disclaimer: not mine

pairing(s): heero/duo
warnings: yaoi, smut!

author notes: written for the april 29th iron smut competition.

Only in Vegas
by Merith

I hadn’t even been in the city two hours before I was knocking on his hotel door. There was only one reason he was meeting me here and I wanted to start immediately.

"Duo," he said, a hand on the door jam, dressed only in jeans. His hair was still wet and dripping from a shower. I had to smirk at him, lifting a finger to chase a drop as it ran a course over his chest.

"I see you waited for me." Letting my finger stop at his nipple, I caressed it briefly and pulled my hand away, touching the hint of liquid to my lips.

Heero was snorting, moving away from the doorway. "The job plans are on the disc. You didn’t have to come to get them from me."

"Maybe I wanted to," I was saying, following him more slowly, closing the door behind us. "Maybe I wanted more than job... plans."

He had stopped at the desk, his fingers opening the laptop case. I’d have to say it was more my tone of voice, the hint of suggestion that stilled his movement. "You can want all you want, but I’m only here to provide back-up." A disc was retrieved and he was turning, the silver circle gleaming in his hand.

"And support..." I was telling him, reaching for his hand, and grabbing his wrist instead of the disc. "Whatever I needed, the orders said, remember?" He wasn’t resisting as I spun him, pushed him up against the wall and leaned into him.

"This wasn’t what the orders implied." He watched me unblinking and relaxed.

"Hmmm, but they could have." My leg forced its way between his, pressing upward, rubbing his cock through his jeans. "And you’ve never turned me down before," I murmured, lips already claiming their territory.

Even as he was kissing me back, he was saying, "there’s a first time for everything."

I was nuzzling his cheek, applying more pressure and feeling him ride my thigh. "But... you won’t."

Heero’s sigh was thick and heavy against my neck. "This time," he nearly whispered, "I will."

And suddenly I was being shoved back, stumbling on my feet and sitting abruptly on the bed. "What the fuck, Heero?"

"We’re here for a job, Duo." Heero was turning his back on me, going to the hotel room’s dresser and pulling a shirt out from inside. "I cannot allow you to get distracted this time."

I jumped up from the bed and was at his side before the shirt slid over his head. "I can do this job in my sleep, Heero! You know that." I was holding the disc in one hand, and grabbed his belt loop with the other. "Since you’ve seen fit to live a few thousand miles away from me," I jerked on his loop, pulling him against me, "I have to get what I can from you."

His hand came up and covered my mouth. "Not this time, Duo."

I sucked on his palm, twitched my tongue against it and he jerked it away. "I’m promising you now, Heero. I will fuck you before this job is through."

Leaving his room with only the disc and a hard-on, I wondered if there was a first time for everything. We were together, but not - our jobs keeping us in two places except for these rare meetings. My room was on the top floor - a penthouse suite for the high roller I was supposed to be. Fucking lonely at the top.

Too late for much of anything else but sleep ... and a shower.

Heero had looked so good, wet and dripping. Still slightly tan - well, his skin tanner than it usually was - from that time we spent on the nude beaches of Cacun. He hadn’t cut his hair, and it hung in his eyes, and down over his shoulders, thick and wavy.

That shower was looking good and the disc forgotten as I shed clothes and kicked off shoes. My cock was hard and throbbing, denied what it wanted, what it needed, I promised a poor substitute and turned on the water.

The job was supposed to be a simple lull the bad guys into complacency, capture the data and get out with the goods so massive gangs of interstellar law enforcement agencies could bust their collective asses. And Heero was going to make it so much tougher.

My hand was fisted around my cock, soapy lather bubbled and dropped to the stall below. Heero had the tightest ass.

And I stroked.

He liked to be taken from behind, his hands spread up on the wall and my cock in his ass, my hand on his dick.

Already, I was coming, I had needed him.

Two days had passed, and I was still thinking of Heero’s ass. The high-stakes poker game was going well; I was up in Preventer money by nearly a hundred thou, and wondered what Heero was doing at that moment. He should be monitoring the game, and the rooms each of the players were staying in.

"Raise another five," the man left of the dealer called, tossing chips into the pot.

I added my ante, and thought of what I could be doing to Heero now..

Up against the wall, Heero’s pants down around his ankles, I am breathing hard, but my cock is harder.

"You like that, don’t you?" I’m whispering, but not. Pulling out, I feel him shuddering under my chest, through my shirt. "You like me to fuck you, to take you like this, rough and fast," and I shove my dick in, hard, fast and rough. Heero cries into the wall but his ass is meeting my thrust.

"Duo..." he’s gasping, his eyes are closed and his fingers curl on the painted walls. "Duo..."

"You want to come? Do you?" I am demanding, pumping hard, breathing harder.

