disclaimer: About the same as always, I'm out of my head, and know not what I do.

pairing: heero/duo
warnings: crossdressing!duo, AU, language, innuendo, semi-voyeurism, sexual suggestions, BL, and at least a half-dozen things someone could find objectionable.

notes: this was written for [ nekofreak ] for her [ pervy_potluck ] request of crossdressing!duo.

In Stockings and Lace
by Merith

"Just get picked up, he says," Duo muttered to himself, and glared at the look received from the startled partygoer. "Stupid-assed bet. I'd like to see his ass in a dress." Duo was glowering as he slipped around the edge of the room.

Pick up a guy dressed as a woman without giving his secret away had sounded so easy back at the apartment. He picked up guys often enough; as a woman, it would just require less talk, some hair twirling, and showing more teeth than at the dentist. At least he hoped that would be all it took. The line for more was drawn, no matter how much of a pervert his roommate was. Check that, roommates. The little twerp had a boyfriend who was watching and listening with him.

A likely candidate caught his eye; Duo fingered a loose strain of hair back behind his ear, rubbed his lips in that eternal woman-lipstick thing, and thrust out his (fake) breasts. Adding a little sway to his walk, he was nearly to the bar when his victim was joined by a woman. They moved on, and Duo tracked the couple to the dance floor set up on the other side of the bar.

"I'm not dancing," he murmured, adjusting the small pin clipped just below the neckline above his left breast. He imagined his roommate (and his boyfriend) laughing their asses off at the thought of him trying to imitate a woman dancing. "Besides, we all know straight guys don't know how." He smiled at the bartender, giving him a low voiced order of his usual.

The man raised a brow, eyed Duo up and down before turning away to fill the lager glass with brew on tap. Duo was caught admiring the fit of his slacks, and remembered to twine a lock of hair around a finger and give the bartender a wink. The man returned his smile, setting the drink on the bar before heading down to the other end and another customer.

Duo stretched a hand out to lift the glass, and nearly jerked it back in sudden surprise; his nails were long and thickly red, rings adorned fingers, and a thin-chained, gold bracelet slid down his wrist to dangle in a strange, sensual movement. A quick look around, and a slow exhale, Duo reached for his glass again.

He was turning to face the crowd, glass to his lips when a voice came from behind him - a decidedly male voice, rich and low with a touch of seduction.

"Is the Guinness cold tonight?"

Swallowing, and turning slowly, Duo lowered the glass. He offered a toothy smile and a slight wave of his free hand. "I haven't tested it yet." Though the glass was cold in his hand, and condensation ran down its sides.

"Then maybe you should." The man's hand covered his on the glass. "Unless you want me to check it for you?"

Duo's eyes wanted to narrow, and he fought the urge to show this fellow how unfeminine he was. But, he smiled brighter, and lifted his glass. "If you would be so kind," he added, speaking in a soft, low voice. Falsetto wasn't his style, and would disappear without fail if he were to try it.

The man's lips moved in a slight upward twitch of a smile, and he tossed a shock of hair from his face. But, he let Duo guide the glass to his lips; his fingertips caressed the inside of Duo's wrist, and Duo's smile vanished for a half heartbeat. And then the man's eyes closed; amber disappeared between a set of luscious lips. Duo was licking his own lips - lipstick be damned - and the man's throat was bobbing as he swallowed. The glass was moving from his lips, and Duo watched as a tongue darted out, catching bits of moisture - from the glass, from the beer, from Duo's fantasy of having just kissed him.

"It's cold," the man said, opening his eyes. His fingers slid down Duo's wrist, guiding his hand back to the bar top. He was smiling softly; suddenly the hose Duo was wearing became unbearably restrictive.

"I know you," his whisper hoarse, his tone too low to pass as female. The man merely raised a brow, his head cocked to the side. "You live down on fifteen."

"Yes, I do."

"You ride a bike." And Duo bit his lower lip, his eyes sweeping down the man's body, lingering at snug-fitting jeans, and back up to torso-clinging tee. "I'll bet you could teach Buns of Steel a lesson or two."

The man laughed, his hand tightened over Duo's wrist. "You live in this building?" he asked, somehow seemed to have gotten closer. "I would have remembered seeing you before."

"On seventeenth," Duo gasped out, very much aware of how close his tits were to the man's chest. "I'm Duo, and-" I'm yours. Fingers stroked his wrist; blood was heating at a rapid pace.

"Heero Yuy," the man said, ducking his head only to toss it back; his forehead cleared of hair for the moment. "Is this your first building party?" His hand glided back to enclose itself over Duo's hand.

Nodding, Duo resisted the urge to taste his beer on the man's lips. "I've just moved in with a friend of mine," his voice dropped low, more from Heero's closeness than disguise. "He wasn't able to make it tonight." Remembering just who was listening in, Duo flipped hair with a hand, and added a bold grin. "So I'm here - alone." His drawing the word out, giving extra purse to his lips was not lost on Heero.

"Then let me be your partner for the ...evening," Heero was offering. "Some people here wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of...someone such as yourself."

"And you?" Duo dared to step the slightest bit closer, his heeled sandal edging Heero's shoe. "Would you take advantage of me?" His hand was no longer wrapped around glass, but warm flesh.

