heero and duo

Dancing On A Pin
by Merith

He could feel the sweat as it rolled down his back, under his shirt. The skin twitched in irritation, and he longed to scratch, rub up against something, but instead, he kept his eyes on the target. His hands he wiped off on his pant legs and made another sweep of the room. His immediate companion asked a question and he turned to answer.

"Ten minutes."

The blond nodded, and drank hurriedly from the cup in his hand, but Heero spotted the smile anyway. He wiped his palms again, bumping an elbow into Quatre's, and looked back across the room as the man compensated for the extra beverage. Heero's target was no longer in sight.

With a panic not normally associated with him, Heero visually searched the room. Section by section refused to divulge where his quarry had disappeared. Thinking the man had stepped through one of the many opened doors over-looking the gardens, he started to move forward when the voice spoke in a low tone.

"Relena tells me you've got something to ask to me."

Swallowing hard, Heero refused to wipe his hands again. His target was on his right. He pivoted on a slow axle, catching sight of the man in his peripherals first. As the quarry came into full view, his throat locked up and the sound made was more a croak than a response.

Duo frowned slightly. "You've been watching me like I was some sort of prey all night, and now you can't speak?" A lip twitched. "So, what's up Heero?"

Eyes glued to the twisted knot of the man's tie, Heero tried once more. "I… you…" He stopped and waved vaguely over his shoulder.

His look went to the grand entryway and back before Duo asked, "You want to go home already? Relena would kill…" Heero shook his head violently and drew a deep breath. Duo chuckled softly, his hand grabbing Heero's arm and pulling him from the edge of the dance floor.

Huddled against the wall, Heero relaxed. Maybe he'd let it slide by this time and work up to it the next time. It was silly, these feelings. It wasn't as though the company they were in would object, but this nervousness had never left him.

"You want to dance," Duo announced in a quiet tone. Heero nodded and drew another deep breath.

"Yes." It was going to be okay.

"Great." Duo had his arm again and was leading him back the way they'd come. "What do you want me to do?"

They were in the middle of the room, and around him, Heero could hear the music, the chatter of those speaking, the shuffling of steps around them. Duo squeezed his hand and Heero's world narrowed, sharp and clear. Nothing else mattered.

"Hold me," he said.


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