Disclaimer: About the same as always, I'm out of my head, and know not what I do.

Pairing: Heero/Duo - a touch
Written as a request for a scene from this universe between Heero and Duo that takes place a year in the future

Government Cheese: A Year in the Future
by Merith

It was a Friday, and for the past year, that meant pizza and a movie. I'd been eyeing the clock all day. Well, at least since noon. I couldn't get out of work fast enough, couldn't get home quick enough.

Hilde was home, but not for long. Frank was taking her out - a special dinner, he told me on the quiet. Wanted to know if I'd mind keeping the kids busy for the night. I agreed, 'cause, I had plans of my own. I knew it was only a matter of weeks before Frank and Hil would be tying the knot; Frank would be carting his stuff in. After all, it was only weeks until I left for the university and dorm life.

But, tonight Heero was coming over. And it wasn't just a kiss or two I was planning on sharing.


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