disclaimer: not mine

pairing: heero/duo
warnings: BL, sexual situation
rating: NC-17 / MA

notes: written for [ corazon_d_fuego ] to encourage his quest in quitting caffine. this story actually changed direction after it got started, but i can't say i'm displeased. :) partly inspired by david gray's you're the one i love, but it couldn't be fully inspired. the song is beautiful, if sad, and i've already forgotten who gave it to me. anyway, enjoy the story!

Like an Ocean Roar
by Merith

Duo had had the worst day on the job so far. Starting with a mandatory appearance at court, leading to a cup of hot coffee dumped on his new uniform shirt, followed up with a simple investigation interview that turned into a gunfire ending in a hostage situation. And reports still needed to be written.

Walking into the house closer to bedtime than dinnertime, his foot-long hero po' boy feeling like it wanted to make a come back in his stomach, and everything dark, with no Heero in sight, Duo just nodded, dropped his coat where he stood and headed down the hall to the bedroom. He could only hope the morrow held better luck.

The nightstand light was on when he opened the bedroom door. And he found Heero.

Like charged north to negative south, Duo was moving toward the bed, his eyes flicking from Heero's face down to his feet. Heero was watching Duo from over the top of his reading glasses, his oversized book braced upon bent legs. Duo came to a stop at the edge of the bed, his hand reaching automatically for Heero's leg.

"A little over dressed, aren't you?" he asked, the pads of his fingers sliding down smooth skin to slip under the cuff in Heero's socks.

One side of Heero's mouth lifted and as if ignoring Duo's presence, he turned a page. Duo caught the glimmer flashing from the lens and of a sudden, he was grinning.

His failed day was shedding as fast as his stained shirt, kicked off like his shoes, and shoved away and left behind with slacks and briefs and socks. Heero's half smirk was gaining strength, and by the time Duo was crawling up the mattress to kneel between Heero's bent knees, Heero was giving up his pretense of reading.

"This," Duo was saying as he tugged Heero's book out from his hands, "needs to go, now." He tossed it over his shoulder and gave Heero a half-apologetic shrug when it bounced off the bed and onto the floor.

Heero let his arms fall to his sides and his glance drift to the floor where his book lay akimbo. "Webster might be indignant but Wright would approve of the design."

Duo was laughing softly as he kissed Heero's neck. Heero reached up to take off his glasses, but Duo's hand and shake of his head stopped him. He left them on, and let his hand drift back to his side. There was no hesitation in parting his legs farther or of shifting his body farther down on his pillow prop. But, he let Duo control the pace, control the action, and became the vessel of Duo's needs.

"You have been waiting up for me." Duo said lifting his head from mouthing Heero's cock. Duo's hands slid up from the backside of Heero's thighs, and his arms circled legs. Heero wagged a single brow in response, and settled both hands behind his head.

It was an easy gather and thrust, and Duo's face was just above Heero's, Heero's legs bent double, nearly pressing into his chest, Duo's arms wrapped about legs with his hands hooked under shoulders. Duo was still kneeling between Heero's legs, but his body was posed over and in Heero's.

There was no more talk. No reports waiting, no court appearances, or exchange of bullets. There was only this moment.

With a sigh, a grunt, and a sweaty tasting sloppy wet kiss, Duo came. His thrusting slowed and he levered himself up off Heero's chest. He was breathing hard now, but his eyes were open and watching. Now that one need relieved, another was on the brink. Heero was arched up into him, with his head arced back on the pillow, his chin jutting out and his neck exposed. Duo loved watching Heero's face scrunch in that near pain expression only to melt moments later, exaltation in every line.

Bad days, good days, didn't matter. Life happened, and at the end of the day, there was home, bed, and Heero.


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