. Nothing he did was ever good enough. He knelt upon his knees, and, bracing himself on an arm, he dragged the pack to the edge of his sleeping bag. Suddenly, he was face first into the fake down and polyester blend, purchased on sale when the Sears store on L2 had a bankruptcy sale for the seven hundredth time.

"Heero!" Duo roared much as he could his voice muffled with his mouth eating fabrics unknown to nature.

"Just a ...minute," Heero grunted from above him. "Almost–done."

"Get off!" Duo bucked up and back, trying to force Heero off of him.

"Stop!" Heero commanded between clenched teeth, and with a hand on the back of Duo's neck, he held the long-haired pilot down and hopefully still.

Feeling helpless, and unable to move under the superior strength of his friend, Duo begin to enjoy the sensation of Heero's rhythmic motions. The thrusting of hips grinding into his backside, the grunts and straining breaths, stifled moans gave him more hope than he dared believe. Could Heero really like him that much? That he'd want more from him than just his friendship? He never thought the stoic pilot was into guys; he always seemed to be chasing and saving the princess, queen of the world. But the relieved sigh in his ear told him differently. Heero wanted him.

As Heero rolled off of him, Duo hesitated for a moment only. "Geesh, Heero. Since when did you become a charging rhino, anyway? You coulda asked."

Heero glared at him, brows drawn down menacingly. "What are you talking about, bak... Duo?"

Blushing at having to spell it out for his new boyfriend, Duo offered, "You know, you pounding it into me. I mean, I would have like to enjoy it more too."

Confusion cleared and Heero's eyes opened wide. "Duo," he croaked. "I wouldn't... you didn't think..." Words failed. Instead, he sat up and leaned over the braided boy, grabbing at something just beyond Duo's shoulder. Holding the lifeless snake just below its head aloft, he dragged its body over Duo's. "This is what was sneaking up on you."

"Oh," Duo managed, pushing the slick skinned reptile off of him. "I thought... I mean... you were..." Suddenly too warm, he couldn't look at Heero.

Heaving the carcass off into the jungle, Heero wiped his hands on the man-made material he sat on. He moved closer to Duo and swallowed hard. The opening had been given, he just had to take it. "You–you would have ...enjoyed it?" he whispered leaning even closer.

Duo looked at him, seeing his face just an inch away. He opened his mouth and closed it. No words would come. He nodded instead. As Heero's lips kissed his, he gave one last wish – hoping the lions slept.


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