"Yes!" Suddenly his eyes are open and he’s looking at me. "Yes, you bastard. I want to come. I want you to fuck me!"

"Any time now, Mister Maxwell."

I’m blinking at the speaker, Heero’s image lost now. A pair of ladies, ace high wins me the pot and I rake the chips closer. Fucking job...

Heero was waiting in my room. I’d like to say he looked like shit, but he’d never looked so good. I didn’t wait for the door to close before I had him by the back of the neck and was pulling him close for a kiss. He wasn’t resisting, but he wasn’t responding either. I shoved him away.

"Fuck Heero! What the hell are you doing?"

He was smirking at me! "You made me a promise, and haven’t seen you keep it yet," he was saying, reaching behind him and producing a disc. "Got some intel I thought you’d like to see."

I was reaching for him again, intel could suck my dick. "There’s something else I’d like to see even more..." I was telling him, pulling him closer, sliding a hand up under his tight black shirt. "How ‘bout you strip out of those things, and make me more comfortable?" My lips were on his mouth again, and this time, he was kissing me back.


"Better still," I was saying, kiss and lick and move to his neck, "how ‘bout I strip you out of those clothes, and fuck your ass?"

"Duo," Heero was gasping, his hands were on my shoulders and his leg was between mine. "We don’t have time for this right now."

"Always time for this, babe." My lips were on his neck, and my hands were up the back of his shirt, working it up and off of him. Or at least trying to.

"Duo," Heero was saying, his own lips were doing a little traveling of their own. "Asher’s gang is moving the stuff at three." One of his hands found their way down the back of my pants; did I say how much I loved the feel of his fingers squeezing my ass? He wasn’t the only one who loved the cock.

"That gives us plenty of time," I told him, not really giving a fuck at the moment. His shirt was up far enough and my lips were on a nipple. "We just need to plant the virus, alert the good guys and head for higher ground," I was moaning; a finger was working its way down the crack of my ass, nudging the hole there. "We’ve got twenty minutes or so, right?"

"No, Duo... we need to set it in motion now."

"In motion now sounds fucking fantastic to me."

The phone was ringing and I didn’t want to answer. Heero’s shirt was off, and my pants half-way down my legs, but the phone kept ringing.

"Duo," Heero was saying, lips against mine and finger still pumping in and out of my ass. "You need to answer that."

"Don’t want to," I told him, and grabbed his cock. Usually worked like a charm for distraction.

"Wasn’t Wufei supposed to call for details?" Heero’s finger withdrew and his other hand was on my wrist. "You need to answer that."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. The job was nearly finished, and I’d demand we spend more than a couple of hours after to celebrate its success. Grumbling, holding my pants up with one hand, I lifted the receiver and demanded, "What the hell do you want?"

"Since you’re so fond of games, Mister Maxwell," a voice I vaguely recognized was saying, "let’s play one now, shall we?"

"Who is this?" I shot Heero a look and dropped my pants, reaching for the recorder device.

"That’s not important right now." The voice was male, cool and cultured - or at least trained. "In less than a minute, a knock will sound on your door. You or your companion - Mister Yuy, is it? - will answer. A bellboy will hand you a slip of paper with explicit instructions."

I had the recorder going, but knew it wouldn’t be enough to trace this call. My hands started to sweat. "What the fuck do you want?"

He ignored me and spoke as if I’d said nothing. "If you don’t follow the instructions, the hotel will not be a good place to be at. If you get my meaning." And then he laughed, the bastard. "Goodbye Mister Maxwell. You have thirty minutes."

"Wait!" I was shouting into the phone, and a knock sounded on the door. Heero was trying to listen at the other extension, but gave up and went to the door instead.

And there was only dial-tone - fucker had hung up on me.

Heero came back a moment later with a folded sheet of hotel stationary. "Well," he was saying scanning the lines, "you wanted to get fucked tonight, and it looks like you’re going to get that wish."

The rope was tight around my wrists, chaffing skin and causing it to bleed. The rope on my neck was worst. I twist my head, barely enough to see Heero from the corner of my eyes. He was breathing deep, the bruise on his cheek purpling, the cut on his lip no longer bleeding. We followed the fucker’s directions exactly, but when we got to the end, Heero decided to fight. They fought back and it was only the knife at my throat that kept Heero from doing more damage.

Fucking cut still hurt.

I should have called Wufei right off. At least then he would have already been on the move. Fuck! All the would haves, should haves weren’t doing either of us any good; I worked the ropes on my hands some more. The ones tied around my feet were loose enough, it would just take a little shifting for them to drop off.

Heero moaned and I looked at him again. His back arched off the wall and God fucking damn me, but my cock was instantly hard. Bondage and Heero had never gotten along, but dream of it I did. And Heero was looking pretty fucking hot about now. If this were any other time...

