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Drabble #6
by Merith

Heero entered the apartment's pool through the private entrance. This late at night, he knew no one would be around and he'd be able to swim his laps in silence. Crossing the concrete patio-way, he pulled a lounge chair close, dropped his towel on the rubber slats and slipped his shirt over his head. His keys and watch he piled on top.

Dipping a foot in at the deep end, the water was cool to the touch, refreshing from the heat baked into concrete. Heero stretched, rolled his shoulders and dove. The first lap to the shallow end and back was for speed, the second an almost lazy crawl. On the backside of the third lap, he realized he was no longer alone.

The man sat on the edge of the pool, leaning forward to watch as he swam, his legs in the water " in Heero's swim lane. Heero veered slightly and once at the edge, his hand on the pool lip, he glared up at the man.

"Do you mind? I'm trying to swim here."

He received a lazy smile in return. "Just came to watch you. I like how you move."

Heero felt the man's toe trace down his side and he grabbed it under the water. "I should pull you in here with me," he threatened, giving the foot a slight jerk. The man laughed, and Heero ran his hand up the back of his calf. "But you're wearing my sunglasses and I don't want them ruined."

Still grinning, the man looked over the top of the lens at him. "I sat on mine and wanted to see what yours were like."

"Duo, it's night. Why are you wearing my sunglasses?"

"You gotta admit, I look pretty damn good in them."

Pulling himself up out of the pool to straddle his lover's lap, the water ran. "Not as good as you look in... other things," he told him, his hands gliding up tanned arms. "And if you're going to interrupt my swim, you'll have to make it up to me."

A kiss later, a hand slipped between skin and waistband. "If that's my punishment, I'm gonna have to interrupt you more often."


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