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Drabble #17
by Merith

It was an old song, one from their teenaged, garage band days. Duo set aside the novel he was reading, and went to the display rack in the corner. His guitar hadnít been touched by his hand in months, hadnít been played in at least a year. He strummed a few chords, not in a hurry - the song was long, and his fingers knew the tune as well as he knew the alphabet.

Without the amp, he began playing, sliding his now callous less finger pads over the wires, foot tapping out the beat. Voice lifted in the refrain, he nearly laughed at the crack on the high note. He definitely wasnít fifteen any more.

"...I close my eyes and she slipped away..." his face scrunch with eyes shut, holding the note.

Faltering when an accompanying drum beat joined in. "Itís more than a feeling..." Heero was slapping his hands in time on the dining room table. Duo grinned, fingers strong on the chords now.

"I begin dreaming..."

"More than a feeling..."

Still playing, Duo was moving closer to Heero, holding the ending note. Heero was using a leftover spoon from lunch on one of the glass lamp bulbs as his hihat. The song was fading, and Duo let the note die. Heeroís hands stilled on the table and he was smiling at Duo.

Lowering his guitar, Duo held it by the neck, stretched his hand out, folded his fingers in. Itíd been too long since heíd played.

"We should do that more often," Heero was telling him, stepping around the end of the table, taking the guitar from him and placing it to the side. "I like making music with you," he was whispering it now, brushing lips along Duoís neck.

His voice catching, his hands did a little wandering of their own. "I thought you had work to finish," Duo was saying even as he tilted his head back and dug fingers into belt loops and pulled.

"Hmmmm," Heeroís lips were busy and werenít worried about answering.


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