The taste of his blood is in my mouth, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I suck on his lip, aggravating the cut and making it bleed some more. He’s moaning and thrashing against his bonds, but I’m loving it. His skin is taut and slick with sweat and I lap at it with my tongue.

"Bastard!" he says, trying to jerk his body away from me. "Free me now!"

I shake my head, giving his nipple a lick and a bite. "Why would I let go of something I’ve wanted for a long time?" My hand slides farther down, cups his balls and teases that spot just beyond.

He’s shaking, breathing hard but I feel him thrusting his hips into my hand. "Not this way..."

"Yes," I’m telling him, sliding down lower on his body, tongue and mouth never leaving him. "This way..." And his cock is rigid, pulsing in my mouth, and I’m sucking on it, tongue wrapped about its shaft and fingers seeking his hole.

"Duo..." he’s whimpering, moaning in the darkened chamber. "Duo..."

My hands were suddenly free, and I was looking at Heero, hearing him whisper my name.

Slipping out of the noose and kicking the rope off my feet, I paused for a moment only to rub feeling back into them. Heero was watching me, his eye nearly shut from the swelling on his cheek. He looked like shit and my cock was throbbing for him.

"You knew better than to fight them," I was telling him, moving across the room to his side. "You knew if we hadn’t checked in, Wufei would have acted and with the GPS chip," I was reaching up to remove the noose from his neck, "his team would have found us." I was smiling and giving him a kiss.

"I don’t think now is the time for this, Duo." But his mouth was opening to me, and his roped together hands were clutching my shirt between them.

I circled my arms about his back, knowing we were being foolish, but unable to rid myself of the instant fantasy from moments before. In the background, I heard them, the good guys... at least I had hoped. I was thinking Heero heard them too, for he broke the kiss and looked over my shoulder, like he could see through walls and doors.

"Calvary to the rescue," I was murmuring in his hair, and pulling him close. He was alive. And he was here, in my hands and felt good. Hard muscled flesh. I bit and nipped on his neck, and he was forgetting about locked doors and tied hands and mission and bruises.

"Untie me," he urged, hands still fisted on my shirt.

"No time for that," I told him, already working his pants down. This would have to be dirty and rough and just the way he liked it - most of the time.

"Du~o!" his whispered demand became a cry as I hiked his legs up and stepped between them.

I smirked into his mouth. He might be stronger than me, but I wasn’t a featherweight. One hand supporting his ass, and the other unfastening my pants, I kissed him again. "Told you I’d get fucked tonight."

He was chuckling, putting his looped hands around my neck and pulling me closer. "Then hurry up, asshole, before some zealous rescue team comes barging in."

"Speaking of barging in..." and I pushed past the tight circle of muscle, and Heero was gasping, arching his back off the wall and clutching hands on my hair.

I heard the gunshot, but ignored it. Heero’s ass was so fucking tight, and his legs were squeezing my waist, his hands pulling at my hair.

"Hurry the fuck up, Duo," Heero was demanding, and hurry I did. I was slamming into him, knowing he’d carry some bruises once we were finished, but only vaguely caring.

The cut on his lip had opened, and the taste of his blood was thick in my mouth. There was a cramp beginning in my right calf, but Heero was sounding like a locomotive; he was that close. I thrust into him again, his body willing and pushing back, pulling me deeper. So fucking deep! His balls were slapping against me with each thrust, one foot digging into my back, the other into my ass. Fuck! But my pants were barely off.

Heero was chanting, his eyes closed but his hands were fisted in my hair, tugging sharply. "Faster... faster, Duo... faster."

I thought of him the first time we’d fucked, and how scared we both had been. I thought of him and the time we tried to take a vacation together, and wound up working instead. I thought of the dozens of meeting, in hotel rooms and broom closets, of dark alleys and public restrooms. It didn’t matter where, it only mattered who.

I came as I was kissing him, muttering nonsense shit, and he was coming just after. I was cradling him, bracing him against the wall, loathe to let him go, but knowing we were out of time. Any minute now, we wouldn’t be alone, and neither wanted the others to see what we’d been up to.

Fucking lucky for us, the boys in blue (and green and assorted blacks and grays) were a bit slow and subduing the bad guys. I had time to untie Heero, and straighten our clothing before we were freed. The door opened, and Wufei popped his head in, asking for our status.

"Fine," I was telling him, my eyes never leaving Heero’s. He had asked me the moment before if I’d meant it, and I wasn’t sure how to answer. Of course I had, but fuck if a guy wants to be the first to admit it. But...

"If you’re able, command post is being set up in the manager’s office. Meet me there for debriefing in ten." And Wufei was gone.

Hell. Neither of us were going to say something - both being guys and all. So instead of answering, I grinned and winked. "We’ve got ten minutes," I was telling Heero, "want to put them to good use?"


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