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Pairing: Heero/Duo
Warnings: yaoi, sappy

A/N: For June, cause it felt right...

Name Calling
by Merith

In sated lethargy, he settled further under the quilt. Heero's fingers traced soothing feather-light patterns over his arm. The moment felt correct, felt like home. After months of wondering, and over a year of wanting, he now knew.

"Sleep well, baby," he mumbled, slumber just around the corner.

The movement on his arm stopped. "Did you just call me baby?" Heero asked, uncertain.

"Hmm?" The fog hadn't quite lifted, and the question didn't make sense. "Baby?"

Heero sat up, peering down at him. "Did you just call me baby?"

Opening an eye, he saw conflicting expressions cross his lover's face. "Just an endearment. Go ta sleep now." He closed his eye and reached for unawareness once more. He felt Heero laying back down, though no longer spooned against his back.

"Goodnight, doll."

Instantly alert, he flipped over to face him. "What?"

"What, what, doll?" Heero blinked at him questioningly.

"Doll? What the hell, Heero?" His brows were drawn tight.

His "It's just an endearment." comment left Duo wondering how he could get away with looking so innocent.

"But doll? Damn Heero, that's just so wrong." He crinkled up his face in distaste.

"And baby is so much better?" the voice held mild reproach.

Laying back down, his head on his hand, Duo considered the question seriously. "Well, to me it is. I mean, you are."

"A baby?" An amused brow raised, and a smile threatened.

Eyes gleaming, Duo began, "You do suck on things..."

The smile ghosted before he gained control. "But not mammary glands or pap bottles." Laughter won out as Duo dived on him, giving him a kiss and sucking on his lower lip.

Duo sobered, coming to rest laying half on Heero's chest, staring up at him. "It's not that I'm thinking of you as an infant, or a chick or something," he tried to explain. "It's just sort of sums up how I feel. Some endearments are just right, you know?"

Heero nodded, one hand lifted to stroke Duo's hair. "I think I understand." He raised his eyes to stare at the ceiling. "So, what kind of name suits you? Cuddly-bear?" He grinned, and rubbed absently at the pinch he was given.

"S'yea right! Call me that and you'll be cuddling a bear." Duo watched him for a moment more, noting the contemplative expression on Heero's face. "It'll come to you, baby. When you feel it, it'll come." He slid up, scooting Heero over to lay on the pillow, and giving him a kiss, he mumbled another sleepy, "Sleep well."

His arm slipped around the man drowsing at his side, pulling him a little closer. His fingers traced expanding and contracting circles over his back. "Night, love," he nearly whispered, trying the name on for size and liking it.


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