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drabble requests
by merith

|| lil wanted trowa and wufei with the prompt = he threw the first punch!

Bail paid, release chit in hand, Trowa waited. He studied wanted posters, and watched as characters passed. Some heading to the same clerk he had, while others to another window, to be buzzed through a door, and to disappear in the depths of the sheriff's office.

The door buzzed again, disgorging contents instead of accepting them. Trowa's composure faltered at the site of Wufei's appearance -- loose hair, hastily finger combed, the neck of his shirt stretched and misshapen, and the bright blue-black shiner under his eye.

Wufei mumbled an excuse; Trowa strongly desired to see the other guy.

|| raz asked for trowa and quatre let me switch to heero and duo, with the prompt = hamster

"You know the old excuse about dogs and homework?"

This time Heero did look up, his pen posed above the paper, ready for the next word. "Yes," he said cautiously. He was frowning slightly, waiting for Duo to continue, waiting to finish his notes.

"The escape artist found your science project," Duo finally said, pointing to the floor at the end of Heero's bed, "and I think she likes it."

|| cait wanted to see heero working late at night

Heero rubbed at the back of his neck, and pick up the next set of specs. The rest of the office was dark and quiet; the absence of vacuum noise from the far end of the hall signaled the cleaning crew had already left. With a nod, he turned to his keyboard, and began typing.

"Parm table key cl num, include when value equals..." he muttered as he keyed the SASS command, stopping to verify the fields needed.

His eyes fell on the tiny digital clock. Ten minutes to midnight. He should be home sleeping, or enjoying whatever with his personal time. Instead, he continued to key, knowing his own time will come.

|| porc drew a picture as a prompt for this heero/duo chibi story

Three days before, Duo got himself a neighbor. But, despite his curiosity, each of his visits was turned away at the door. Glimpses of the boy fired his imagination, and spurred his most outrageous schemes to gain access. All were to no avail.

Duo still hadn't met his neighbor.

It began to rain on the first day of school, and Duo spotted an almost familiar figure from the front door. Rushing out the door, Duo hurried to catch up, opening his umbrella as he ran. There was a whole five blocks to school, and he was going to make friends by then.

|| ariel requested heero and duo to the prompt = gas station

It had been the best trip partnered together, but after three days and fifteen hundred miles of back roads, every word and gesture was becoming an insult. In deliberate silence, Duo pulled along side the gas pump, giving Heero the look indicating it was his turn, and exited the car.

He was tired of driving, though they switched off every two-three hours. Rolling his shoulders, Duo stretched the ache from his muscles, and went inside the station to do his business. Returning to the car, he found Heero leaning against the trunk of the rental, arms crossed, smirking. Duo glanced at the pump, and back to Heero, questioning.

"The tank's on the driver's side."

|| kelkat keeps trying to stump me wanted to see what i could do with quatre and hilde and it doesn't fit!.

"It won't fit!" Hilde declared immediately.

Quatre considered her for a moment, contemplated her agitation. His smile was as tender as his touch. "It will if you relax," he soothed her. "I do have some experience in this," he added, and kissed her lightly on the cheek. "Trust me?" He felt her sag against him briefly. And then she straightened her smile steadying.

"Let's do this."

"That's the girl I know." He squeezed her hand, and rose to his feet. "Now you had better get ready or Duo will march you down the aisle in your delicates."

|| sharon wanted heero and duo (when doesn't she??) and the prompt = something related to hot weather

The air was thick and heavy, saturated with heat and moisture. Duo didn't want to move, didn't want to look, but his ears were telling him that he needed to - now - or he'd miss out. He opened his eyes and turned his head just in time to catch Heero levering himself up from the pool.

Water dropped, landing on the concrete and evaporating scant minutes later. Watching Heero shaking the water from his hair, watching Heero as he toed the pool's rim again, watching Heero as he bent from the waist, bent at the knees, and dove back into the pool - that was a sight Duo never tired.

Heero disappeared beneath the water surface. Duo's eyes closed as he let the air envelop him once more.

|| anne asked for quatre and trowa, in the rain

The clouds moved in rapidly, giving no warning before opening up, drenching all below with its sudden squall. Shirt clinging and hair plastered, Quatre turned his face to the sky and watched the rain fall. Trowa was beside him, he knew without looking. As much as he'd been looking forward to this day, to this trip, he couldn't muster much in the way of disappointment.

Trowa's touch almost startled him, and he turned. Trowa was close, and his fingers were sliding up his face until his palm met his jaw. A question hovered on Quatre's lips, but he found Trowa's there instead.

|| scrabble drabble!

finally finished, heero hit print, and rose from his desk, stretching one arm with the other, and making his way down the hall toward the kitchen. duo had popped his head around the door about an hour before, mentioning something about an old board game, and now, heero had time to see what his lover was up to.

through the glass door, he spotted duo playing with the dog. but it was the game laid out on the table that drew his attention. a quick glance, and heero laughed softly. he reached out, touched a set of three tiles with a finger, and shot another look to the back yard. giving the tiles a second look, he headed for the door.

. . . . . . . . . .

it wasn't quite dawn yet, and duo was shuffling down the hall, absently scratching his rear through his boxers. it was his turn to start the coffee, and see about something for breakfast. he passed the table with barely a glance, going instead straight to the counter.

the coffee was brewing, and duo moved from the counter to the refrigerator, pulling out milk, orange juice, and jam. he was setting the juice glasses on the table when he saw it -- heero had rearranged the words he'd played with the day before.

shooting a look toward the hall (and the bedroom beyond), duo smiled and nodded in silent agreement.

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