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Drabble #2
by Merith

He should have expected it to be like this. A new school, and just like the others, bullies in all shapes and sizes. He was tease for everything from his hair and clothes to his accent. It was only lunchtime and already he'd been in his second fight. Not that the teachers had seen. Not that they'd care.

At least this school had decent hot lunch food, not like the last one where a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a half apple was all they served. Didn't matter Sista Helen told him to be grateful for what he got. Didn't matter that he didn't like peanut butter, and strawberry jam was just plain yucky.

When the boy sat next to him, he bristled, readied a fist under the table just in case. But the boy did nothing after glancing his way. He peered at the boy from the corner of his eyes and watched as he ate. A bite and chew, sip of milk, and another bite. He recognized the boy from class. One of the few who'd not said anything to him, but had only glared when he challenged those on the playground.

He heard the loud clatter of a lunch tray landing on the floor and looked around quickly. Some kid had slipped and now stood with spaghetti noodles hanging from his shirt. Duo didn't laugh but he smirked. He went back to his lunch and found a cookie that hadn't been there before. He looked at the boy who only continued to eat in the same fashion he had been. Hesitating for a moment only, he pulled the sucker from his pocket and slid it over without looking.

Nearly finished with his lunch, the soft press of lips to his cheek surprised him. Maybe this new school was different after all.


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