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Gundam Wing, Heero/Duo in glasses...
(I sort of went way over the normally acceptable 'drabble' limit.)

Drabble #5
by Merith

Heero accepted the playbill and made his way into the auditorium. The conservatoire had its uses, the occasional fine music program being one of them. His seat awaited, the back-row far right, this time. Though the house lights were up, his corner was dim. In a three-seat row, one had already been taken.

With barely a glance in the other occupant's direction, he took his seat, opened the program and looked to the stage. Wendel's setting was perfect for the summer series; light and airy, the dance should be a mix of power and grace. Looking over the music selection, Heero could almost see the dancers as they worked their way though the props and scenery. He flipped a page to see who the leads were, and if he'd know them. A touch on his arm and he looked up in irritation, quickly dissolving into surprise.

Light glinted off the lens, but didn't hide the spark of his eyes. Long hair, as always, pulled back in a braid, wide mouth stretched in a too knowing grin. "Duo," he said, uncertain if the sudden pounding in his chest was a result of his rush to make curtain call, or the unexpected company.

"Heero." Duo inclined his head, nodding at the stage. "You're still going to these things?"

Though he nodded slowly, he asked, "What… why are you here?" He forced himself to loosen the grip on his program.

That same knowing grin and flash of amusement. "The same as you, I suspect." Duo reached over his arm and tapped his pocket. "Some things never change."

He couldn't stop the laugh. His use of pocket protectors had long been a joke between them; the habit had been too ingrain to kill. "Some things do," he commented, a hand half-raised to touch Duo's face. He diverted it into a move of smoothing down hair.

"These?" Duo flipped his glasses on and off his nose. "The eyes needed a little help – stared at screens too long." Duo had shifted, turning in his seat to face him, and Heero felt the press of his shin to the side of his thigh. Duo leaned closer, his arm resting almost naturally across the back of his seat, fingertips brushing at Heero's neck. "I've been asked to scout out the lead male dancer. And you?"

The shudder he barely suppressed, the faint touch of Duo's fingers reminded him of other times, other places they'd been together. Heero turned back towards the stage, his voice steady as he replied. "Professor Wendel had asked me to work with the stage crew in developing a new device." His eyes flicked to the side and back. "It debuts tonight."

Duo's fingers stroked softly where his collar met hair, and Heero almost sighed into it. "The music selection is better than normal." He'd moved closer, his mouth scant inches from Heero's ear. "Having the show open with the strings, singling each instrument in solo, and adding the others one at a time until all are in play." Duo's other hand was on his leg, running it from knee to hip and back.

Heero swallowed hard, and closed his eyes. "The music was one reason I agreed to assist."

"Imagine the first string to start, and the dancer appears," Duo's tone had dropped deep and in barely whisper caressing his ear. Heero nodded, but instead of the dancer, he pictured Duo as he'd been. "And the second string joins, playing in harmony, then descant," almost hearing it, Heero allowed himself to lean into Duo's touch. As though they were the dance playing out, he could see himself joining Duo.

"Hear the cello warble? The dancers come together, and fall apart." His dancer self clutched at the Duo dancer, and then shoved away. "And the strings come in again, one at a time. The dancer leaps, lands and each step strong and powerful." Duo's hand stroked his leg, fingers dipped low to tease the inside of his thigh. "They come together, bodies aligned and thrusting to the beat of the drums, heavy percussion filling the air with their need, their desire."

Breathing rapidly, he could visualize the meeting and tumbling of their bodies, on bed, over couch, against the wall. "Strings, Winds, and Percussion loud, vibrant and radiating, all building in loud crescendo reaching the pinnacle and then," Duo squeezed his thigh; his breath hitched. "Silence, pure and still as the dancer halt all movement. A single reed trills softly, sweetly singing…" Heero could hear it, repeating its theme, repeating its song. And with sudden consuming surprise, he realized Duo had quit speaking, and he was murmuring the same thing over and over.

Eyes flying open, he looked at Duo. His own shock mirrored, he held his breath. Cautiously, as though he were a wild thing, Duo kissed him. Almost chaste, and so unlike those shared in their recent past, it was a simple touch of lips to lips. "I do too," Duo whispered, fingers cupped the back of his neck tenderly.

"Some things do change." Heero shifted in his chair, hand raised to touch the face he'd missed for several long months. "But that never did."

His too knowing grin was back. "Let's get out of here." And Heero had no objections.


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