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Drabble #9
by Merith

Detention sucked. Being stuck with the E-pit-o-me of straight A, the most straight-laced guy in the school sucked worst. Never mind that he was probably the single most handsome guy in town. Single most handsome, straight-laced teacher's pet who could pound a guy into the pavement and not break a sweat. I wished Heero sucked.

It was lunchtime. I should have been outside, sitting on the bleachers, hanging with the others. Instead, I was sitting at some stupid desk, in a fraggin' classroom, with the guy most likely to make me cream my jeans if he so much as smiled at me. I watched him for awhile; pretending to sleep had its uses. Damn but he was good looking. Without stopping, without even checking the freakin' time, he worked on some math problem or other. It made me wonder, though - what's a guy like him doing in detention? Hell, I'd spent a month throughout high school in detention. It's sort of expected when you've got a mouth like mine, and a habit of stepping in the middle of things that shouldn't have concerned me.

I was so busy pretending to sleep and checking him out, I didn't even hear when old man Crowley made his exit. It was Heero looking at the closed door that brought my attention around.

"Where'd the old man go?" I sat up and stared at him legit-like.

Heero did this slow-moving curving thing with his neck, and after looking at me for what seemed like a couple minutes, he finally told me. "He said he'd be back before the next class started."

"Oh." And I was at a complete loss of what to say next. He turned back to his book, ignoring me again. The hell with that. Since it looked like I had a good ten or fifteen minutes free from Crowley's eyes, I got up and headed for the windows. The Civics wing was on the wrong side of the school to see much but the teachers' parking lot and -- hold the phone. "Mister Simons and the aide from the dean's office are making out." Wasn't a surprise that Heero joined me at the window. Everyone liked a free peep show.

"Isn't he married?" was Heero's only comment.

I shot him a look, like - man, can't you see where his hands are? And if her panties are still on, I'll wear 'em to school. "Who cares." I moved closer to the glass, leaning over the radiator ledge. Her blouse was undone and if the jerkwad would just move his hand a little... "You think she's a natural red--" I turned to ask Heero and, holy-fucking-god! "You're checking me out!?"

Heero only blinked, but he couldn't hide that wanna-be-red pink climbing up his face. "I–" he started and clamped his lips shut.

"That's okay," I told him grinning, "plenty of guys do." I pulled on my hair. "Though most didn't know I was a guy. They just saw the braid." I thought I was going to get punched in the next minute, but Heero, man, he just went back to his desk and picked up his pencil.

Not what I had in mind. I followed, and sat on the desktop in front of him. "So, what'd you do to get locked up?" I swear, his ears turned red.

"I threatened someone," he finally said. He stopped pretending to write but wasn't looking up at me.

Hadn't this turned out to be a stellar day. "You?" I had to laugh. "The valedictorian threatening to decking a dude. Why'd you do that?" I turned his book around and started flipping through the pages.

"Don't you have some homework to finish?" He took back his book, sounding a little irritated.

"Nope." I leaned closer over his desk. "Finished it second hour." He had this little pin stuck through the collar of his shirt, and I poked it. "Is that why you wanted to hit that guy?" I asked softly.

Heero shook his head and looked away. His ears were definitely red now.

"You going to tell me or do I have to keep guessing?"

He glared but finally said, "He was being an ass."

"Do you always threaten assholes? Cause I gotta tell you, man, there's a lot of 'em out there." I pulled out a loose slip of paper from his notebook and started to read. Whoa! Looked like someone got himself a love note.

"Threatening only works for most people." He snatched back the paper and shoved it in the book. "In special cases, more drastic methods are called for."

Amazing, we'd been having a half way decent conversation and I wasn't nervous. He was even more cherry up close. "What sort of case are we talking here?" I glanced up at the clock; still a couple minutes before Crowley would make his way back. "Just for future reference."

Instead of answering, Heero reached up, grabbed my jacket and pulled. I about fell into him across the desk. As it was, I was hugging him about the neck to keep our faces from cracking together. "Like you," he said, and tugged.

Last thing I ever expected walking into detention – making out with Heero Yuy. He had a grip of my jacket like a life line, but I wasn't going anywhere. I worked a knee up on top his desk for balance, and loosened my hold around his neck. At first he kept his eyes opened, but after about a half a minute, I wasn't looking at what he was doing. Damn, he knew how to kiss.

He slipped his tongue into my mouth, and I know I moaned. I swung my other leg over the desk, and heard something crash to the floor, but didn't care. His tongue was doing things, stroking the roof of my mouth, tapping along my teeth, and I wanted more. He broke away for a moment and I stared at him. His eyes were closed, and his lips were parted.

"Damn," I muttered. "You do that with the special cases?" I was working my hand around, touching his ear, running my thumb over his cheek. I wanted to touch and kiss and soak in every part of him while I could – before I woke up from this dream.

"No," Heero was saying, opening his eyes. "Only you." He moved a hand from its death grip to palm my cheek and slide fingers into my hair.

I searched his face. "You're serious?" I couldn't believe it when he nodded. "Since when?" I was giving him little pecks with each word, touching his neck, running a hand down his arm.

His hand tightened in my hair, and he pulled me close. "Since forever." And he was kissing me again. Forever…huh. The guy was either cracked, or more romantic than he looked.

A throat cleared behind us and I pulled away, almost falling over getting off Heero's desk.

"When I suggested you start getting along with others, Mister Maxwell," old man Crowley was saying, "I wasn't giving you permission to use my room to do it in."

Huh. The old fart was smiling. He pulled out a handkerchief and started working away on this glasses, totally ignoring us now. Heero looked at me in a – what the fuck? – way, and I could only shrug. Then he smiled. It was one of those slow upturn slide of lips and when they parted, yeah, I was right. His smile had that kind of power over me.


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