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Limousine Drabble
by Merith

It was the flutter of motion near the embassy limo that caught his attention, and he alerted his partner. Security detail usually amounted to not – hot and boring during most outdoor settings, and hot, or cold depending on the turnout and facilities, and boring for most indoor settings. Nothing ever happened. Hand signals flashed, and the two agents approached their objective with guns drawn.

Getting closer afforded them a better view. The stopped dead in their tracks; Heero's expression incredulous, Duo's in rapidly climbing humor. Be careful what you wish for, whooshed through his head as he stepped nearer.

"What are they doing?" Heero hissed, still in shocked disbelief.

"Heero, buddy, if you don't know what that is by now, we have really got to talk." Duo didn't even look back but stood staring, assessing the situation. He scratched his head and walked around to the other side of the car. "Window's open over here," he said, finally looking at his partner.

Letting out a grunt, the other man holstered his weapon, and joined the other agent. "How are we going to get them out of there?" he asked, eyes glued to the unusual scene being played out.

"I think they're almost finished," Duo said, wincing at a particularly violent movement from inside.

"Maybe we should call someone? Open the door or something?" Heero reached for the door handle.

Duo's hand stopped him from further action. He drew the other man away. "Nah, let's leave 'em be for now." He jerked his head towards the center building where the dignitaries were sequestered, he muttered, "'sides, that's going to take another two or three hours and those monkeys should be long gone by then."

Making an abrupt stop, Heero looked at Duo. "I'm not riding in the car on the way back."

His grin stretching across his face, Duo's eyes gleamed. "We'll have to catch the lead car then. Think 'Lena will be surprised?"

Heero cast a glance back at the limo, and seeing the paw planted on a window, its little fingers trying to claw the smooth surface, he chuckled softly. "Will she ever."

The two agents regained their positions, and gave the all clear. One last break in radio silence, Duo asked, "So, who knew it was mating season at the animal park, anyway?"


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