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Author Notes: This new series features Trowa and Duo as dormmates, and will alternate to some degree between them. Each story will be a short vignette concerning one other the other's walk through life, and basically discoverying who they are, and what they want. The pairings will eventually be Trowa with Quatre, and Duo with Heero. But in the meantime, Trowa will play the field. There will be many friendships in between. Some angst, some limey/lemony stuff, and potentially some sap. Not real sure yet on exactly what'll happen. I hope you enjoy this new series, and as always, enjoy!

Life, Love and Getting an Education: In the Girl's Room
By Merith

Part II: Duo

"Not a chance in hell, Duo," Hilde said around the nail polish wand in her mouth. She held a hand out and stared critically at the nails before scraping away a strip outside the nail. "You could lose your scholarship.

Duo shot her a glance, his lips skewed in a grimace. He didn't need to be reminded of that. "No one will check that close. It's how I got in last time." Hilde had played up to the doorman while he slipped into the club between friends. "Jeff and Dennis will help." He flipped a page to the magazine propped on his knees. Not even looking at it, he turned to another page. Hilde's foot struck him in the thigh.

"You rip my magazine, buster, and I'll break your ass." She glared at him over the top of her hand. " 'sides, didn't you try it last night?

"Yeah." Duo frowned down at the advertisement. "Why the hell would you want to smell like springtime flowers down there anyway?" He flipped the page.

Hilde applied a careful stroke not looking up. " And you didn't get in either, did you? I wouldn't, but some women think it makes them smell fresher." She smiled and blew air on the fresh coat. "Some women need it.

"Whatever. That place is tighter than Fort Knox." He tossed the magazine off the bed. "But I didn't try the front door last night. Didn't have ID." She frowned at him over her nails and he shrugged. "I tried the window to the men's room." Bringing a leg up over his knee, Duo peeled a sock off, exposing his foot.

"Tell me again why you're willing to risk getting arrested, and getting kicked out of school?" Hilde asked, reaching for a darker shade of purple.

Duo pulled at a cuticle on his large toe. "Told you. It's that guy, the bartender. I have to meet him.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." She waved him off, shaking the new nail color between fingers. "I mean he's got a great bod, but what do you know about him besides that?

"That's what I want to find out!" Duo growled in frustration. A foot met his thigh again.

"Stop that! The only dead skin on my bed should be my own." Duo dropped his foot back to the mattress. "So, going back to this guy..." She looked up as the door opened.

"What guy?" the newcomer asked letting the door fall closed behind her. She took off her cap and shook out her hair.

"Some bartender at a club we went to last week," Hilde supplied, going back to her nails.

The blonde looked from one to the other unbuttoning her coat. "So, you going to tell me more about him, or am I going to have to guess?

"Nothing much to it, princess," Duo responded, catching the foot aimed at his thigh. He grinned at Hilde and teased the sole with his finger. She shoved her other foot into his hip.

" Duo," the girl warned, pulling off her sweater and tossing it on her bed. "You know I hate that.

"Yeah, I do." He grinned up at her, unrepentant. His eyes narrowed. "Relena! You're not wearing a bra.

The blonde looked down and shrugged. "Guess I forgot it." Hilde looked up, staring at her sharply.

"How can you forget you're wearing one?" Duo asked, puzzled.

"Weren't you with...

"Yes, I was." Relena gave the dark-haired girl a look and they both smiled. Taking a seat on the edge of her bed, the blonde turned to Duo. " So tell me about this man you're in love with.

Duo scowled. "I'm not in love with him. I just want to meet him." He gave her a wicked glance. " And then see if I want to love him." When she laughed, he continued with an unconcerned shrug. "Not much to tell. We went to the club, and Wayne," he threw a look at Hilde. "That guy from the fourth floor. Him and me went up to the bar to get the drinks. This guy was serving." He grimaced. "Well, he didn't service us, but it looked like he was watching me the whole time.

"Probably thought you were too young and was going to come card you," Hilde murmured, inspecting her nails. Duo glared at her.

"Well," Relena urged. "What does he look like?

"Blue eyes," Duo started.

"Short," Hilde tossed in.

"Terrific smile.

"Hot body!