Heero didn't answer, but instead inclined his head. "Dance with me?"

I already am. Duo nodded, and let Heero pull him closer yet; let Heero push their way through party-goers, clusters crowding the bar and the edge of the dance floor. Heero pulled him close, his lips brushing his ear.

"Follow my lead," Heero said, and Duo nodded, the music too loud to reply in his 'woman's' voice.

Expecting by the song and tempo playing to be drawn into a fast-stepping, hip-swaying dance (much like most of the other dancers), Duo nearly stumbled from his heels when Heero turned him about, and pulled him up sharply - back to his chest. But a hand dropped low on his waist, and hips were grinding into his backside. If there were doubts, he no longer had them. Heero was definitely male.

Duo locked his fingers over Heero's, wanting to touch him in return, wanting to keep the hand from wandering lower still, and discovering his deception. His hand hooked back to cup the back of Heero's neck, and he let the tempo - and Heero's hands - guide him in rhythm.

The beat increased, and Heero was riding the back of his leg. Duo's eyes flew open, his mouth wide; the groan bit back as it was being uttered. The hand on his hip tightened, keeping his hips rocking into Heero. Delicious torture, his fantasy came to life and asked him to dance. And was straight as a Bush. The groan Duo uttered this time had nothing to do with pleasure.

The last notes faded, and Duo abruptly stopped moving. He had to get away - forfeit the bet, resign himself to listening to his roommate's taunts for ages, anything to remove himself from this man's embrace. He hadn't taken more than a step away, and Heero was still pressed against his back.

"I..." Duo fumbled for words, twisting his head to the side. "I need to go."

"I'll escort you." And Heero gave him a little space between them, though the grip on his hand didn't lessen.

Crossing the entertainment lounge became the longest walk in Duo's memory. When the crowd thinned enough, Heero was at his side, an arm slipped about his waist. His fantasy a nightmare in stockings and Prada.

A brief stop at the entrance, and Duo reassured Heero he hadn't brought a wrap, they were at the bank of elevators. Duo shot Heero a quick look, a half-smile and a 'headache' excuse in his mouth; Heero was staring at the numbers winking down to one. Maybe a kiss, just a little one... And the doors slid open.

"You don't need to see me to the door," Duo said, making a deft twist and step. Now facing Heero, he showed a little more teeth, his palm flat to Heero's chest. "I know the way." It was a maneuver he'd seen work a dozen times by girlfriends discouraging would-be suitors.

"But I insist," Heero told him, his hand already on Duo's arm at the elbow, and his other on the elevator door to hold them open. "It's no trouble." And Heero smiled, short with a toss of his head.

Duo capitulated, backing into the car and allowing Heero to follow. He didn't have to let Heero inside the apartment. Telling Heero now, in the elevator would be better than waiting. Heero's arm was around his waist once more, and Heero was leaning into him. The wall of the elevator was at his back, his hands rose to Heero's shoulders - to push him away or pull him closer, Duo hadn't decided.

"I'm going to kiss you," Heero announced.

In sudden envy of Heero's steady voice, Duo's throat worked. He had to say something. But, his traitorous hands were tugging on Heero's shirt, and Heero was drawing closer yet, his lips touching in a brief press. Duo sighed against Heero's lips, and circled his arms around Heero's neck. He would say something later - when the elevator stopped on his floor, before Heero got out with him.

And he almost stuck to that thought, but for Heero's hand slipping down low to cup his ass, and pull him tight against Heero's body. But for the restrained erection pushing out from behind layers of nylon and silk and rayon. It was only a touch, but enough of one that which betrayed were now pushing against the well-toned chest, and lips that wanted nothing more than continue, were pulling from lips that pursued.

"No!" Duo jerked away, breaking free from Heero's grasp. But then, Heero looked dazed, nearly as lost as Duo had been. "We can't," Duo continued, his tone much softer. "I'm sorry..."

"You want this." More statement of fact than question.

Nodding slowly, Duo dropped his eyes from Heero's face. "But we still can't. I-I'm not who you think I am." His hand rose, and he shoved loose hair back from his face.

"Who do I think you are?" Heero asked quietly, turning to rest a hip against the back rail, his hand settling at Duo's side.

A quick glance, and away, Duo crossed his arms over his chest, shifting his breast out of the way. "I'm not a woman."

"I know."

Heero was smiling when Duo looked again, his hand stroked Duo's side. "You...how...when?"

"In the building café, yesterday," Heero said, leaning forward and placing a small kiss on Duo's lips. "I saw you moving in and asked at the front desk." His lips brushed against Duo's again. "When I saw you with your friends yesterday, I chose the next table deliberately, and heard you talking about the bet." He smiled again. "May I see you to your door now?"

"You knew all this time and..." Duo punched Heero's arm. "Bastard," he said softly, but grinned a moment later. "Just a sec." His hand dived down his neckline, fumbled inside, and pulled a small transmitter out. "You lose," he told it. "Good night, and don't wait up." With a push of his thumb, the minuscule light went dark. Grinning at Heero, he moved closer. "Now, where were we?"


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