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*cough* this bit of perversion is just for sera. mostly because i heart her so... and she likes pookie and heero in panties, and heero getting molested by pookie.

so the warnings for this would be -- crossdressing cos-playing, pookie molestation, panties, and duo with boobs. pairing: heero and duo...

Nihao, My... Concubine?
by Merith

Heero had avoided most everyone all evening, hugging the walls and sticking to corners. He slipped into the hall, looking to find an empty room; a bare glimpse of his reflection and he looked again. Despite the frown, he straightened the ribbon and smoothed his shirt. At least he wasn't made to wear make-up.

A hand slid around his waist and Duo's face appeared beside his own. "Hey good looking," he was saying, grinning at their reflections. "Dinner's going to be served soon." Duo bent his head, his mouth already devouring the shy span of skin between neckline and hairline.

"Looks like you're hungry," Heero said, tilting his head. He was smiling slightly, but shrugged his shoulder. "Quit that. You'll leave a mark."

Duo straightened as Heero turned. "You can't still be mad about the costume?"

"How do you figure that?" Heero held out the flare of the skirt and looked down at the shiny leather shoes on his feet. "I'm dressed like some geeky-boy fantasy, complete with panties and ribbon and you..." he came to a halt and stared at Duo.

"And me...?" Duo teased, tweaking one of his pointy nipples.

"At least you get to wear pants!"

"You make a great Akane," Duo told him, his arm snaking around Heero's waist again. The kiss was just a brush of lips before Duo added, "besides, the pig-tailed girl has long hair."

Making a non-committal noise, Heero nodded at the soft-sided pet carrier Duo carried. "What's in there?"

Duo's lips touch the spot just below Heero's ear. "Ryoga in pig form," he muttered, nipping teeth on Heero's earlobe and sliding his free hand up under Heero's skirt.

And Heero was inclined to forget he wasn't too happy with Duo at the moment. Besides, the silk in Duo's outfit felt good on his palms and Duo tasted like Duo always tasted - the little vest barely covered the fake female appendages and left a lot of skin exposed.

"Company," Duo was whispering, letting his hand fall away and Heero's skirt smooth back into place.

Heero looked up in time to see a good majority of Quatre's guests in various costumes enter the hall and head toward the diningroom. His panties had become uncomfortably tight. Shifting things without giving the impression he was, he mouthed to Duo, "you owe me."

"That's one debt I'll have not a problem paying in full," Duo muttered, pulling Heero along behind him to join the migration.

Finding his seat was opposite Duo's wasn't improving his mood.

The woman on his right was dressed as Lady Godiva, in a flesh colored, skin-tight sheath dress and long, cascading hair. Hair Heero knew was a wig since that shade of blonde and orange were anything but natural. If he was a betting man, he would give two-to-one odds the carpet was well-worn brown.

After he removed her hand from his thigh for the second time - and politely informed her his boyfriend might thing they were up to something and shoot first, ask questions later - she ignored him for the rest of the meal.

The woman to his left was far more interested in what was currently being served. Her speech was limited to - pass the salt, please - and - you must try the vichyssoise. Leeks. Heero passed.

Heero spent the first three courses imagining just how Duo could - and would - pay him back. At first he thought of whipped cream and chocolate sauce, but it was usually too sweet for his taste. And made a mess of the bed. And then there was the idea that included handcuffs, a whip and leather - but he didn't think the normal ceiling beams would support the weight of chains, pulleys and the cage.

In the middle of an idea about the shower and the special gel that Duo ordered the week before, he felt it. He had been eating normally up until that time, but the foot on his knee-hi covered calf made him freeze. His eyes were seeking Duo's when the foot reached his bare thigh. Duo paused in commenting to the man on his left and smiled at him. Heero relaxed and let his knees spread just that much wider. Duo winked at him and turned back to his neighbor.

It wasn't the first time Duo had played footsies under the table and maybe this might be better than a shower. He was already hard, his panties straining to keep his cock confined. Heero slid to the edge of his chair, let his thighs part and was rewarded with a toe caress on the inside of his thigh. Another course was served, and Duo's toes were stroking his cotton-covered balls. Only nodding his acceptance, Heero knew if he opened his mouth just then, the words would be more guttural and coarse, and would have nothing to do with thinly sliced, pale pink with dark brown edged beef, and everything to do with long, thick, spicy-hot sausage in natural skin casing.

Duo's foot was between his thighs; Heero could almost feel the tension radiating from it. But Duo's toes were finding ways to distract him and Heero was amazed at how strong they were. He'd known Duo's toes were long ones, had watched the man pick things up with them like fingers. That they'd be able to wrap around his girth, he hadn't known.

He scrunched a little farther down in his seat and levered himself up off the chair. Duo's foot met his thrust, and rubbed its sole against the full length of his cock. Heero lost the corner anchor of his control and the moan slipped out before he could stop it.

The woman on his left barely paused in taking the next bite to agree that the boulibiouse sauce was much better than she'd hoped for. The woman on his right ignored him.

One of Duo's toes teased at just that spot, poking at it as though it would make a hole. Heero wondered if his butter knife were sharp enough to slice through a layer of cotton. Duo's foot pressed firmly against his cock; Heero nearly slipped under the tablecloth. Fumbling for his water glass, he saw Duo watching him.

It was that kind of game then.

The toe stroked the fabric covering his hole. Even as soft as cotton is, it still has a nap, and that nap was rubbing on nerves wanting more. Heero mouthed the command across the table; Duo's frown went unheeded. That toe was being very persistent and Heero's eyes closed, revising "Duo's payback" to include a little digit action.

The slight disturbance from the other side of the table, the shuffling of guests and Duo's choked off exclamation had Heero opening his eyes, his fantasy disappearing. Even as Duo's foot continued to rub against him, Duo was standing, holding the small pet carrier aloft. His words were a cold rain.

"Pookie's escaped!"

in which windandwater gives us pookie...

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