"Good build." He shot a frown at the girl. "Nice hair.

"Tight ass.

"Hilde!" Duo was glaring at her now.

"Duo!" She mocked right back at him. "Tell me you weren't checking out his ass." At his flush, she laughed. "And his package.

"Hilde," he growled leaning toward her.

"Speaking of packages," Relena cut in. "I ran into my cousin the other day and she's quite impressed with our little Duo's roommate's.

"Little Duo?" Duo re-aimed his growl.

"Trowa?" Hilde sat up, swinging her legs off the bed. "Tell!" she demanded.

Sitting forward, Relena smiled. "They went out just before break," she announced with a short nod. "He took her up Miller's Way, and almost choked her." Hilde gasped, even as her smile widened.

Duo looked between one girl and the other. "Choked her?

"His dick was too big," Hilde cast off to the side. "What else did they do?" she demanded.

"Ah, fuck. I don't need to hear you talking about Trowa like that," Duo protested, his lip curled.

"Then leave," both girls said at the same time.

He rose, but didn't leave. Instead, he blocked out the conversation and flipped through a short stack of books on Relena's desk. He picked up a framed photograph, and a half smile formed. Brother and sister caught in the act of playing. "Hey Rel, you think your brother would help me?

"It would depend on what you want him to do for you," Relena finally answered. "And what you're willing to do for him." She laughed at the surprised look he shot her. "I think he might be able to help. You'll have to ask him though." She gave him an encouraging smile and flipped loose strands of hair back behind her shoulder.

Duo nodded and set the picture down. "He lives off-campus, right? With that girl, what's her name?" He scratched absently at his nose. " Noin?

Relena wrinkled her nose. "Please, her name is Lucrenzia or Lu. I hate it when he calls her Noin.

"I heard she's butch but likes to pretend," Hilde inserted.

"Lu is not a lesbian." Relena glared at her roommate. "Her father is in the military, and she's gone to military schools. She's used to being referred to by her last name." Turning back to Duo, she added, "And, yes, they do live together.

"Cool." Duo hopped up on the edge of the desk. " I like her. She's a lot of fun." He smiled thinking of the party he'd let his two friends drag him off to, and how he and Noin spent a good deal of time trading insults and concocting the most gagable snack foods.

"Say, Duo," Hilde started, sliding back against the headboard. "Think you can maybe drag your roommate down to visit us sometime?

Duo snorted. "Like he even knows or cares I'm around." He looked away, hoping that didn't sound as pitiful as he thought it did. Movement in the parking lot below caught his attention.

" You never know, and you owe me plenty." Hilde shook a different bottle of polish.

"Oh, I like that," Relena was saying moving over to Hilde's bed. " I wish I could wear dark colors like you can." Her nose wrinkled again. "It makes me look awful. Too pale.

"Don't look now, but I think big dick's moved on to someone other than your cousin," Duo announced from the window. Both girls were peering over his shoulder in moments and he pointed. "See. He's got his sax with him and he's walking that blonde.

"I wished they'd turn around. I want to know who she is," Hilde said pushing the curtain farther over.

"Oh how sweet!" Relena smiled as the two figures below turned towards one another, and lips met. The slightly taller of the two broke off and began walking way with a wave over his shoulder. "If I wasn't seeing someone already...

"Look at that!" Duo cried. "Blondie's a guy!

"Trowa's gay?" Hilde looked at Duo, feeling betrayed.

Relena frowned, her gaze fixed on the lone figure walking towards their building. "I think I know that kid. If I can just remember.

"If he was porking her cousin," Duo was telling Hilde. "Then that makes him bi, swinging both ways.

"And you didn't know?" Hilde couldn't help feeling cheated. "You've lived with him for four months, and you didn't have a clue?

"Hell, Hil, he barely speaks to me, let alone tells me personal shit like that." Duo couldn't help the grin. His roommate was at least bi; he wasn't going to have to worry if things developed the way he wanted after all.

"You should work on that," Hilde told him, returning to her bed and nail polish.

"Yeah, whatever." Duo glanced at the photograph again. "Hey Rel, could you give me Zechs' number?

"Sure," the blonde girl murmured, smoothing her frown and turning from the window.

to be continued

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