heero and duo

by Merith

The shop was small, tucked in a secluded niche just off the main tourist strip. And it was probably the reason he'd gone looking in there. The lighting a little more than dim after the bright sun, Duo didn't mind and his vision quickly adjusted.

Rows and rows of shelving piled high with any number of trinkets and oddities never seen before. Or at least not quite that way before. It could have been hours or mere minutes Duo was in the shop looking. One item after another he picked up, examined and replaced. Nothing held a price tag.

Wishing Heero had changed his appointment like he'd wanted, even if they agreed to meet for an early dinner later, wouldn't change the fact the man had missed the opportunity to experience a shop such as this. Even if Duo planned to return, dragging Heero along with him, it still wouldn't be the same.

One thing, he decided. He needed one thing to take back with him to convince Heero the shop was far more than those plastic gadget imports from some foreign country.

"Perhaps this," a soft voice suggested at his elbow.

Duo started and peered intently at the ancient graying man, and then his eyes dropped to the object he held out for Duo's inspection. "yes," he breathed out and reached for it with cupped palms. "How much?" he asked, almost afraid it'd be too much; the glow from within the sphere holding his attention prisoner.

The old man waved his hand. "Just a few dollars." And there lay a couple of twenties in the outstretched hand.

Putting his wallet away, Duo blinked. He didn't recall pulling it out, or handing the man the money, or hearing the final cost in the first place. But the glow pulsed, and suddenly Duo was outside the shop, walking down the street. The bell tower clock chimed.

"I'm late!"

And Duo ran, his recent purchase clasped firming in a fisted hand. He was supposed to meet Heero in the dining district and from there they'd decide on a place to eat. Heero was waiting, leaning against a building wall, watching as tourists and natives alike passed.

In minutes, Duo told Heero of the shop, of its unusual stock, and of a few of the more unique items on shop shelves. As they took their seats at a restaurant Duo had no idea of its cuisine, he opened his fist with flare, watching Heero's expression for the awe that would appear.

"What do you want that for?"

Heero's voice held anything but awe and amazement. Duo's eyes flicked downward to make sure he hadn't flipped it upside-down or something. His eyes grew wide as his mouth dropped lower. "Itůitů" He stopped and looked at Heero. "It wasn't this in the shop."

Duo's glowing sphere, swirling with color and short bursts of light was now one of the largest peach pits he'd ever seen.

After their dinner, he finally convinced Heero to visit the shop. Only he couldn't find the alley entrance. And he didn't remember the name of the place. And no one they interviewed had ever heard of it.

Why he hung onto that pit was another mystery. But, Duo had the idea that when they had their own place, when things settled a bit more, he'd plant it and see what happened.


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