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Warnings: Humor

by Merith

"I saw him in shorts once," Heero commented moving his rook over three squares. "Chicken legs."

Quatre frowned at the checkered board. "That's not a valid reason." His queen escaped a trap in the works.

"I've heard stories," Trowa added, his eyes studied the board. "The weather controls mixed with the emissions generator and creating diseases."

"That makes even less sense than his chicken legs," Quatre snorted, casting a look to the L3 pilot. "It's stories like that which perpetuates L2's misaligned image."

"I'm not so sure," Heero said slowly. King's bishop nabbed a knight. "During one of my early assignments," he paused and stared hard at Quatre over the board. "Some sabotage was involved to several L2 weather systems. There is validity behind Trowa's story."

Keeping his attention firmly on the game, Quatre didn't respond. The bait having been swallowed, in two moves, it would be over.

"You could always ask him." Wufei hadn't even bothered to look up from his book. "It isn't like you're asking for Deathscythe's secrets."

Heero snorted softly. "What secrets?"

Trowa's eyes flicked his way. Heero's lips twitched just enough, Trowa thought the normally scowling pilot might have been smiling. "He most likely won't give a direct answer."

"Let's just drop it," Quatre muttered, his lower lip between his teeth. Just one more move and Heero's king would be his.

"You are the one who wanted to know." Trowa sat back, satisfied as to the game's direction.

"We could say the same of you," Wufei added, turning a page. "You're the one who consistently wears turtlenecks with his jeans."

Trowa threw him a startled look before schooling his expression. "It is a versatile garment."

"Now you sound like Heero," Quatre looked up smiling. He pushed a figure up two squares. "Checkmate."

Heero glared at the board for a long moment. "I wear what is required to do the job to the utmost of my ability." He cast his eyes in a sideways glance. "My outfits accommodate for ease of mobility and allow for the use of exterior garments if needed." He held a hand out to Quatre. "It was a good game. And it's still because of his chicken legs."

Quatre stood as he shook Heero's hand. "Great game, but it still makes no sense at all." Heero inclined his head and stepped back. "Playing next, Trowa?"

At the canteen dispenser, Heero repeated, "Chicken legs." He added more ice to his cup. "I'm telling you."

"Telling me what?" Duo asked, rounding the corner to the lounge doorway. "Hey Quatre. Record still in place?" He moved to stand at the blond's shoulder.

"Yes, it is." Quatre smiled up at him. "Would you like a rematch?"

Shaking his head, Duo backed away. "No thank you! Getting trounced once a day is my limit." As Heero took his seat at the table, Duo repeated his question, "So what are you telling me again?"

"Not you." Heero jerked his chin. "Quatre doesn't believe what I've told him."

"Really, it's not important." A faint line of pink appeared to spot his cheeks; he placed his chess pieces on the board with studious intent. "Just drop the subject already."

Duo frowned, looking from friend to friend. "Why do I have the feeling this concerns me."

"Because it does," Wufei told him. He set his book aside, his gaze moving from one to the other. "Quatre wanted to know why you wear that same outfit all the time. Why you appear so modest."

"Wufei!" Quatre protested. "I did not wonder any such thing."

"No, you've only been debating it for the past twenty minutes," Trowa inserted making his first move.

The laughter was unexpected and all four turned to look at the one dressed neck to toe in black. "Man, and here I thought it was something important." He clapped Quatre on the shoulder. "If you really wanted to know, buddy, you only had to ask."

"Told you," Wufei murmured sitting back in his chair and reaching for his book.

"So, why Duo?" Quatre asked, still pink-tinged but holding Duo's gaze steadily.

"Well, I'll tell you." Duo sat with his back to the room, his elbows cocked on the table. "Back when, I only had two sets of clothes, and I sort of got used to 'em." He gave Quatre a sideways look. "Besides, my legs are kind of skinny."

"Chicken legs." Heero's voice a tad smug.


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