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Pairing: 2X1
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Slash fiction

A/N: Because she was looking for a little Lemon Zinger over lunch... this was quick penned for her... it's a little late, though. Other than this is unbeta'd, and I haven't even had the chance to go over it... written at lunch, between calls, and now I'm running late for an after work appt, but wanted to post before infini_t left for the day!

Ice Cream Talent
by Merith

He's doing it again. And pretends he has no idea how it affects me. But he knows all right. He has to know.

A short stop on the way back from a walk at the park. Vanilla ice cream swirled into a tip. His tongue darted out to catch the melting ends before it drips. I watched as he rejoined me on the sidewalk.

"Want some?" he offered, even as his mouth descends over the tip. Oh yeah, I wanted some... and he thought he only meant ice cream. I shook my head impatiently and quickened my steps, watching him out of the corner of my eye.

"I almost pick out something different today," he was saying. His tongue, broad and flat, ran a full circle where cone and ice cream met. "But you know me, I like what I like and don't want anything else." He grinned, the thin white line highlighting his upper lip.

"That's good to know," I answered with a quirk of my own. I nodded to the neighbors sitting on the steps leading to the apartment building. "I suppose I'd fit into that category?"

A slurping sound made behind me had me turning before I could open the building door. Duo had his mouth over the cone. The way his eyes were closed and he stood rooted to the spot I knew his tongue was busy digging the last of the vanilla. My hand trembled and the door slipped from my grasp. I heard a stifled laugh; Lavonne from the floor below us had been watching. She gave me a wink and turned her attention back to Sylvia from next door.

"Duo," I pulled on his hand. "Let's get inside."

He pulled his face out of the ice cream, eyes opened now, and looking me over. "Sure, buddy. Whatever you say."

I let him pass as I held the door open for him; the fingers of one hand brushed over my thighs, across my crotch. He paused to toss the rest of the cone in the waste can by the mailboxes. His eyes darting over my face, he ran his tongue over sticky sweet lips, pulling the last traces of the ice cream from his skin. I drew in a sucking breath and steeled my hands from reaching for him. He caught the slight movement, and his expression slid into his sly cat-playing-with-the-mouse one. He leaned in close.

"Race you," he drawled softly and was suddenly in motion, his feet loud on the steps, rapid echoes rang in the stairwell. I wasn't far behind, a good deal distracted, watching his behind and that swinging braid.

Three flights were nothing, barely breathing hard, but enough energy spent to sport a bright sheen on bare skin. Duo already had the door open, one hand grabbed my arm and pulled me through. I found myself shoved up against the door, slamming it shut with the contact. His body flush against mine, his mouth consumed me. Plundering tongues met, parted and went their own routes. His mouth was still cool from the ice cream, hinting with the sweetness that still lingered. I moaned into the kiss, my hands going to his hair.

Duo broke away, breathing hard against my mouth. My eyes opened in shock. "You lost." His grin lead me to believe I wouldn't mind so much.

The cool air of the apartment hit heated flesh as he slid my shorts down over my hips. I hadn't even felt him working the fastener loose. With a fast brush of lips on lips, he dropped to the floor. My hands still in his hair gripped the strands as his mouth engulfed my cock. Head hitting the door, hips thrusting forward, I moaned again. My lover's love of ice cream extends his talents. His lips clamped down on me, sucking, his tongue dancing along the skin of the head, down the shaft.

Releasing me with a soft pop, his tongue went to work immediately licking my balls, up around the sack, in the creases of my thigh, down my leg. His hand cupped my ass, kneading each cheek, pressing me closer into his mouth. He swallowed me again, so deep I swore I could feel the movement as his throat constricted. It was fast, it was dirty, and he knew how to do it so well. In no time he had me bucking against the door, crying out his name, fingers digging into his hair.

He released me slowly, giving the head of my cock one last lick, flashing his sly cat grin at me. I could only slide down the door to sit on the floor before him, legs bent with knees splayed. Duo leaned forward, a hand braced on each side of me. His kiss was no longer sweet, no longer cool, but just the opposite; hot, wet and flavored with the bitter saltiness I recognized as coming from me. Sighing, he nuzzled my cheek with his.

The answer I'd forgotten I'd wanted came as a breath against my ear. "I like what I like, and don't want anything else."


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