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miyun requested heero/duo and the line from the song - touch your lips just so

Drabble #11
by Merith

It was raining and his umbrella was still hanging in the hall closet back at the apartment, happy and satisfied in it’s dry state. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but no parking could be found in the five story garage; surface parking felt like a mile away by the time he’d reached the terminal doors.

He was late and knew it. Heero’s flight would have been in some time before, but he hurried anyway. Maybe the baggage handlers had gone on strike and Heero would be stranded at the luggage carrousel, waiting. His shoes squished and squeaked as he half ran, dodging poky pedestrians and gaggles of flight personal.

Three weeks had never seemed longer, and their once too small apartment never larger. It was the absence of presence, the need to return to normalcy, and the desire to do more than wait for Heero that his plans were made.

Heero was standing beside a wall near the baggage claim, his suitcase at his feet and raincoat over one arm. His attention moved from watching stragglers pick at bags still making rounds to Duo as he came to a squealing wet stop before him.

"Sorry I’m late, man, but I got a last minute call, and then there was an accident on the freeway, and there was no parking..." the rest was cut off when Heero pulled him closer, into an embrace and pressed his mouth to Duo’s.

"You’re wet," was Heero’s only comment taking a step back.

"It’s raining." Duo couldn’t take his eyes off Heero, his hand rising to his mouth, his fingers touching his lips just so... "you kissed me."

In process of lengthening his bag’s handle, Heero canted his head to peer up at Duo. "Don’t you think it’s about time?"

They were walking back out of the terminal, Heero’s suitcase trailing like a puppy on a leash, his raincoat still over one arm, and Duo paused to look up at the rain as it fell.

"Yeah, ‘bout time you did."


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